476. (2) saw through : to realize the     485. (2) a bad egg (Id.) : someone who        The best option is with strength
     truth                                     behaves in a bad/dishonest way;          and fury.
  l You can’t fool me any more. I can          worthless                           493. (4) Prick on somebody : to treat
     see through you and all your              a good egg : a person who can be         somebody unfairly by blaming or
     tricks.                                   reliedon; to behave well                 criticising.
     The best option is detected.              He’s a bad egg : don’t believe any-   l My sister always picks on me.
477. (2) the gift of the gab : ability to      thing he says.                           The best option is treats badly.
     speak well                             l He’s a bad egg ; don’t believe any-  494. (1) To keep the wolf from the
  l My brother really has the gift of          thing he says.                           door : to have enough money to
     gab. He can convince anyone of            The best option is worthless.            avoid going hungry.
     anything.                            486. (3) to get into hot water : to get    l We have a small amount of mon-
     The best option is speak very             into trouble                             ey saved, hardly enough to keep
     well.                                  l I got into hot water with my wife         the wolf from the door.
478. (1) put up with : to bear; to en-         last night when she found me             The best option is keep away from
     dure                                      drunk.                                   extreme poverty
  l I cannot put up with your con-             The best option is to get into      495. (1) Foam at the mouth : to be
     stant complaining any longer.             trouble.                                 very angry.
     The best option is bear patient-     487. (4) a wild goose chase : a search     l She was foaming at the mouth
     ly.                                       for something that is impossible         over the judge’s ruling.
                                               for you to find or that does not         The best option is angry
479. (4) the die is cast : an event has
                                               exist, that makes you waste a lot   496. (1) Husband our resources : to
     happened or a decision has been
                                               of time                                  use something carefully and make
     made that cannot be changed
                                            l The police had been sent on a             sure that you do not waste it.
  l The die is cast; there is no turn-
                                               wild goose chase.                     l Times are hard and we have to
     ing back on this point.
                                               The best option is fruitless pur-        husband our resources.
     The best option is The decision           suit.
     has been taken                                                                     The best option is save
                                          488. (2) took to his heels : ran away
480. (2) picking holes in : to find the                                            497. (4) Bring about : to make some-
                                               quickly                                  thing happen; cause
     weak points                            l The man took to his heels to try
                                                                                     l What brought about the change
  l The lawyer picked holes in the             to get to the bus stop before the
                                                                                        in his attitude ?
     witness’s story.                          bus left.
                                                                                        The best option is cause to hap-
     The best option is finding fault          The best option is ran off.
     with                                 489. (1) Plain sailing : to be simple
                                                                                   498. (3) Give vent to something = to
481. (3) took exception : objected             and free from trouble.
                                                                                        express a feeling
  l The manager took exception to           l The roads were busy as we drove
                                                                                     l Children give vent to their an-
     the statement about having only           out of the city, but after that it
                                                                                        ger in various ways.
     three employees.                          was plain sailing all the way.
                                                                                        The best option is expressed
     The best option is objected               The best option is was very easy.
                                                                                   499. (3) Read between the lines : to
482. (4) goes about : goes around; to     490. (4) A bolt from the blue : an
                                                                                        look for or discover a meaning in
     continue to do something                  event or a piece of news which is
                                                                                        something that is not openly stat-
                                               sudden and unexpected.
  l She is going about with her mis-                                                    ed.
                                            l Her dismissal came as a bolt
     tress.                                                                          l Reading between the lines, I
                                               from the blue.
     The best option is goes around.                                                    think she needs money.
                                               The best option is a complete
483. (2) going a piece of her mind :           surprise.                                The best option is know what the
     to tell somebody that you disap-                                                   writer thinks
                                          491. (1) Teething troubles/problems
     prove of his behaviour or are an-                                             500. (2) To throw dust in one’s eyes :
                                               : small problems that a compa-
     gry with him                              ny, product, system etc. has at          to deceive
  l I’ve had enough of Raju. I’m go-           the beginning.                        l She threw dust in the eyes of
     ing to give him a piece of my          l New cars often suffer from teeth-
                                                                                        the jeweller by pretending to be
     mind.                                     ing problems.                            a well-to-do lady, and then stole
     The best option is speaking                                                        the necklace.
                                               The best option is difficulties at
     sharply.                                  the start.                               The best option is to deceive
484. (1) got down to business : to        492. (2) Fight tooth and nail : to fight 501. (4) A cut above somebody : bet-
     give serious attention                    in a very determined way for what        ter than somebody/something.
  l There has been enough chit chat.           you want.                             l His latest novel is a cut above
     Let’s get down to business.            l The residents are fighting tooth          the rest.
     The best option is began to work          and nail to stop the new devel-          The best option is rather superi-
     seriously.                                opment.                                  or to