111. (2) no love lost between : do             The best option is an important    128. (3) by leaps and bounds : rapid-
     not like each other                       day.                                    ly; very quickly
  l These is no love lost between        120. (3) dropping names : to mention        l India is progressing by leaps and
    them.                                      famous people you know or have          bounds.
    The best option is not on good             met in order to impress others          The best option is at a rapid
    terms.                                  l Dropping names to impress ones           pace.
112. (3) sitting on the fence : to avoid       friends is a common practice.      129. (1) laying off : an act of making
     becoming involved in deciding/            The best option is hinting at high      people unemployed because
     influencing something                     connections.                            there is no more work left for
   l The shrewd man is sitting on        121. (4) blue-eyed boy : a person             them to do; to stop employing
     the fence in the quarrel.                 treated with special favour by        l The automobile factory laid five
     The best option is hesitating             somebody                                hundred people off from work.
     which side to take.                    l He was very much the blue-eyed           The best option is dismissal from
113. (2) read between the lines : look-        boy in the office.                      jobs of.
     ing for meanings that are not             The best option is favourites.     130. (4) take thee at thy word : be-
     actually expressed                  122. (1) run into : to experience diffi-      lieve someone truly
   l Reading between the lines of              culties                               l I told my friend, “I take thee at
     the letter, she realised that her         incurred : to pay some charg-           thy word.”
     friend was in great trouble.              es/amount                               The best option is truly believe
     The best option is understand          l We have run into extra expens-           you.
     the hidden meaning.                       es with the renovation.            131. (2) lay out : to spend money; fork
114. (3) to play to the gallery : to           The best option is incurred.            out
     behave in an exaggerated way to     123. (2) blow over : to go away with-       l The rich couple laid out a for-
     attract people"s attention                out having a serious effect             tune on jewellery for the wed-
   l Akshay is a competent actor, but       l The scandal will soon blow over.         ding.
     he has a tendency to play to                                                      The best option is spend.
                                               The best option is pass off.
     the gallery.                                                                 132. (2) to go the whole hog : to do
                                         124. (3) to take into account : to con-
     The best option is to seek to win                                                 something thoroughly or com-
                                               sider particular facts, circum-
     approval.                                                                         pletely
                                               stances, etc. while making a de-
115. (3) at stake : that can be won/           cision about something                l It was going to cost as much to
     lost, depending on the success                                                    repair my fridge, So I thought I
                                            l I hope you’ll take Mr. Gupta ad-
     of a particular action                                                            would go the whole hog and
                                               vice into account when you plan
   l I have everything at stake on             the party.                              buy a new one.
     this bet.                                                                         The best option is to do it com-
                                               The best option is to consider.
     The best option is in danger.                                                     pletely.
                                         125. (4) pros and cons : arguments
116. (3) struck a chill to the heart :         or considerations for and against  133. (3) bad blood : feelings of ha-
     to make somebody be afraid                something; advantages and dis-          tred or strong dislike
   l The introduction of Boards in             advantages                            l There is no bad blood between
     Class VIII struck a chill to the       l We have been discussing the              us.
     heart of all the students.                pros and cons of buying a house.        The best option is angry feeling.
     The best option is aroused fear.          The best option is for and         134. (2) a good samaritan : a person
117. (3) within a stone’s throw : a            against.                                who gives help and sympathy to
     very short distance away            126. (3) to carry out : to do and com-        people who need it
   l Her house is within a stone’s             plete a task                          l He’s such a good samaritan. He
     throw from mine.                      (1) execute : to do a piece of work         goes shopping for his granny
     The best option is very near to.       l The clerk was asked to carry out
                                                                                       when she is ill.
118. (2) bone to pick : to be angry            the order as quickly as possible.       The best option is a helpful per-
     with somebody about something             The best option is execute.             son.
     and want to discuss it with him;                                             135. (3) set the record straight : to
                                         127. (3) spilling the beans : to tell
     to have grounds for a quarrel.                                                    give people the correct informa-
                                               somebody something that should
   l I have a bone to pick with my             be kept secret or private               tion about something in order to
     sister.                                                                           make it clear that what they pre-
                                           (1) revealing : to disclose
     The best option is cause of quar-                                                 viously believed was in fact
                                           (2) discreetly : tactfully                  wrong
                                            l The officer was expelled from his
119. (2) a red-letter day : an impor-                                                l The manager told that Rahul was
                                               position for spilling the beans         to blame, but he soon set the
     tant day
                                               about office.                           record straight.
   l 15th August is a red-letter day
                                               The best option is revealing the        The best option is give a cor-
     in the history of India.
                                               information discreetly.                 rect account.