423. (3) not fit to hold a candle : is   431. (2) jumping down my throat :           l  I’m not going out in that storm.
     not so good as somebody or               to react very angrily to somebody         It’s pouring cats and dogs.
     something else                        l Just because I admitted being              The best option is rained heavi-
  l Dolly is fast, but not fit to hold        there, you needn’t jump down              ly.
     a candle to her.                         my throat.                           441. (3) above board : legal and hon-
     The best option is inferior              The best option is scolding me            est
424. (2) paying through the nose : to    432. (2) in the long run : concerning       l  His financial dealings were al-
     pay too much money for some-             a longer period in the future             ways above board.
     thing                                 l He realized that in the long run,          The best option is honest.
  l We paid through the nose for              their argument wouldn’t seem so      442. (4) feel blue : depressed
     that vacation.                           useless.                               l  You look like you feel blue. What’s
     The best option is paying too            The best option is over a period          wrong ?
     much                                     of time.                                  The best option is gloomy.
425. (1) putting the cart before the     433. (3) a fish out of water : to feel    443. (4) live-wire : a person who is
     horse : to do things in the wrong        uncomfortable                             lively and full of energy
     order                                 l All the other children in the           l  Seema is a real live-wire; she
     Building a school before know-           school were from rich families,           brightens up any gathering.
     ing the age of the population is         So, she was feeling like a fish           The best option is energetic.
     putting the cart before the              out of water.
                                                                                   444. (1) cool his heels : to have to
     horse.                                   The best option is uncomfort-             wait for somebody/something
     The best option is doing a thing         able
                                                                                     l  I’ve been cooling my heels for
     in the wrong way.                   434. (4) apple of discord : cause of           at least an hour.
426. (2) casting pearls before swine :        envy; a subject of quarrel
                                                                                        The best option is to be kept
     to give or offer valuable things to      animosity : a strong feeling of           waiting.
     people who do not understand             dislike or hatred
                                                                                   445. (2) bury the hatchet : to stop
     their value                           l The property is an apple of dis-
                                                                                        being unfriendly and become
  l Giving him advice is just cast-           cord between the two.                     friends again
     ing pearls before swine.                 The best option is cause of ani-       l  Let’s stop arguing and bury the
     The best option is offering good         mosity.                                   hatchet.
     things to undeserving people        435. (3) let the grass grow under              The best option is make peace.
427. (2) to play second fiddle : to be        their feet : delay in getting things
                                                                                   446. (4) wet his whistle : to moisten
     treated as less important than           done
                                                                                        ones throat; to have a drink
     somebody/something; to have a         l Write your application today;
                                                                                     l  I’m just going to wet my whistle
     less important position                  don’t let the grass grow under
                                                                                        before I go out on the tennis
  l I’m tired of playing second fid-
                                              you feet.
     dle to Mehak.                            The best option is delay doing
                                                                                        The best option is have a drink.
     The best option is take a subor-         the work
                                                                                   447. (4) thick and thin : in spite of
     dinate role.                        436. (3) smell the rat : to suspect
                                                                                        troubles and/or difficulties
428. (4) face the music : bear the con-       that something is wrong about a
                                                                                     l  They remained friends through
     sequences                                situation
                                                                                        thick and thin.
                                           l I don’t think this was an acci-
  l He is prepared to face the mu-                                                      The best option is in spite of all
                                              dent. I smell a rat.
     sic for his conduct at the meet-                                                   the difficulties.
     ing.                                     The best option is suspected that
                                                                                   448. (1) back to square one : a re-
                                              something is fishy.
     The best option is accept the                                                      turn to the situation you were in
     punishment.                         437. (2) time and again : often; on
                                                                                        at the beginning of a project,
                                              many or all occasions
429. (1) call a spade a spade : to call                                                 task, etc. because you have
                                           l He was warned time and again
     exactly what you think without                                                     made no real progress
                                              not to be late to office.
     trying to hide your opinion                                                     l  We’ve got to get this done with-
                                              The best option is often                  out going back to square one.
  l Vinay is a person who calls a
     spade a spade and is fearless.      438. (1) iron fist : treat people in a         The best option is to return to
                                              severe manner/strictly                    the starting point.
     The best option is to speak in a
                                           l She rules the office with an iron
     straight forward manner.                                                      449. (1) blowing their own trumpets :
                                              fist.                                     boasting
430. (1) out of my wits : to be ex-
                                              The best option is strictly               Anyone will tell you she’s one of
     tremely confused and frightened                                                 l
                                         439. (4) for good : permanently                the best journalists we have got,
  l She was out of her wits and so
                                           l I’m moving to Europe for good.             although she never blows her
     could not find a solution to the
     problem.                                 The best option is permanently            own trumpet.
     The best option is greatly con-     440. (1) poured cats and dogs : rain-          The best option is to boast about
     fused.                                   ing very heavily                          their achievements.