450. (2) in apple pie order : in com-        The best option is an easy           l  She always remains sick. She has
     plete order; in perfect order           achievement.                            to visit the doctor off and on.
  l I always put my table in apple      458. (1) feel his pulse : to find what       The best option is often.
     pie order before leaving.               one is thinking on some point      467. (1) give and take : wilingness in
     The best option is in perfect or-    l  The exit polls feel the pulse of        a relationship to accept what
     der.                                    the voters.                             somebody else wants and gives
451. (3) a closed book : a person that       The best option is find his views.      up some of what you want
     you know nothing about             459. (1) taken to task : punished         l  Every contract involves some
  l I can’t figure her out; she’s a       l  The teacher took Shalu to task          give and take.
     closed book to me.                      for her misbehaviour.                   The best option is adjustment.
     The best option is a mystery.           The best option is get, an offi-   468. (2) bad hats : someone who de-
452. (3) a month of Sundays : used           cial reprimand                          liberately stirs up trouble
     to emphasize that something will                                             l  He is a bad hat; he always cre-
                                        460. (4) have something up your
     never happen; a long time                                                       ates problems for others.
                                             sleeve : to keep a plan or an idea
  l It will take you a month of Sun-         secret until you need to use it         The best option is people of bad
     days to complete the book.                                                      character.
                                          l  I have something up my sleeve
                                                                                469. (2) ice-breaking :
     The best option is a long time.         that will solve all your problems.
                                                                                  l  same as "break the ice" start in-
453. (4) let sleeping dogs lie : to          The best option is have an al-
                                                                                     troduction. There should be
     avoid mentioning a subject or           ternative plan.                         someone who will break the ice
     something that happened in the     461. (1) ruled the roost : to be the         at any social gathering
     past, in order to avoid any prob-       most powerful member of a               The best option is starting con-
     lems/arguments                          group; to be the manager                versation.
  l I know I should report the acci-         Our new office manager really
                                          l                                     470. (4) chickened out : to decide
     dent but I rather let the sleep-        rules the roost.                        not to do something because you
     ing dogs lie.
                                             The best option is exercised au-        are afraid
     The best option is do not bring         thority.                             l  Gaurav chickened out of the
     up an old controversial issue.                                                  plan at the last minute.
                                        462. (1) eat humble pie : to say and
454. (3) be born with a silver spoon         show that you are sorry for a           The best option is withdrew.
     in the mouth : having rich par-         mistake committed by you           471. (4) to make do : to manage
                                          l  The producers of the advertise-      l  You’ll have to make do with less
  l Most of the students in the ex-                                                  money next year.
                                             ment had to eat humble pie for
     clusive Public schools are born         mis representing the facts.             The best option is manage.
     with silver spoons in their
                                             The best option is he had to yield 472. (1) donkey’s years : a very long
     mouths.                                                                         time
                                             under pressure
     The best option is be born in a                                                 I haven’t seen her in donkey’s
                                        463. (4) broke down : cried               l
     rich family.                                                                    years.
                                          l  When she heard the news of her
455. (2) a man of straw : without sub-                                               The best option is a long time.
                                             husband’s accident, she broke
     stantial means; a person who is                                            473. (1) wet behind the ears : young
                                             down and could not be convinced.
     weak and easy to defeat ; a per-                                                and inexperienced
     son of little substance                 The best option is wept bitterly.
                                                                                  l  Chandu is too young to take on
  l Compared to their predecessors,
                                        464. (4) throw dust into my eyes :
                                                                                     a job. He is still wet behind the
     the country’s leaders seem to be        to mislead; to deceive
     men of straw.                        l  The governor’s secretary threw
                                                                                     The best option is young and
     The best option is a man of no          dust in his eyes by misleading          inexperienced.
     substance                               him with wrong information.
                                                                                474. (2) keeps an open house : to give
456. (1) not to look a gift horse in         The best option is to mislead or        entertainment to all visitors at
     the mouth : not to refuse or crit-      confuse me.                             any time.
     icize something that is given to   465. (2) a man of straw : without sub-    l  They keep an open house for art-
     you for nothing                         stantial means; a person who is         ists and writers.
  l Never look a gift horse in the           weak and easy to defeat ; a per-        The best option is welcomes all
     mouth.                                  son of little substance                 members.
     The best option is not to find       l  Compared to their predecessors,    475. (3) cordoned off : to stop peo-
     fault with the fifts received.          the country’s leaders seem to be        ple from getting into an area by
457. (3) a cake walk : something that        men of straw.                           surrounding it with police, sol-
     is extremely easy to do                 The best option is a man of no          diers, etc.
  l She has been running marathons
                                             substance                            l  The police cordoned off the
     for years now. So this 5 km-run    466. (2) off and on : from time to           scene of crime.
     will be a cake walk for her.            time; now and again                     The best option is isolated.