Look at the sentence :                    Here, work harmoniously is the           Here, to perform well is the
  l  He really took it to heart when I         right option.                            right option
     asked him to reconsider.                  Look at the sentence :              781. (1) a chip off the old block : a
767. (2) to bring to light : reveal or      l If we pull together as a team,            person who is very similar to their
     disclose something previously             we can get this job done on time.        mother or father in the way that
     hidden or secret.                    774. (4) to give oneself airs : to            they look or behave.
     Here, to reveal is the right               behave arrogantly.                      Look at the sentence :
     option.                                    Look at the sentence :               l She enj oys bo ssing peo pl e
     Look at the sentence :                 l Stop giving yourself airs and act         around just like her mother used
  l After careful investigation all the         like the rest of us.                    to do – she’s a real chip off the
     facts of the case were brought             Hence, behaving arrogantly is           old block
     to light.                                  the right option.                       Here, reminds them of one’s
768. (4) pros and cons : favourable                                                     father is the right option
                                          775. (1) at a stone’s throw : a very
     and unf avo urable fa cto rs ;             short distance away.               782. (2) to fish in troubled waters :
     advantages and disadvantages               Look at the sentence :                  to try to win an advantage from
     Here,      ad va n ta ges       and                                                a difficult situation or from
                                                We live just a stone’s throw
     disa dvantag es is the ri ght                                                      someone else’s problems.
                                                from here.
     option.                                                                            Look at the sentence :
                                                Hence, at a short distance is
     Look at the sentence :                                                          l He is fishing in troubled waters
                                                the right option.
  l One should weigh the pros and                                                       by buying more shares of that
                                          776. (3) a bone of contention : a
     cons of any new venture.                                                           company.
                                                subject       which       causes
769. (1) once in a blue moon : hardly           disagreement and arguments              Here, to make a profit out of
     ever ; almost never ; very rarely.         between people.                         disturbance is the right option
     Here, very rarely is the right             Look at the sentence :             783. (1) bark is worse than bite :
     option.                                                                             threat is worse than the action
                                            l Kashmir is a bone of contention
     Look at the sentence :                     between India and Pakistan.
                                                                                         Here, threat is worse than the
  l He comes to me once in a blue               Hence, cause for quarrel is the
                                                                                         action taken is the right option
     moon.                                      right option.
                                                                                         Look at the sentences :
770. (3) fi sh o ut of wate r : an        777. (3) to eat humble pie : to apol-
     uncomfortable situation ; an               ogise and face humiliation for a     l I wouldn’t be scared of her if I
     awkward situation.                         serious error; to admit that you         were you.
     Here, an u nco mf ort ab le                are wrong                                Her bark’s a lot worse than her
     position is the right option.              Here, to yield under humiliat-           bite.
     Look at the sentence :                     ing circumstances is the right     784. (3) throw caution to the winds:
                                                option.                                  to do something without
  l After living in Hong Kong for
                                                Look at the sentence :                   worryi ng about the risk; to
     most of his life, he was a fish
                                            l I think I am right, but if I am
                                                                                         behave recklessly.
     out of water in Los Angeles.
                                                wrong, I will eat humble pie.            Here, to behave recklessly is
771. (1) be down with : to have or
                                          778. (1) (1) to end in smoke : to come         the right option.
     catch an illness.
                                                to nothing; fail.                        Look at the sentence :
     Here, suffering from is the right
     option.                                    Here, to fail is the right option.   l I threw caution to the wind and
                                                Look at the sentence :                   bought the most expensive one.
     Look at the sentences :
                                            l All the efforts of the principal to  785. (3) ill at ease : uncomfortable
  l She had to go home early today.
                                                bring him round ended in                 or embarrassed
     I think she’s down with flu.
                                                smoke.                                   Here, un easy is the right
  l He is down with fever.
                                          779. (3) (1) to spill the beans : reveal       option.
772. (3) fair weather friend: somebody
                                                secret information indiscreetly.         Look at the sentence :
     who stops being a friend when
     you are in trouble.                        Here, to reveal a secret is the      l I just shifted in my seat, feeling
                                                right option.                            very nervous and ill at ease.
     Here, supports only when easy
     and convenient is the right                Look at the sentence :             786. (2) to get cold feet : to suddenly
     option.                                l I spilled the beans about the             become nervous about doing
                                                surprise party, by telling the          something.
     Look at the sentence :
                                                birthday girl.                          Here, fear is the right option.
  l You can’t rely on her, she’s just
     a fair-weather friend.               780. (3) cut the mustard : to be as           Look at the sentence :
                                               good as expected or required.         l He was going to ask her but he
773. (2) (1) pull together : to act, work
     etc. together with other people           Look at the sentence :                   got cold feet and said nothing.
     in an organised way and without        l I did not cut the mustard as a       787. (2) beside the mark : not to be
     fighting.                                 hockey player.                           accurate.