The best option is expresses his         The best option is speak in a      254. (2) sit in judgement : to decide
     feelings openly.                         round-about manner.                     whether somebody’s behaviour
238. (3) red – letter day : an impor-    246. (2) in lieu of : instead of             is right/wrong, especially when
     tant day                              l  We gave money to charity in lieu        you have no right to do this
  l  15th August is a red-letter day          of sending flowers to the funer-     l I should probably not be allowed
     in the history of India.                 al.                                     to sit in judgement of movies
     The best option is a day memo-           The best option is in place of.         made for teenagers.
     rable for some joyful event.        247. (3) in the red : to owe money to        The best option is criticize.
239. (1) sca pego ats : a person              your bank because you have         255. (2) took me to task : to criti-
     blamed for something bad that            spent more than you have in             cize somebody strongly for
     somebody else has done or for            your account                            something he has done
     some failure; fall guy                l  State government has been op-        l The teacher took Shalu to task
  l  Her supporters see her as a              erating in the red for five             for her misbehaviour.
     scapegoat for a policy that failed.      straight years.                         The best option is punished me.
     The best option is punished for          The best option is in danger.      256. (3) lose your head : to become
     others misdeeds.                    248. (3) to face the music : to bear         unable to act in a calm or sensi-
240. (4) doctored the accounts : to           the consequences/criticism              ble way
     change the accounts in order to       l  He is prepared to face the mu-       l When the fuel leaked out of the
     trick somebody; falsify                  sic for his conduct at the meet-        place, the pilot asked the pas-
  l  The officer doctored the ac-             ing.                                    sengers not to lose their head.
     counts of the office, which got          The best option is to bear the          The best option is panic.
     him some illegal funds.                  criticism.
                                                                                 257. (3) at sixes and sevens : in con-
     The best option is to manipu-       249. (4) a dark horse : a person who
                                                                                      fusion; not well organised
     late the accounts.                       does not tell other people much
                                                                                   l Roger is always at sixes and
241. (1) measure up : to be as good,          about his life, and who surprises
     successful, etc. as expected or          other people by having interesting      sevens when at home by him-
     needed; match up                         qualities                               self.
  l  This meal doesn’t measure up          l  17-year-old Karan could also be         The best option is in disorder
     to my expectations.                      a dark horse for the medal in           or confusion.
     The best option is reach the lev-        the Olympiad.                      258. (3) pulled up : to criticize some-
     el.                                      The best option is an unexpected        body for something that he has
242. (3) stole the show : to attract          winner.                                 done wrong
     more attention and praise than      250. (3) a close shave : a narrow         l They were pulled up for wast-
     other people in a particular sit-        escape                                  ing money.
     uation                                l  The car passed so close to us; it       The best option is reprimanded.
  l  The speeches were interesting            was really a close shave.          259. (2) brought about : to make
     but Richa’s singing stole the            The best option is a narrow es-         something happen; cause
     show.                                    cape.                                l His speech brought about a
     The best option is won every-       251. (3) bad blood : feelings of ha-         great change in my life.
     body’s praise.                           tred/strong dislike                     The best option is caused.
243. (2) on good terms : to have a         l  There is no bad blood between      260. (2) closed the book on : to stop
     good, friendly, etc. relationship        us.                                     doing something because you no
     with somebody                            The best option is active enmity.       longer believe you will be suc-
  l  Binay is on good terms with the     252. (2) cry over spilt milk : to waste      cessful or will find a solution
     people he works with.                    time worrying about something        l She closed the book on her ca-
     The best option is was friendly.         that has happened or that you           reer with a fine performance.
244. (3) turned down : to reject/             cannot do anything about
                                                                                      The best option is stopped work-
     refuse to consider an offer, a        l  You have wasted all your time
                                                                                      ing on.
     proposal, etc.                           playing games. Now, what is the
                                              use of crying over spilt milk.     261. (1) cut no ice with me : to have
  l  I turned down the invitation for
                                                                                      no influence or effect
     dinner today as I am feeling             The best option is to regret use-
                                                                                    l I don’t care who you are, It cuts
     unwell.                                  lessly.
                                                                                      no ice with me.
     The best option is refused.         253. (4) leave her in the lurch : to
                                              fail to help somebody when he           The best option is had no influ-
245. (3) to beat about the bush : to
                                              needs it                                ence on me.
     talk about something for a long
     time without coming to the main       l  I hope they can find someone to    262. (1) to cut my teeth on : to do
     point                                    replace me at work. I don’t want        something that gives you your
  l  Let us stop beating about the            to leave them in the lurch.             first experience of a particular
     bush and discuss this matter.            The best option is desert her.          type of work