Here, not to the point is the            Look at the sentence :             801. (3) put two and two together :
     right option                         l   I had to go cap in hand to my           to guess the truth from what you
     Look at the sentence :                   parents again to ask for some           see.
  l Her answer is beside the mark,            money.                                  Here, reason logically is the
     so she will not be given good      794. (1) in the blues : feelings of           right option.
     marks.                                   sadness and depression.                 Look at the sentence :
788. (2) on ten ter hooks : v ery             Here, cheerless and depressed        l He’s inclined to put two and two
     anxious or excited                       is the right option.                    together.
     Here, in suspense and anxiety            Look at the sentence :             802. (4) an axe to grind : to have
     is the right option.                 l She went in the blues after the           private reason for being involved
     Look at the sentence :                   failure in the exam.                    in something.
  l I have been on tenterhooks all      795. (4) straw in the wind : a small          Here, have a selfish interest is
     week waiting for the results.            sign of what might happen in the        the right option
789. (3) burn your boats/bridges : to         near future.                            Look at the sentence :
     do something that makes it               Here, an indication of what          l She had no axe to grind and was
     imp ossible to return to the             might happen is the right               only acting out of concern for
     previous situation later.                option.                                 their safety.
     Here, do something that makes            Look at the sentence :             803. (3) pick to pieces : to criticize
     it impossible to return to the       l There were straws in the wind             somebody
     previous situation is the right          that suggested a strike was             Here, analyse critically is the
     option.                                  likely.                                 right option.
     Look at the sentence :             796. (3) face the music : to accept           Look at the sentence :
  l Think c arefully bef ore you              and deal with criticism or           l You have just picked her to
     resign-you don’t want to burn            punishment for something you
                                                                                      pieces leave her alone !
     your bridges/ boats.                     have done.
                                                                                 804. (3) wet behind the ears : young
790. (3) dressing- down (N.) : an             Here, be punished is the right
                                                                                       and without much experience ;
     occasion when somebody speaks            option.
     angrily to a person because they         Look at the sentence :
                                                                                       Here, young and without much
     have done something wrong.           l The others all ran off, leaving me
                                                                                       experience is the right option.
     Here, give a scolding is the right       to face the music.
     option.                                                                           Look at the sentence :
                                        797. (2) curry favour : to try to get
                                                                                   l He was still wet behind the ears,
     Look at the sentence                     somebody to like or support you
                                              by praising or helping.                  politically.
  l I’m really late. I know my parents
     will dress me down when I get            Here, seek favourable attention    805. (2) under a cloud : If somebody
     home.                                    is the right option.                     is under a cloud, other people
                                              Look at the sentence :                   think that they have done
791. (1) null and void : having no
                                                                                       something wrong and are
     legal force; not valid               l He’s always trying to carry
                                              favour with the boss.                    suspi cious of them; under
     Here, invalid is the right option.
     Look at the sentence :             798. (3) to keep in abeyance : not
                                             being used or being stopped for a         Here, under suspicion is the
  l The contract was declared null                                                     right option.
     and void.                               period of time.
                                             Here, in a state of suspension            Look at the sentence :
792. (2) catch a tartar : to deal with
                                             is the right option.                  l She resigned under a cloud.
      someone o r something that
      proves            unex pectedl y       Look at the sentence :              806. (4) get the sack : being told by
      troublesome or powerful.            l The law has b een ke pt i n                your employer that you can no
                                             abeyance.                                 longer continue working for a
      Here, to deal with a person
                                        799. (4) to be in a fix : in a difficult       company etc.; be dismissed.
      who is more than one’s match
      is the right option.                   situation ; mess.                         Here, be dismissed is the right
                                             Look at the sentence :                    option
      Look at the sentnece :
                                          l We have got ourselves in a fix             Look at the sentence :
  l It looks like we caught a Tartar
      when we tried to muscle their          about this.                           l He got the sack when they
      store out of the area.                 Here, in a difficult situation is         found out that he’d lied about his
                                             the right option.                         qualifications.
793. (4) go/come cap in hand : to
      ask someone for money or help     800. (4) to break the ice : to say or    807. (1) to nip in the bud : to stop
      in a polite way which makes you        do something that makes people            something when it has just
      feel ashamed.                          feel more relaxed.                        begun.
      Here, in a respectful manner is        Here, made people relaxed and             Here, to stop something at the
      the right option.                      comfortable is the right option.          start is the right option.