l  I cut my teeth on editing and          l  He was much sought after as a       279. (1) on the spur of the moment :
     proof-reading.                            throat specialist, particularly by       suddenly, without planning in ad-
     The best option is to gain expe-          singers.                                 vance
     rience.                                   The best option is in great de-       l We decided to go on the spur of
263. (4) carrot and stick : reward and         mand.                                    the moment.
     punishment                           272. (3) all at sea : confused and not        The best option is to act at once.
  l I had to take the carrot-and-stick         knowing what to do                  280. (1) to bring to light : to make
     approach to discipline my kids.        l  I’m all at sea with these new            new information known to peo-
     The best option is reward and             rules and regulations.                   ple
     punishment.                                                                     l After careful investigation all the
                                               The best option is puzzled.
264. (4) grease his palms : bribe                                                       facts of the case were brought
                                          273. (4) to hit below the belt : to be
                                                                                        to light.
  l If you want to get something               unfair/cruel (attack)
     done around here, you have to                                                      The best option is to reveal.
                                            l  The boxer hit the contender be-
     grease someone’s palms.                                                       281. (4) to hit the jackpot : being
                                               low the belt and the crowd be-           successful; to win a large amount
     The best option is bribe him.             gan to behave furiously.                 of money in a game of chance
265. (2) pull strings : to control events      The best option is to attack un-      l He hit the jackpot in a big con-
     or the actions of other people; to        fairly.                                  test.
     use your influence in order to get
                                          274. (1) pot-luck dinner : a meal to          The best option is to make mon-
     an advantage for somebody
                                               which each guest brings some-            ey quickly.
  l His father pulled some strings
                                               food, which is then shared out      282. (3) to burn the candle at both
     to get him out of jail.
                                               among the guests                         ends : to work very hard and
     The best option is use personal                                                    stay up very late at night
                                            l  All the friends want to get togeth-
                                               er. So, they decided to arrange a     l Jenny has been burning the can-
266. (2) keep your head : to be able                                                    dle at both ends for weeks,
                                               pot-luck dinner.
     to act in a calm or sensible way                                                   working two jobs during the
                                               The best option is dinner where
  l When the boat capsized, the                                                         week.
                                               everybody brings something to
     boatsman asked everyone to                                                         The best option is to work hard.
     keep his head.                                                                283. (1) status – quo : the situation
     The best option is remain calm.      275. (4) at one’s beck and call : al-
                                                                                        as it is now, or as it was before
                                               ways ready to obey somebody’s
267. (3) ran in the same groove : to                                                    a recent change
     be in harmony                                                                   l We don’t want to admit more stu-
  l The success of any institution lies
                                            l  There were a dozen of maids
                                                                                        dents to the school; we like the
     in the fact that both the man-            and waiters at our beck and
                                                                                        status quo.
     agement and the staff run in the          call.
                                                                                        The best option is unchanged
     same groove.                              The best option is to be domi-           position.
     The best option is moved in har-          nated by someone.                   284. (3) by fair means or foul : us-
     mony.                                276. (4) to explore every avenue : to         ing dishonest methods if honest
268. (3) a bird’s eye view : a view of         investigate every possible means         ones do not work
     something from a high position            to find a solution to a given prob-   l He was determined to become
  l We got a bird’s eye view of the            lem or to achieve a desired out-         the Chief Minister, by fair means
     town as the plane made its de-            come                                     or foul.
     scent.                                 l  We’ve explored all avenues but           The best option is in any way
     The best option is an over view.          I just can’t see how we can con-         honest or dishonest.
269. (2) by fits and starts : impul-           tinue living in this house.         285. (4) to look down one’s nose :
     sively and irregularly                    The best option is to try every          to behave in a way that suggests
  l A sincere student works regular-           opportunity.                             that you think that you are bet-
    ly, not by fits and starts                                                          ter than somebody or that some-
                                          277. (3) a red-letter day : an impor-
                                                                                        thing is not good enough for you;
    The best option is irregularly.            tant day
                                                                                        to regard with contempt
270. (2) build castles in the air :         l  15th August is a red-letter day       l My cousin looks down his nose
     plans or dreams that are not like-        in the history of India.                 because we’re homeless.
     ly to happen or come true                 The best option is an important          The best option is to regard with
  l I really like to sit on the porch in       or joyful occasion in one’s life.        contempt.
     the evening, building castles in                                              286. (2) to shed crocodile tears : to
                                          278. (3) to have something up one’s
     the air.                                                                           pretend to be sad about some-
                                               sleeve : to have a secret plan
     The best option is daydream.                                                       thing but is not really sad at all
                                            l  I have something up my sleeve
271. (3) sought after : wanted by                                                    l The child wasn’t really sad, but
                                               that will solve all your problems.
     many people, because it is of                                                      she shed crocodile tears anyway.
                                               The best option is to have a se-
     very good quality or difficult to                                                  The best option is to pretend
                                               cret plan.
     get or to find                                                                     grief.