313. (2) ran into : to meet by chance      l  We’ve been together through        330. (2) to feel like a fish out of wa-
  l I ran into my school friend at            thick and thin and we won’t hurt        ter : to feel uncomfortable or
     the park the other day.                  each other in future too.               awkward because he/she is in
     The best option is met acciden-          The best option is under all cir-       surroundings that are not famil-
     tally.                                   cumstances                              iar
314. (2) out of the question : impos-    322. (4) once in a blue moon : very       l All the other children in the
     sible or not allowed and there-          rarely                                  school were from rich families.
     fore not worth discussing             l  You are seen only once in a blue        So, she was feeling like a fish
                                              moon.                                   out of water.
  l Starting all over again is just out
     of the question.                         The best option is rarely.              The best option is uncomfort-
                                         323. (2) bury the hatchet : to stop          able.
     The best option is impossible.
                                              being unfriendly and become        331. (4) at the eleventh hour : at the
315. (2) to eat a humble pie : to say
                                              friends again                           last moment
     and show that you are sorry for
     a mistake that you made               l  Let’s stop arguing and bury the      l She always revises for her ex-
                                              hatchet.                                ams at the eleventh hour.
  l The producers of the advertise-
     ment had to eat humble pie for           The best option is to make              The best option is at the last
                                              peace.                                  moment.
     misrepresenting the facts.
                                         324. (1) wears her heart on her         332. (2) to burn one’s fingers : to
     The best option is to accept de-
                                              sleeve : to allow your feelings to      suffer as a result of doing some-
                                              be seen by other people                 thing without realizing the pos-
316. (3) to break the ice : to say or
                                           l  As she wears her heart on her           sible bad results, especially in
     do something that makes people           sleeve, it is easy to hurt her          business
     feel more relaxed, especially at         feelings.                            l I’m staying away from risky
     the beginning of a meeting
                                              The best option is expresses her        stocks; I’ve burnt my fingers.
  l There should be someone who               emotions freely.
     will break the ice at any social                                                 The best option is to suffer fi-
                                         325. (3) to talk him over : to discuss       nancial losses.
     gathering.                               something thoroughly, especial-
     The best option is to start a con-                                          333. (4) to add fuel to fire : to wors-
                                              ly in order to reach an agreement
     versation.                                                                       en a talk/conversation/argu-
                                              or make a decision
                                                                                      ment; to incite
317. (3) not my cup of tea : not what      l  We talked them over to our point
                                                                                   l Shouting at a crying child just
     somebody likes or is interested          of view.
     in                                                                               adds fuel to fire.
                                              The best option is convince.
  l Baseball is not my cup of tea.       326. (2) wet behind the ears : young         The best option is to incite
     The best option is not what I like.      and without experience; naive      334. (3) on the horns of a dilemma :
                                              Chandu is too young to take on          in a situation in which you have
318. (4) to have second thoughts :         l
                                              a job. He is still wet behind the       to make a choice between things
     to change your opinion after
                                              ears.                                   that are equally unpleasant
     thinking about something again
                                              The best option is inexperienced.    l I didn’t know which dress to
  l Some of the biggest companies
                                         327. (2) kicked up a row : to com-           choose; I’m on the horns of a
     are having second thoughts
                                              plain loudly about something            dilemma.
     about jumping into the Internet
     access business (online business)     l  The food was so cold that dad           The best option is in difficult sit-
                                              kicked up a row and refused to          uation.
     The best option is to reconsid-
     er.                                      pay for it.                        335. (4) died in harness : died while
                                              The best option is made a great         in service
319. (1) eat anyone’s salt : to be any-
     one’s guest                              fuss.                                l My friend, Rashi, died in har-
                                         328. (4) send him packing : to tell          ness.
  l When you are eating someone’s
                                              somebody firmly or rudely to go         The best option is died while
     salt, you can help him around
                                              away                                    working.
     the house.
                                           l  The owner caught his servant tak-  336. (1) ended in smoke : become
     The best option is to be one’s
                                              ing small things from the store.        useless
     guest.                                   So, he sent him packing.
320. (3) come to grief : suffer                                                    l All his schemes ended in smoke.
                                              The best option is terminate his
  l In the end, he came to grief be-                                                  The best option is came to noth-
     cause he did not follow instruc-                                                 ing.
                                         329. (2) to foam at one’s mouth : to
     tions.                                   be very angry                      337. (3) kicking his heels : to be re-
     The best option is suffer.                                                       laxed and enjoy
                                           l  The court’s decision left the vic-
321. (2) through thick and thin :                                                  l She kicked her heels for hours
                                              tim foaming at his mouth.
     even when there are problems/                                                    sitting on a branch in the park.
                                              The best option is to get very
     difficulties                             angry.                                  The best option is wasting time.