Look at the sentences :                  Look at the sentence :                    believing there are too many
  l  He was doing petty crimes.             l She keeps talking about her long          chiefs and not enough Indians.
     Police nipped him in the bud.            time ambitions, but it"s all castles 820. (1) make one’s mark : to become
808. (2) to put a spoke in one’s wheel:       in the air.                               famous and successful in a
     to prevent somebo dy from           814. (4) fall back on : resort to some-        particular area; distinguish
     putting their plans into operation;      thing; have recourse to when in           oneself.
     to hinder                                difficulty; turn to; employ.              Here, distinguish oneself is the
     Here, to hinder is the right             Here, resort to something is the          right option.
     option                                   right option                              Look at the sentence :
     Look at the sentence :                   Look at the sentence :                  l Sachin has made his mark in
                                            l When necessary, instinct is the           cricket.
  l An injury was putting a spoke
                                              most reliable resource you can       821. (2) throw in the towel : to admit
     in his wheel from playing his
                                              fall back on.                             that you have been defeated and
                                         815. (4) go to rack and ruin : to              stop trying; acknowledge defeat.
809. (3) to clip one’s wings : to             become worse; worsen; decline;
     restrict a person’s freedom or                                                     Here, acknowledge defeat is the
                                              deteriorate; get into a bad               right option.
     power.                                   condition.
                                                                                        Look at the sentence :
     Here, to deprive one of power            Here, get into a bad condition
     is the right option.                                                             l Do not give up now! It is too soon
                                              is the right option
                                                                                        to throw in the towel (sponge).
     Look at the sentence :                   Look at the sentence :
                                            l Their tenants had let the
                                                                                   822. (2) mare’s nest : a discovery that
  l In rural India parents generally
                                              property go to rack and ruin.             seems interesting but is found
     clip the wings of their daughters.
                                                                                        to have no value; a very
810. (2) take the bull by the horns :    816. (2) bite the dust : to fail or to be
                                                                                        complicated situation; worthless
     to face a difficult or dangerous         defeated or destroyed; to die.
     situation directly and with              Here, suffer a defeat is the right
                                              option.                                   Here, worthless thing is the
     courage; deal decisively with a
                                                                                        right option.
     difficult situation.                     Look at the sentence :
                                            l Thousands of small businesses
                                                                                        Look at the sentence :
     Here, grapple the situation
                                              bite the dust every year.               l The announced cure for the
     courageously is the right option.
                                         817. (1) have a chip on one"s shoulder:        disease was merely another
     Look at the sentence :
                                              to be sensitive about something           mare’s nest.
   l She decided to take the bull by
                                              that happened in the past; nurse     823. (3) a storm in a tea cup/a
     the horns and organise things
                                              a grudge or grievance that readily        tempest in a teapot : a lot of
     for herself.
                                              provokes disputation.                     unnecessary anger and worry
811. (2) a gentleman at large : a man         Here, nurse a grudge is the right         about a matter that is not
     without a job.                           option.                                   important.
     Here, a man without a job is             Look at the sentence :                    Here, big fuss over a small
     the right option.                      l He has got a chip on hi s                 matter is the right option.
     Look at the sentences :                  shoulder about not having been            Look at the sentence :
   l Having sold off his factory, he is       to university.                          l To quarrel for a joke is like a
     now a gentleman at large.           818. (2) the seamy side : unpleasant           storm in a tea cup.
     a gentleman of leisure : a man           aspect; sordid; unattractive         824. (2) blue-blooded : relating to
     who does not have to work.               aspect of something.                      royalty and the nobi lity;
812. (1) lose face : be humiliated or         Here, unpleasant aspect is the            aristocratic; of noble birth.
     come to be less highly respected;        right option
                                                                                        Here, of noble birth is the right
     become embarrassed.                      Look at the sentences :
     Here, become embarrassed is            l Mary saw the seamy side of life
                                                                                        Look at the sentence :
     the right option.                        when she worked as a volunteer
                                                                                      l Pt. Nehru was a blue-blooded
                                              in the homeless shelter.
     Look at the sentence :                                                             politician.
                                            l Lying and stealing are part of the
   l The teacher lost face when she                                                825. (2) do a roaring trade : do very
                                              seamy side of life.
     forgot to give the students their                                                  good business, to be highly
                                         819. (2) too many chiefs and not
     final exam marks.                                                                  successful.
                                              enough Indians : an inefficient
813. (3) build castles in the air :           situation.                                Here, highly successful is the
     thinking of some impossible task;        Here, an inefficien situation is          right option.
     dream; make plans or hopes that          the right option                          Look at the sentence :
     have very little chance of               Look at the sentence :                  l It was a hot sunny day and the
     happening.                                                                         ice cream sellers were doing a
                                            l Some       demand        arbitrary
     Here, dream is the right option.         reductions in management staff,           roaring trade.