287. (4) by putting two and two to-    295. (4) an open – book : to under-       l  We sat down and had a nice
     gether : to guess the truth from       stand somebody easily and know          heart-to-heart talk for about an
     what you see, hear, etc.               everything about him                    hour.
  l I put two and two together and       l Your health secrets will be an           The best option is frank talk.
     came up with an idea of who            open – book to anyone who can      304. (1) fell short : to fail to reach
     did it.                                do an online search.                    the standard that you expected
     The best option is to deduce           The best option is straight for-        or need; fail to meet expectations
     from given facts.                      ward and honest dealings.               or standards
288. (3) to go scot-free : to go with- 296. (1) by leaps and bounds : rap-       l  The athlete fell short of the ex-
     out receiving the punishment one       idly                                    pectations of his coach.
     deserves                            l India is progressing by leaps and        The best option is had no effect.
  l Reena cheated in the test and           his bounds.                        305. (2) put across : to communicate
     got caught, but she went scot-         The best option is rapidly.             your ideas, feelings, etc. suc-
     free.                             297. (3) too fond of her own voice :         cessfully
     The best option is to escape           to like talking a lot or too much,   l  She put her views across dur-
     without punishment.                    usually without wanting to listen       ing the hearing.
289. (3) at the eleventh hour : at the      to other people                         The best option is effectively
     last possible time                  l Akshita is too fond of her own           conveyed
                                            voice.                             306. (3) see eye to eye : to think alike
  l She always revises for her ex-
     ams. at the eleventh hour.             The best option is does not lis-     l  We never seem to see eye to eye
                                            ten properly to anyone else.            in any context.
     The best option is at the last
     possible moment.                  298. (2) high-handed : overbearing ;         The best option is agree.
                                            using authority in an unreason-    307. (1) a hard nut to crack : a diffi-
290. (4) birds of the same feather :
                                            able way, without considering           cult problem or situation to deal
     people of the same sort
                                            the opinions of other people            with
  l Chayanika and Aadya are birds
                                         l He is an arrogant and high-hand-      l  This assignment is a hard nut
     of the same feather. They get          ed man.                                 to crack.
     along very well.
                                            The best option is overbearing.         The best option is difficult task.
     The best option is persons of
                                       299. (3) take exception : to object     308. (4) rat race : fierce and undigni-
     same character.
                                            strongly                                fied competition for success in
291. (4) to fight tooth and nail : to                                               one’s career, social status, etc.
                                         l The manager took exception to
     fight in a very determined way         the statement about having only      l  He got tired of rat race. He is
     for what you want                      three employees.                        settled now and has gone to live
  l They vowed to fight the new leg-                                                in his home town.
                                            The best option is object.
     islation tooth and nail.                                                       The best option is fierce com-
                                       300. (1) called for : to ask
     The best option is to make ev-      l The player was called for an ex-         petition for power.
     ery possible effort.                   planation for his bad perfor-      309. (1) dropping like flies : to fall
292. (1) to call a spade a spade : to       mance in the game.                      down in large numbers
     say exactly what you think with-       The best option is asked.            l  The heat was overwhelming and
     out trying to hide your opinion                                                people were dropping like flies.
                                       301. (4) took cue from : to copy what
  l Vinay is a person who calls a           somebody else does as to how            The best option is collapsing in
     spade a spade and is fearless.         to behave or what to do                 large numbers.
     The best option is to be frank.     l The other children took cue from    310. (4) ins and outs : full detail
293. (4) a white elephant : costly and      Tanisha and won the competi-         l  Jatin knows the ins and outs of
     useless possession                     tion.                                   repairing computers.
  l The new office block has become         The best option is learnt acting.       The best option is full details.
     an expensive white elephant.      302. (2) gave the game away : betray;   311. (1) spread like wildfire : to be-
     The best option is costly and          to make known something that            come known by more and more
     troublesome possession, use-           somebody wants to keep secret           people very quickly
     less to its owner.                   l Though they were the oldest of       l  This disease will spread like
294. (2) to miss the bus : to unable         the employees of the company,          wildfire when it gets going.
     to take advantage of something          they were giving the game              The best option is spread rapidly.
     because you are too late                away.                             312. (4) end up in smoke : efforts that
  l She missed the bus when she
                                             The best option is gave out the        come to nothing or are useless
     did not apply for the entrance          secret.                             l  The whole discussion ended up
     exams, this year.                 303. (3) heart – to – heart talk : can-      in smoke.
     The best option is to miss an          did talk; speaking honestly and         The best option is become use-
                                            frankly                                 less finally.