l Tell your story; we’re all ears.     l  Doctors and nurses worked             l The garage is a mile ahead up
     The best option is attentive            around the clock to help the            the hill; just follow your nose.
551. (2) salad days = the time when          people injured in the train             The best option is to go straight
     you are young and do not have           crash.                                  ahead
     much experience of life.                The best option is day and night   568. (3) a feather in your cap : an
   l I met her in my salad days.       560. (4) come to light : to become            action that you can be proud of
     The best option is adolescence          known to people                       l A new television series will be
552. (1) cool (Adj.) : marked by self-    l New evidence has recently come           another feather in his cap.
     control                                 to light.                               The best option is an achieve-
     cool about working : not tense          The best option is been revealed        ment
     about working                     561. (4) not see eye to eye with         569. (3) above board : legal and hon-
   l She’s cool about working in any         somebody : to not share the             est; very clear, without any se-
     shift.                                  same views as somebody about            cret.
     The best option is ready to work.       something.                            l Don’t worry ; the deal was com-
                                          l The two of them have never               pletely above-board.
553. (2) throw dust into one’s eyes:
     to confuse/mislead; to deceive          seen eye to eye on politics.            The best option is without any
                                             The best option is to have the          secret
   l He threw dust into our eyes
     by pretending to be a jeweller          same opinion                       570. (3) go haywire : to stop working
     and then disappeared with the     562. (4) in Dutch : in trouble                correctly or become out of con-
     diamonds.                                                                       trol.
                                          l I’m in Dutch with my parents
     The best option is cheat me                                                   l The clock seems to have gone a
                                             for my low grades.
554. (1) took after : to look/behave         The best option is in trouble
     like an older member of your                                                    The best option is became out
                                       563. (2) wild goose chase : a futile          of control
     family, especially your mother/        search/pursuit
     father                                                                     571. (2) break off : to end something
                                          l I think she sent us on a wild
   l Your daughter doesn’t take af-                                                  suddenly.
                                            goose chase looking for our            l He broke off in the middle of a
     ter you at all.
                                            beach house.                             sentence.
     The best option is similar to
                                            The best option is useless search        The best option is suddenly
555. (1) beyond the pale : considered
                                       564. (3) add fuel to the fire : to make       stopped
     by most people to be unaccept-
                                            an argument continue or get         572. (1) at random : without deciding
     able or unreasonable.
                                            worse.                                   in advance what is going to hap-
   l His remarks were clearly be-
                                          l She was upset, and your mak-             pen/without any regular pattern
     yond the pale.
                                            ing fun of her added fuel to the       l She opened the book at random
     The best option is outside com-
                                            fire.                                    and started reading.
     monly accepted standards
                                            The best option is worsened              The best option is without any
556. (4) nine days’ wonder : a per-
     son/thing that makes people            matters                                  aim
     excited for a short time but does 565. (2) fight shy of something : to     573. (4) backseat driver : a person
     not last very long                     be unwilling to accept something         who wants to be in control of
   l The elopement of Bob and Anne          or do something and to try to            something that is not their re-
     was a nine days’ wonder.               avoid it.                                sponsibility.
     The best option is a dazzling        l I know the danger ; I see it and       l My mom drives us all crazy with
     short-lived spectacle of no real       I tell myself that I must fight shy      her instructions ; she’s an incur-
     value                                  of it.                                   able back seat driver.
557. (1) watching grass grow : delay        The best option is avoid                 The best option is person who
     in getting things done; boring.   566. (1) latch on to something = to           gives unwanted advice.
   l To watch somebody fishing is           understand an idea or what          574. (3) tall tales : something that a
     like watching grass grow.              somebody is saying; to become            person talks about in a very
                                            attached to somebody/some-               proud way ; boasting.
     The best option is very boring
                                            thing; to develop a strong inter-      l My uncle claims that he was
558. (1) when the balloon goes up :
                                            est in something.                        raised in a drainage ditch, but
     when the trouble that you are
                                          l The stray dog latched onto the
                                                                                     it’s just another of his tall tales.
     expecting begins.
                                            children and wouldn’t go home.           The best option is boasting
   l We have to get out of here be-
     fore the balloon goes up.              The best option is promoted         575. (1) give way : to break or fall
                                       567. (4) follow your nose : to act ac-        down ; collapse.
     The best option is the situation
     turns unpleasant/ serious              cording to what seems right or         l The pillars gave way and a sec-
                                            reasonable, rather than follow-          tion of the roof collapsed.
559. (3) around the clock : all day
     and all night without stopping.        ing any particular rules                 The best option is collapsed