162. (3) fought to the bitter end :     170. (3) hadn’t a leg to stand on :     179. (3) a bone of contention : a sub-
     continue fighting till the end and      unable to prove something or ex-        ject which causes disagreement
     try winning regardless of conse-        plain why something is reasonable       and arguments beween people
     quences                               l He doesn’t have a leg to stand       l The question of a fence between
   l The climbers fought to the bit-         on in this debate.                      the houses has become a bone
     ter end till they reached the           The best option is did not have         of contention.
     summit.                                 much hope of getting it.                The best option is a subject of
     The best option is carried on a    171. (1) gave vent to their feelings :       dispute.
     contest regardless of the con-          to express a feeling, especially   180. (1) turned a deaf ear : ignored;
     sequences.                              anger, strongly                         paid no attention
163. (2) to catch up with : to reach       l Suman gave vent to her feeling       l Sheela turned a deaf ear to our
     the same level or standard as           by shouting at Sheela.                  pleadings.
     somebody who was better or
                                             The best option is to express.          The best option is paid no heed.
     more advanced
                                        172. (1) bear with : to be patient with 181. (2) to take to heart : to be very
   l Ramesh finally caught up with
                                             somebody/something                      upset by something that some-
     his brother in height.
                                           l Just bear with me while I fin-          body says or does
     The best option is to come to
                                             ish downloading this file.           l She took the rejection of college
     their level.
164. (2) the man in the street : an          The best option is have patience        to heart.
     average/ordinary person                 with.                                   The best option is to grieve over.
   l The man in the street has little   173. (3) blowing his own trumpet :      182. (2) yeoman’s service : very use-
     interest in literature.                 praising oneself; boasting              ful work
     The best option is the ordinary       l Anyone will tell you she’s one of    l We should all put in yeoman’s
     man.                                    the best journalists we have got,       service to achieve success.
165. (1) put his foot down : to be very      although she never blows her            The best option is excellent
     strict in opposing what somebody        own trumpet.                            work.
     wishes to do; take a firm stand         The best option is praising him-   183. (2) to face the music : to be
   l She put her foot down and said          self.                                   punished; to bear the conse-
     we could not go to the carnival.   174. (1) making hay while the sun            quences
     The best option is asserted his         shines : to make good use of op-     l He is prepared to face the mu-
     authority.                              portunities, conditions, etc.           sic for his conduct at the meet-
166. (2) came out of his shell : to          while they last                         ing.
     become less shy and more              l Car sales have finally improved.        The best option is to bear the
     confident while talking to other        So we’re making hay while the           consequences
     people                                  sun shines.                        184. (4) to put up with : to tolerate
   l Sanju used to be very withdrawn         The best option is taking advan-     l I cannot put up with your con-
     but he’s really coming out of           tage of a favourable opportuni-         stant complaining any longer.
     his shell now after joining the         ty.
     army.                                                                           The best option is to tolerate.
                                        175. (3) laid down their arms : stop
     The best option is became more                                             185. (4) to call it a day : to decide or
     sociable.                                                                       agree to stop doing something;
                                           l The prisoners were instructed
167. (4) playing to the gallery : to                                                 to retire
                                             to lay down their arms.
     seek to win approval                                                         l I’m tired. Let’s call it a day.
                                             The best option is surrendered.
   l Akshay is a competent actor, but                                                None of the above
                                        176. (2) over head and ears : com-
     he has a tendency to play to                                               186. (2) a damp squib : an event that
                                             pletely; very much
     the gallery.                                                                    is disappointing because it is not
                                           l He was over head and ears in
     The best option is appeasing the                                                so exciting or impressive as ex-
     masses.                                 trouble.
168. (1) His blood ran cold : become         The best option is completely.
                                                                                  l The party turned out to be a bit
     very frightened                    177. (2) by fits and starts : impul-         of a damp squib.
   l The thought of the damage such          sively and irregularly
                                                                                     The best option is a disappoint-
     a bomb could do made my blood        l A sincere student works regular-
                                                                                     ing result.
     run cold.                              ly, not by fits and starts
                                                                                187. (1) in cold blood : acting in a
     The best option is He was fright-      The best option is irregularly.          way that is deliberately cruel;
     ened                               178. (2) to stand on his feet : to be        with no pity
169. (1) man in the street : an ordi-        independent and be able to take
                                                                                  l The killer walked up and shot
     nary person; the common man             care of yourself                        the woman in cold blood.
   l The man in the street has little     l You should learn to stand on
                                                                                     The best option is angrily.
     interest in literature.                 your own feet.
     The best option is an ordinary                                             188. (2) to take someone for a ride :
                                             The best option is to be inde-
     person.                                                                         to cheat or trick somebody