743. (1) going against the grain : to           Here, discovered in the act of            Hence, make space is the right
     be or do something different from          doing is the right option.                option.
     what is normal or natural.            750. (3) gate crasher : one who goes     758. (4) mend your ways : to stop
     Look at the sentence :                     to a party or social event without        behaving badly.
  l It really goes against the grain            being invited.                            Look at the sentence :
     to have to work on a Sunday.               Look at the sentence :                l You should mend your ways to
     Here, doing things differently          l I do n’t mi nd gate crashers               win her trust.
     from what you usually do is the            coming to my parties, so long as          Hence, improve one’s behav-
     right option.                              they behave themselves.                   iour is the right option.
744. (1) hold your tongue/ peace :              Here, uninvited guest is the
                                                right option.                       759. (3) for keeps : for ever
      to say nothing although you
      would like to give your opinion      751. (3) To angle (go angling) : to            Look at the sentence :
      Look at the sentence                      catch fish with a line and a hook.    l   Is it yours for keeps or does he
  l The party was supposed to be a              Here, to fish is the right option.        want it back ?
      surprise, but unfortunately the      752. (1) fit like a glove : to be the          Here, forever is the right option.
      little boy couldn’t hold his              perfect size or shape for           760. (1) pale into insignificance : to
      tongue.                                   somebody
                                                                                          seem less important when com-
      Here, be silent is the right              Look at the sentence :                    pared with something else.
      option.                                l The dress fits me like a glove.
                                                                                          Look at the sentence :
745. (2) read between the lines : to look       Here, to fit snugly is the right
                                                                                      l Last year’s riots pale into insig-
      for or discover a meaning in              option
                                                                                          nificance with this latest out-
      something that is not openly stated. 753. (2) pull a long face : to have an
                                                                                          burst of violence.
      Look at the sentence                      unhappy or disappoi nted
                                                expression.                               Here, seemed less important is
  l Reading between the lines I
                                                Look at the sentence :                    the right option.
      think she needs money.
      Here, find out the inner               l He took one look at her long face    761. (3) with one voice : unanimous-
      meaning is the right option.              and said ‘what’s wrong ?’                 ly; with everyone agreeing.
746. (4) in black and white : in                Here, to look sad is the right            Look at the sentence :
      writing or print ; in a way that          option                                l The various opposition parties
      makes people or things seem          754. (4) cat nap : brief sleep                 speak with one voice on this is-
      completely right or wrong.                Look at the sentence :                    sue.
      Look at the sentence                   l I am going to try to squeeze in a          Here, unanimously is the right
  l I never thought they’d put it in            cat nap before my next shift              option.
      black and white on the front              starts                              762. (2) make light of something : to
      page.                                     Here, to sleep briefly is the right      treat something as not being
      Here, in writing is the right             option                                   important and not serious.
      option.                              755. (2) to flog a dead horse : to
                                                                                         Here, treated it lightly is the
747. (1) once in a blue moon : very             waste your effort by trying to do
                                                                                         right option.
      rarely                                    something that is no longer
                                                possible                            763. (3) every inch a gentleman :
      Look at the sentence
                                                                                         completely; entirely.
  l Once in a blue moon, I buy a                Look at the sentence :
      fashion magazine, just to see          l You’re flogging a dead horse
                                                                                         Here, en ti r ely is the right
      what people are wearing.                  trying to persuade Simon to come         option.
                                                to Spain with us.                   764. (2) gall and wormwood : hateful;
      Here, rarely is the right option.
                                                Here, to waste one’s efforts is          bitter.
748. (1) be taken aback : to be
                                                the right option.                        Here, hateful is the right option.
      shocked or surprised by
      somebody/something.                  756. (3) beat around the bush : to       765. (3) to add fuel to the fire : to
                                                 talk about something for a long         make something especially an
      Look at the sentence
                                                 time without coming to the main         argument worse.
  l She was completely taken aback
                                                 point.                                  Here, make things worse is the
      by his anger.
                                                 Look at the sentence :                  right option.
      Here, surprised is the right
                                             l Stop beating about/ around the            Look at the sentence :
                                                 bush and tell me what you want.      l His remarks simply added fuel
749. (4) catch somebody red-handed:
                                                 Hence, avoiding the main top-           to the fire of her rage.
     to catch somebody in the act of
                                                 ic is the right option.
     doing somethi ng wrong or                                                      766. (1) to take to heart : to feel
     committing a crime.                   757. (2) make room : make space
                                                                                         keenly, be greatly grieved at; be
     Look at the sentence :                      Look at the sentence :                  much affected by something.
  l Tom was stealing the car and he          l How can we make room for all
                                                                                         Here, to be greatly affected is
     was caught red-handed.                      the furniture ?                         the right option.