l  My friend, Rashi, died in har-            The best option is appear sud-       l They vowed to fight the new leg-
     ness.                                     denly.                                 islation tooth and nail.
     The best option is still in ser-     95. (4) a bolt from the blue : an           The best option is to oppose
     vice.                                     event or a piece of news which         resolutely.
88. (4) to keep under wraps : being            is sudden and unexpected; a       103. (2) at one’s wit’s end : to get
     kept secret until sometime in the         complete surprise                      puzzled
     future                                 l She seemed to be very involved        l I’ve tried every possible source
  l We kept the plan under wraps               in her job, so her resignation         but without success, and now I’m
     until after the election.                 came as a bolt from the blue.          at my wit’s end.
     The best option is secret.                The best option is something           The best option is to be puzzled.
89. (1) like a phoenix : to be power-          unexpected and unpleasant.        104. (3) turned a deaf ear : ignored/
     ful or successful again              96. (2) made my flesh creep : made          refused to listen
     a magic bird that lives for sever-        me feel afraid or full of disgust    l Sheela turned a deaf ear to our
     al hundred years before burn-          l The story of the killings made          pleadings.
     ing itself and then being born            my flesh creep.                        The best option is disregarded.
     again from its ashes                      The best option is horrified me.  105. (3) to be always at his beck and
  l The Indian Industry has risen
                                          97. (4) burnt his boats : to do some-       call : always ready to obey some-
     like a phoenix after Indepen-
                                               thing that makes it impossible to      body’s orders
                                               return to the previous situation     l There were a dozen of maids
     The best option is with a new             later
     life.                                                                            and waiters at our beck and
                                           (1) retreat : to move away/back            call.
90. (1) a sore point with : a subject
                                            l Turning down one job before you         The best option is at his dispos-
     that makes you feel angry or
                                               have another leads to burning          al.
     upset when it is mentioned
                                               your boats.                       106. (4) in the long run : concerning
     sore : annoyed ; upset and angry
                                               The best option is left no means       a longer period in the future
  l I tried not to make any reference
                                               of retreat.                          l He realized that in the long run,
     to his drinking habits. I know it’s
     a sore point with his wife at the    98. (3) cannot hold a candle : is not       their argument wouldn’t seem so
     moment.                                   so good as                             useless.
     The best option is something           l This hotel can’t hold a candle          The best option is ultimately.
     which hurts.                              to the palace.                    107. (3) in the good books : used for
91. (1) on the verge of : very near to         The best option is cannot be           saying that somebody is pleased
     the moment when somebody                  compared to.                           with you
     does something or something          99. (2) brought up : raise; to care       l I cleaned the bathroom yester-
     happens                                   for a child, teaching him or her       day. So, I’m in mum’s good
 (1) brink : in a very new, danger-            how to behave; to mention a sub-       books.
     ous or existing situation; the ex-        ject or start to talk about it         The best option is in favour with
     treme edge of land.                    l We were having a pleasant chat          the boss.
 (2) outset : at/from the beginning            until someone brought up poli-    108. (2) by leaps and bounds : rapid-
     of                                        tics.                                  ly; very quickly
  l Sara was on the verge of tears             The best option is introduced for    l India is progressing by leaps and
     when she heard the news.                  discussion.                            bounds.
     The best option is on the brink     100. (1) cut no ice with me : to have        The best option is very quickly
     of.                                       no influence or effect            109. (3) the pros and cons : argu-
92. (3) of no avail : of little or no       l I don’t care who you are, It cuts       ments or considerations for and
     use                                       no ice with me.                        against something; advantages
  l Everything I did to help her was           The best option is had no influ-       and disadvantages
     of no avail.                              ence on me.                          l We will discuss all the pros and
     The best option is useless.         101. (4) the green-eyed monster :            cons before we decide to add a
93. (1) leaps and bounds : very                used as a way of talking about         new wing to the library.
     quickly; in large amounts                 jealousy                               The best option is consider all
  l India is progressing by leaps and       l Do you think his criticisms for         facts.
     bounds.                                   Ramesh are valid or is it just a  110. (4) got the sack : dismissed from
     The best option is rapidly.               case of a green-eyed monster ?         a job
94. (1) out of thin air : from nowhere         The best option is Jealousy          l Ravi got the sack today. He is
     or nothing, as if by magic          102. (2) to fight tooth and nail : to        always late.
  l Suddenly, out of thin air, the             fight in a determined way for          The best option is was dismissed
     messenger appeared.                       what you want                          from.