726. (4) full of beans/life : having a     732. (1) in harness : on duty; at work        Look at the sentence :
      lot of energy.                             Here, in office is the right          l  They all worked together on the
      Look at the sentence :                     option.                                  pocket, but while submitting it,
                                                                                          one of them stolen the thunder.
    l The children were full of beans            Look at the sentence :
      today, looking forward to their                                               738. (1) red tape : official rules that
                                              l Despite his illness he’s determined
      field trip.                                                                         seem more complicated than
                                                 to continue in harness.
      Here, energetic is the right                                                        necessary and prevent things
                                            733. (4) whole nine yards : everything        from being done quickly.
                                                 or a situation which includes            Here, offici al p rocedures
 727. (4) all hat and no cattle : full           everything.                              causing delay is the right option.
      of talk that is more impressive            Here, everything is the right            Look at the setence :
      than that which one actually               option                                l You have to go through endless
      possesses or is able to do
                                                 Look at the sentence :                   red tape to get a residence
      Look at the sentence                                                                permit.
                                              l When Dan coo ks di nner he
    l He talks as though he knows                always goes the whole nine         739. (4) turn a blind eye : to pretend
      more than anyone else, but he’s            yards, with three courses and a         not to notice something bad that
      all hat and no cattle.                     choice of dessert.                      is happening.
      Here, one who is full of big talk     734. (1) between the horns of a              Look at the sentence :
      but lacks substance and action             dilemma : in a situation in          l The authorities were either
      is the right option                        which you have to make a choice         unaware of the problem or they
 728. (3) as bald as a cue ball/coot :           between things that are equally         turned a blind eye to it.
                                                 unpleasant                              Here, to ignore a situation,
      completely bald.
                                                 Here, a difficult situation/            facts or reality is the right
      Look at the sentence
                                                 choice is the right option.             option.
    l His father was as bold as a cue
                                                 Look at the sentence               740. (2) Here insight is the right
                                              l Ho w can we deci de which                option.
      Here, completely bald is the
                                                 ho spital to cl ose ? we are            whole bag of tricks : a set of
      right option.
                                                 between th e ho rns of a                methods or equip ment that
729. (3) dog eat dog : a situation in            ditemma.                                somebody can use.
     politics, business etc. where          735. (4) to eat one’s own words : to         Look at the sentence :
     there is a lot of competition and           admit that what you said was         l Hotel managers are using a whole
     people are willing to harm each             wrong ; forced to retract one’s
     other in order to succeed.                                                          new bag of tricks to attract their
                                                 own statement; misfit                   guests.
     Here, ruthlessly competitive is             Here, forced to retract one’s           Here, make use of all the
     the right option.                           own statement is the right              possibilities or techniques to
     Look at the sentence :                      option.                                 achieve something is the right
   l We’re operating in a dog eat dog            Look at the sentence :                  option.
     world.                                   l They will eat their words when
                                                                                    741. (2) pull a rabbit out of a hat : to
730. (2) fits and starts : frequently            I win.
                                                                                         suddenly produce something as
     starting and stopping again; not       736. (2) square peg in a round hole :        a solution to a problem.
     continuously.                               a person who does not feel              Look at the sentence :
     Here, unsteady is the right                 happy or comfortable in a
                                                                                      l Unless we can pull a rabbit out
     option.                                     particular situation or who is not
                                                                                         of the hat, our new venture will
     Look at the sentence :                      suitable for it.
                                                                                         not really take off.
   l Because of other commitments I              Here, misfit is the right option
                                                                                         Here, to do something unex-
     can only write my book in fits              Look at the sentence :                  pected is the right option.
     and starts.                              l She doesn’t have the finesse for    742. (4) let the chips fall where they
731. (1) gift of the gab : the ability to        this job; she’s a square peg in a       may : to do something without
     speak easily and to persuade                round hole.                             worrying about the effects of your
     other people with your words.          737. (1) steal someone’s thunder :           actions
     eloquent (Adj.) : expressing                to get the attention, success etc.      Look at the sentence :
     yourself readily, clearly, effectively      that somebody else was expecting ;   l She promised to ask a series of
     Here, eloquent is the right                 take credit for something               questions in her interview and let
     option.                                     someone else did.                       the chips fall where they may.
     Look at the sentence :                      Here, take credit for something         Here, let something happen
                                                 someone else did is the right           without bothering about the
   l Joe’s got the gift of the gab - he
                                                 option.                                 consequences is the right option.
     can sell anything.