882. (1) Extremely silly                      Look at the sentence :              899. (3) Remember
     As daft as a brush = to be very          When w e saw you in the                   Bear in mind = to remember a
     silly; lacking commonsense.              starlight club you were a real live       piece of information when you
     Look at the sentence :                   wire.                                     are making decisions
     He is a nice enough boy but he is   891. (1) Death sentence                        Look at the sentence :
     as daft as a brush.                      Capital Punishment = death                Bearing in mind that she has had
883. (4) Briefly and concisely                penal t y i s a gove rnment               so little experience, I thought
                                              sanctioned practice where by a            she did very well.
     In a nutshell = in a few words;
                                              person is put to death by the       900. (2) Delayed
                                              state as a punishment for a               Held up = put off; withheld.
     Look at the sentence :
                                              crime.                                    Look at the sentence :
     Just give me the facts in a
                                         892. (2) Rapidly                               We were held up for two hours
                                              By leaps and bounds = to                  on account of an accident.
884. (2) Work very hard                       become larger quickly; by large     901. (3) To act in an unreliable way
     Strain every nerve = make every          movements forward.                        To play fast and loose = behave
     possible effort.                         Look at the sentence :                    irresponsibly or immorally.
     Look at the sentence :                   The profits of my company are             Look at the sentence :
     He strained every nerve to get a         increasing by leaps and bounds.           I am not someone who plays fast
     job for his wife.                   893. (1) Suspect something wrong               and loose with other people’s
885. (1) Evening of life = old age            Smell a rat = begin to suspect            lives.
      Look at the sentence :                  trickery or deception.              902. (4) make money in an improper
      The residents of this rest home         Look at the sentence :                    way
      are all in the evening of life.         When she died, investigators              Feather one’s own nest = to
886. (2) to stop talking                      were called in who soon smelt a           make yourself rich especially in
      Button one’s lip = to be quiet;         rat.                                      a way that is unfair or dishonest.
      to stop talking; to say nothing.   894. (2) A new and add itional                 Look at the sentence :
                                              distinction                               You always try to feather your
      Look at the sentence :
                                              Feather in one’s cap = an                 own nest first.
      She did not want to get into a
                                              achievement to be proud of.         903. (2) play a trick
      fight, so she decided to button
                                              Look at the sentence :                    Pull a fast one = to successfully
      her lip.
                                              It is a feather in your cap when          deceive someone.
887. (3) Absurd and unlikely stories
                                              you are asked to be captain.              Look at the sentence :
      Invent cock and bull stories =     895. (2) A long time
      an absurd, improbable story                                                       You paid too much-I think he
                                              Donkey’s years = a very long              pulled a fast one on you.
      presented as the truth; a fanciful
      and unbelievable tale.                                                      904. (4) bribe
                                              Look at the sentence :
      Look at the sentence :                                                            Grease the palm = to bribe
                                              We have been close friends for
      She told me some cock and bull                                                    someone.
                                              donkey’s years.
      story about her car breaking                                                      Look at the sentence :
                                         896. (1) Try every possible way
      down.                                                                             If you want to get something done
                                              Leave no stone unturned = to
888. (3) A fool ish, unprofitable                                                       around here, you have to grease
                                              do everything you can to achieve
      adventure                                                                         someone’s palm.
                                              a good result.
      Wild goose chase = a foolish                                                905. (3) over-turn
                                              Look at the sentence :
      and hopeless search for or in                                                     Turn turtle = turn upsidedown.
                                              He left no stone unturned in his
      pu rsui t      of    somethi ng                                                   Look at the sentence :
                                              search for his natural mother.
      unattainable; a worthless hunt.                                                   But en route at Chavara the
                                         897. (4) Scholar
      Look at the sentence :                                                            ambulance met with an accident
                                              A man of letters = a male
      John was angry because he was                                                     and turned turtle.
                                              scholar or author; a man who
      sent out on a wild goose chase.                                             906. (3) To win a victory
                                              knows a lot.
889. (2) suspect a trick or deceit                                                     To carry the day = to win a
                                              Look at the sentence :
      Smell a rat = to suspect that                                                    contest or competition; succeed;
                                              He wished to fashion for himself
      something is wrong; suspect a                                                    gain victory.
                                              a career as a man of letters.
      deceit.                                                                          Look at the sentence :
                                         898. (2) Sad
      Look at the sentence :                                                           It was the prosecutor’s closing
                                              Un der a c loud = un der                 arguments that carried the day
      I don’t thi nk thi s was an             suspicion or discredited; in             with the jury.
      accident. I smell a rat.                trouble.                            907. (1) A wea k man, wi tho ut
890. (2) Lively and active                    Look at the sentence :                   substance
      A live wire = an energetic and          He left under something of a             A man of straw = someone who
      unpredictable person; high              cloud          accused           of      has a weak character; a man of
      spirited.                               misappropriating funds.                  no substance.