826. (3) keep body and soul together:    833. (1) am angry                            Look at the sentence :
     stay alive especially in difficult        have a bo ne to pick with              The promises made by the
     circumstances; to have just               somebody : to be angry with            politicians are all moonshines.
     enough to sustain.                        somebody about something          847. (4) slowly
     Here, to have just enough to        834. (4) None of these                       At a snail’s pace = very slowly.
     sustain is the right option.              flog a dead horse : to waste your      Look at the sentence :
     Look at the sentence :                    effort by trying to do something       He won the game at snail’s pace.
    l Do you think a man can keep              that is no longer possible.       848. (3) Pay a visit
     body and soul together by           835. (2) cheated                             Call on = to visit someone.
     selling coconuts?                   836. (3) perplexed                           Look at the sentence :
827. (3) will–o–the–wisp : a thing that        at sea : confused and not              Part of my job was to go out and
     is impossible to obtain; a person         knowing what to do.                    call on farmers.
     that you cannot depend on.          837. (2) detachment and seclusion       849. (1) to make peace
     Here, unreal imagining is the             ivory tower : a situation where        To bury the hatchet = to stop
     right option.                             you are separated from the             being unfriendly and become
     Look at the sentence :                    problems and practical aspects         friends again.
   l To build a bridge across an
                                               of normal life.                   850. (4) To have a very good sale
     ocean is like will -o-the wisp.     838. (4) reverie                             Selling like hot cakes = selling
828. (3) cloak and dagger : activities         a brown study : a mood of deep         quickly or in great numbers.
     that are secret and mysterious,           absorption or thought fulness.    851. (2) Unpunishement
     sometimes in a way that people      839. (2) red handed : caught in the          Scot-free = without receiving the
     think is unnecessary or                   act of doing something wrong or        punishment you deserve.
     ridiculous.                               illegal.                               Look at the sentence :
                                         840. (2) Smooth ruffled feathers = to        They got off scot-free because of
     Here, an activity that involves
                                              make somebody feel less angry           lack of evidence.
     is the right option.
                                              or offended.                       852. (2) Emphasise
     Look at the sentence :
                                              Look at the sentence :                  Drive home = to make somebody
   l Why can’t we be open about it ?
                                              I spent the afternoon smoothing         understand or accept something.
     Do we really need all this cloak-        ruffled feathers and trying to
     and-dagger stuff ?                                                          853. (1) End without any practical
                                              convince people to give the talks       result
829. (3) palm off : to persuade some-         another chance.
                                                                                      To end in smoke = futile; end
     body to accept something that       841. (4) Assume airs = to pretend            with no practical result.
     has no value; to dispose off with        superiority
     the intent to deceive.                                                      854. (3) An ambiguous compliment
                                              Look at the sentence :                  A left handed compliment = a
     Here, to dispose off with the            He is in the habit of assuming          remark that seems to express
     intent to deceive is the right           airs in the p resence of hi s           admiration but could also be
     option.                                  inlaws.                                 understood as an insult.
     Look at the sentence :              842. (2) Play truant = to stay away     855. (3) Enmity
   l Make sure he doesn’t try to palm         from school without permission.         Bad blood = feelings of hatred
     you off with faulty goods.          843. (1) Cannot be described                 or strong dislike; enmity.
830. (3) get the sack from : being            Beggar description/belief = to          Look at the sentence :
     told by your employer that you           be too extreme, shocking etc. to        There is bad blood between two
     can no longer continue working           describe/believe.                       families.
     for a company etc. usually               Look at the sentence :             856. (4) To talk about irrelevant things
     because of something that you            The beauty of Kashmir beggars           To beat about the bush = to talk
     have done wrong.                         description.                            about something for a long time
     Here, was dismissed from is the     844. (3) Be reluctant to act                 without coming to the main point.
     right usage.                             Drag one’s feet/heels = to be      857. (2) First speech
831. (3) stimulates my appetite               deli berately slo w in d oing           Maiden speech = the first speech
     mouth-watering : food looks or           somethi ng or in maki ng a              made by an MP in the parliaments
     smells so good that you want to          decision.                               of some countries.
     eat it immediately; tempting        845. (3) Nurture an impossible hope     858. (3) An unwelcome intruder
832. (4) waching all his actions closely      Hope against hope = to continue         A cuckoo in the nest = an
     breathe down somebody’s                  to hope for something although it       unwelcome intruder in a place
     neck: to watch closely what              is very unlikely to happen.             or situation.
     somebody is doing in a way that     846. (2) far from reality                    Look at the sentence :
     makes them feel anxious or               All moonshine = silly talk;             For Peter, his new father was a
     annoyed.                                 nonsense.                               cuckoo in the nest.