136. (3) close shave : a situation in           failed to achieve the target.      154. (4) fell back : to move or turn
     which you only just manage to              The best option is dissipated            back
     avoid an accident, etc.             146. (3) storm in a tea cup : a lot of       l Finally, the army at the LOC had
   l The car passed so close to us; it         anger or worry about something            to fall back.
     was really a close shave.                 that is not important                     The best option is turned back.
     The best option is narrow escape.      l The argument at the office turned    155. (2) ended in a fiasco : a total fail-
137. (2) fits and starts : irregularly         into a storm in a tea cup.                ure
   l A sincere student works regu-             The best option is commotion          (1) fiasco : something that does not
     larly, not by fits and starts.            over a trivial matter.                    succeed
     The best option is not regular-     147. (4) set their face against : to be      l The party ended in a fiasco.
     ly.                                       determined to oppose some-                The best option is was an utter
138. (3) shook in their shoes : to be          body/something                            failure.
     very frightened/nervous                l Mother had set her face against
                                                                                   156. (1) cut him off, without a shil-
   l She shook in her shoes after              my having music lessons with              ling : disinherit; to refuse to let
     the accident.                             this teacher in the city.                 somebody receive any of your
     The best option is trembled with          The best option is opposed                property after you have died.
     fear.                                     strongly.
                                                                                      l Mr. James cut their son off with-
139. (1) in high spirits : cheerful and  148. (4) currying favour with : to try to       out a shilling.
     full of hope and enthusiasm               get somebody to like or support
                                                                                         The best option is disinherited
   l When she came to know that she            by praising or helping him a lot
     would receive an award that           (1) ingratiating : trying too hard to
                                                                                   157. (4) fell through : not to be com-
     evening, she was in high spirits.         please somebody
                                                                                         pleted, or not to happen
     The best option is full of hope        l The government has promised
                                                                                      l Hope our plans don’t fall
     and enthusiasm.                           lower taxes in an attempt to cur-
140. (1) sharp practice : clever but           ry favour with the voters.
     possibly dishonest                                                                  The best option is failed
                                               The best option is ingratiating
   l The firm is known for its sharp           itself with.                        158. (1) too many irons in the fire :
     practices, so I would rather not                                                    to be involved in several activi-
                                         149. (1) to mince matters : to mix
     deal with it.                                                                       ties/areas of business at the
                                               facts unduly
     The best option is dishonest                                                        same time, hoping that at least
                                            l One must not mince matters; one
     means.                                                                              one will be successful
                                               must say what one means.
141. (2) in the good books : in favour                                                l It is better if you don’t have too
                                               The best option is to confuse
     with                                                                                many irons in the fire.
   l I clean the bathroom yesterday.                                                     The best option is is engaged in
                                         150. (3) take for granted : to pre-sup-
     So, I’m in mum’s good books.                                                        too many enterprises at the
                                               pose as certainly true; to accept
     The best option is in favour with.                                                  same time.
142. (1) fed up : bored or unhappy,                                                159. (3) let the cat out of the bag : to
                                            l We take so many things for
     especially with a situation that                                                    tell a secret carelessly or by mis-
                                               granted in our houses.
     has continued for too long                                                          take
                                               The best option is to accept
   l I’m fed up with her; she always                                                  l Mom let cat out of the bag and
     keeps me waiting.                                                                   told us that Akhil was engaged.
                                         151. (4) high and dry : to leave some-
     The best option is annoyed                                                          The best option is told her about
                                               one helpless
143. (3) a while elephant : a costly                                                     it unintentionally.
                                            l They walked out of the party,
     but useless possession                                                        160. (3) read between the lines : find
                                               leaving me high and dry.
   l The new office block has become                                                     more meanings than the words
                                               The best option is neglected.             appear to express
     an expensive white elephant.
                                         152. (3) turned his head : to make a
     The best option is a costly but                                                  l Reading between the lines of
                                               person feel too proud in a way
     useless possession.                                                                 the letter, she realised that her
                                               that other people find annoying           friend was in great trouble.
144. (2) ins and outs : all the details,
     especially the complicated/diffi-      l  Sudden prosperity has turned              The best option is find more
     cult ones                                 his head.                                 meaning than the words appear
   l Jatin knows the ins and outs of           The best option is changed him            to express.
     repairing computers.                      completely.                         161. (4) threw down the glove : gave
     The best option is full details.    153. (1) turns up her nose at : to re-          a challenge
145. (1) went to the winds : to be             ject/dismiss scornfully                l Rajesh threw down the glove
     dissipated; to be utterly lost         l He turned his nose up at my                to his opponents.
   l All his hard work and sincerity           offer of soup.                            The best option is gave a chal-
      went to the winds, when he               The best option is despises               lenge.