l  The manager took exception to     378. (2) as hard as a nail : to show     388. (2) weal and woe : happiness
     the statement about having only        no sympathy, kindness or fear            and misery
     three employees.                    l She’ll be a good business wom-         l Weal and woe come in every-
     The best option is objected.           an; she’s as hard as a nail.             body’s life. One should learn to
370. (2) turn a deaf ear : refuse to        The best option is emotionless.          live with them.
     pay attention                     379. (2) under a cloud : being sub-           The best option is joys and sor-
  l  Sheela turned a deaf ear to our        ject to suspicion ; a state of dis-      rows.
     pleadings.                             grace                               389. (1) water under the bridge :
     The best option is refused to       l As he behaved in an abnormal              something that happeaned in the
     obey.                                  way, his activites were under a          past and is now forgotten or no
371. (4) live from hand to mouth :          cloud.                                   longer important
     to spend all the money you earn        The best option is in disgrace.       l In order to have peace of mind
     on basic needs such as food       380. (4) in a pickle : in a difficult or      we should let water under the
     without being able to save any         unpleasant situation                     bridge pass.
     money                               l I was in a pickle, when I missed          The best option is something I
  l  When I had no job, we had to           my flight to Canada.                     cannot change.
     live from hand to mouth.               The best option is in an embar-     390. (2) stick to my guns : to refuse
     The best option is miserably.          rassing or awkward situation.            to change your mind about some-
372. (3) no hard and fast : fixed      381. (3) got on well : had a friendly         thing even when other people are
  l  We have no hard and fast rules         relationship                             trying to persuade you that you
     for this procedure.                 l She doesn’t get on well with her
                                                                                     are wrong
     The best option is fixed.              room – mate.                          l I’ll stick to my guns in this mat-
373. (1) hold your tongue : to say          The best option is had a friend-         ter.
     nothing although you would like        ly relationship.                         The best option is hold on to
     to give your opinion              382. (3) slip off : to leave quiely           my decision.
  l  You’ve said enough. Now, hold       l They slipped off and no one saw      391. (1) out of hand : out of control;
     your tongue.                           them leave.                              at once; immediately ; complete-
     The best option is be silent.          The best option is leave quiet-          ly
374. (3) cut your coat according to         ly.                                   l The second surgeon rejected the
     your cloth : to do only what you  383. (2) looking forward to : to be           doctor’s treatment plan out of
     have enough money to do and            thinking with pleasure about             hand.
     no more                                something that is going to hap-          The best option is completely.
  l  We can’t afford a vacation             pen                                 392. (4) the salt of the earth : very
     abroad; we have to cut our coat     l I’m really looking forward to             good and honest; kind
     according to our cloth.                your visit next week.                 l Farmers are described as the
     The best option is live within         The best option is expecting with        salt of the earth, particularly
     your means.                            pleasure.                                when their products are needed
375. (4) broke down : to lose control  384. (1) rides the high horse : be-           to feed the army.
     of your feelings and start crying      haves in a way that shows that           The best option is kind.
  l  When she heard the news of her         he feels he is better than other    393. (2) talking through the hat : to
     husband’s accident, she broke          people                                   talk nonsense
     down and could not be con-          l She is riding the high horse be-
                                                                                  l He was talking through his hat
     vinced.                                cause of her father’s recent suc-
                                                                                     when he described the ship-
     The best option is cried.              cess in the business.
376. (4) lays out : to spend money;         The best option is superior.
                                                                                     The best option is talking non-
     fork out                          385. (3) rack and ruin : to get into a
  l  The rich couple laid out a for-        bad condition
                                                                                394. (2) saw through : to realize the
     tune on jewellery for the wed-      l The lovely old house on the cor-
                                                                                     truth about somebody/some-
     ding.                                  ner is going to rack and ruin.
     The best option is spends.             The best option is destroyed
                                                                                  l You can’t fool me any more. I can
377. (1) allowed a free hand : to get/ 386. (3) to take to task : punish
                                                                                     see through you and all your
     have an opportunity to do what      l The teacher took Shalu to task
     you want to do and to make your        for her misbehaviour.
     own decisions                                                                   The best option is detected.
                                            The best option is punish.
  l  He was allowed a free hand in     387. (2) iron will : a feeling of strong 395. (2) has a bee in her bonnet : to
     the project and he accomplished        determination                            think or talk about something all
     it very well.                                                                   the time and to think that it is
                                         l One must have an iron will.
     The best option is complete lib-                                                very important; that is not nor-
                                            The best option is strong deter-
     erty.                                                                           mal; an obsession