338. (3) scapegoat : fall guy            348. (2) for better or worse : used     358. (4) under the thumb of : under
  l Her supporters see her as a               for saying that something can-          the control of
     scapegoat for a policy that failed.      not be changed, whether the re-       l The committee in firmly under
     The best option is fall guy.             sult is good/bad                        his thumb and will agree to what-
339. (1) point-blank : very definite       l He trusts everyone, for better           ever he asks.
     and direct and not very polite;          or worse.                               The best option is under control
     blunt                                    The best option is always.              of.
  l He blocked himself in the bath-      349. (2) a hard nut to crack : a diffi- 359. (4) fall flat : fail to amuse peo-
     room and refused point-black to          cult problem/situation to deal          ple or to have effect that was in-
     come out.                                with                                    tended
     The best option is directly.          l This assignment is a hard nut          l Most of his jokes fell flat.
340. (2) strike a bargain : reach an          to crack.                               The best option is to fail to pro-
     agreement; negotiate a deal              The best option is a difficult          duce intended effect.
  l They argued for sometime and              problem.                           360. (3) carry weight : important in-
     then struck a bargain.              350. (3) hand in glove : working             fluence/strength
     The best option is to negotiate          closely with somebody, especia-       l Her opinion carries a lot of
     a deal.                                  ly in a secret and/or illegal way       weight with the boys.
341. (1) had better : used for telling     l The teacher and the Principal            The best option is be important.
     somebody what you think he               work hand in glove.                361. (3) to pass away : to die
     ‘should’ do                              The best option is very intimate.     l My aunt passed away last week.
  l You had better finish your milk      351. (1) a lame excuse : weak and            The best option is die.
     now.                                     difficult to believe; unconvenc-
                                                                                 362. (2) turn down : to reject/to refuse
     The best option is should.               ing
                                                                                    l The board turned down the de-
342. (3) took to heart : to be very up-    l He always gives lame excuses.
                                                                                      mand laid down by the union.
     set by something that somebody           The best option is unsatisfacto-
                                                                                      The best option is reject.
     says or does; be serious                 ry explanation.
                                                                                 363. (1) die hard : strongly opposing
  l She took the rejection of college    352. (2) at a loss : not knowing what
                                                                                      change and new ideas
     to heart.                                to say/do
                                                                                    l These ancient traditions die hard
     The best option is seriously.         l I was so surprised that I was at
                                                                                      in the isolated communities of
343. (4) give me a hand with : to help        a loss for words.
                                                                                      rural India.
     with                                     The best option is unable
                                                                                      The best option is unwilling to
  l Let me know when you are shift-      353. (2) in black and white : in writ-       change.
     ing and I’ll give you a hand with        ing or in print
                                                                                 364. (2) turn up : to be found; to ap-
     your luggage.                         l I want you to put your offer in          pear; to happen; to arrive
     The best option is help me with.         black and white.
                                                                                    l The invitations will be sent out
344. (1) at the eleventh hour : at a          The best option is in writing.          and we’ll see who turns up.
     late stage; at the last moment      354. (1) stand by : to help somebody
  l She always revises for her ex-
                                                                                      The best option is appear.
                                              or be friends with him, even in
     ams at the eleventh hour.                                                   365. (3) bad – blood : feeling of hatred
                                              difficult situations
     The best option is at a late stage.                                            l There is no bad blood between
                                           l I’ll stand by you at any cost.
345. (4) a shot in the dark : a guess;                                                us.
                                              The best option is support.
     something you do without know-                                                   The best option is feeling of
     ing what the result will be         355. (4) to give vent to : to express        hatred.
                                              a feeling, especially anger, stro-
  l When I applied for this job, it                                              366. (2) by fits and starts : irregularly
     was just a shot in the dark.                                                   l A sincere student works regu-
                                           l Suman gave vent to her feeling
     The best option is an attempt                                                    larly, not by fits and starts.
     to guess something.                      by shouting at Sheela.
                                                                                      The best option is irregularly.
346. (4) in a nutshell : say/express          The best option is express.
                                                                                 367. (3) to put an end to : to close;
     in a very clean way, using few      356. (3) part and parcel : an essen-
                                                                                      to cease
     words                                    tial part of something
                                                                                    l We all wanted the two brothers
  l He described his visit to Kerala       l Touring is a part and parcel of
                                                                                      to put an end to their argument.
     in a nutshell.                           my job.
                                                                                      The best option is stop.
     The best option is brief.                The best option is essential ele-
                                                                                 368. (3) to hail from : to come from
347. (1) from the bottom of my heart :        ment.
                                                                                    l He hails from a small town in
     in a way that is sincere            357. (2) to get wind : to hear about
  l I thanked the boy from the bot-           something secret or private
     tom of my heart for helping me                                                   The best option is come from.
                                           l The police got the wind of the
     carry the vegetables home.               illegal drug deal.                 369. (1) took exception : to object;
     The best option is sincerely.                                                    objected
                                              The best option is come to know.