The best option is to be victo-      l  The teacher took Shalu to task       l All his schemes ended in smoke.
    rious at the end of an argu-            for her misbehaviour.                  The best option is to come to
    ment.                                   The best option is to scold            nothing.
64. (1) turn a deaf ear : to ignore or      someone                            81. (2) helter-skelter : done in a hur-
    refuse to listen to somebody/      73. (4) to face the music : to ex-          ry and in a way that lacks unity
    something                               pect or deal with criticism or       l Clothes were scattered helter-
  l Sheela turned a deaf ear to our         punishment for something you           skelter.
    pleadings.                              have done                              The best option is in disorderly
    The best option is disregard.        l He is prepared to face the mu-          haste.
65. (4) to smell a rat : to suspect         sic for his conduct at the meet-   82. (1) leaps and bounds : very
    that something is wrong about           ing.                                   quickly; in large amounts
    a situation                             The best option is to bear the       l India is progressing by leaps and
  l I don’t think this was an acci-         consequences                           bounds.
    dent. I smell a rat.               74. (2) to blow one’s own trumpet :         The best option is rapidly.
    The best option is to suspect a         to boast                           83. (3) Herculean task : a task need-
    trick.                               l Anyone will tell you she’s one of       ing a lot of strength, determina-
66. (1) make a clean breast of : to         the best journalists we have got,      tion or effort
    speak the truth about something         although she never blows her         l It was a matter of Herculean task
    that you longer feel guilty             own trumpet.                           for him to be selected for the
  l You’ll feel better if you make a        The best option is to praise           Olympic Games.
    clean breast of the incident.           one’s own self.                        The best option is a work requir-
    The best option is confessed.      75. (3) to run one down : to criti-         ing very great effort.
67. (1) done for : to be in a very          cize somebody/something in an      84. (4) got the sack : dismissed from
    bad situation; to be certain to         unkind manner                          a job
    fail                                    (1) disparage : to suggest that      l Ravi got the sack today. He is
  l I’m sorry. This whole scheme is         somebody/something is not im-          always late.
    done for.                               portant/valuable; belittle             The best option is was dismissed
    The best option is ruined.           l Shefalli was always run down            from.
68. (3) on the level : honest; legal;       by her friends.                    85. (1) put up with : to accept some-
    above board                             The best option is to disparage        body/something that is annoy-
  l You can trust Shivam. He is             someone.                               ing. unpleasant etc. without com-
    strictly on the level.             76. (1) at a snail’s pace : very slowly     plaining
    The best option is honest and        l Things are moving at a snail’s
                                                                                   (1) endure : to bear; to experi-
    sincere.                                pace, but we’ll finish on time.        ence and deal with something that
69. (1) made ducks and drakes of :                                                 is painful or unpleasant, espe-
                                            The best option is very slowly.
    to squander; to waste                                                          cially without complaining
                                       77. (2) to turn a deaf ear : to ig-
  l Ritesh made ducks and drakes                                                   (2) evade : to escape from some-
                                            nore/refuse to listen to some-
    of the vast property he had pos-                                               body/something or avoid meet-
    sessed.                                                                        ing somebody
                                         l Sheela turned a deaf ear to our
    The best option is squandered                                                  (3) suppress : to put arn end,
                                            pleadings.                             often by force
70. (1) went to the winds : to be
                                            The best option is to be indif-        (4) assume : to think or accept
    dissipated; to be utterly lost
                                            ferent.                                that something is true but with-
  l All his hard work and sincerity
                                       78. (1) to take to one’s heels : to         out having proof of it
    went to the winds, when he
                                           run away from somebody/some-          l I cannot put up with your con-
    failed to achieve the target.
                                           thing                                   stant complaining any longer.
    The best option is dissipated
                                         l As soon as the thief saw the po-        The best option is endure.
71. (3) at one’s wits, end : to be so
                                           lice, he took to his heels.         86. (3) a fair-weather friend : some-
    worried by a problem that you
                                           The best option is to run off.          body who stops being a friend
    do not know what to do next; to
    be puzzled                         79. (4) to have something up one’s          when you are in trouble
  l I’ve tried every possible source       sleeves : to keep a plan or an idea   l I had a lot of money and I knew
    but without success, and now           secret until you need to use it         a lot of people, but most of them
    I’m at my wits, end.                 l I have something up my sleeve           turned out to be fair-weather
    The best option is to get puz-         that will solve all your problems.      friends.
    zled                                   The best option is having a se-         The best option is a friend who
72. (1) to take someone to task :          cret plan.                              deserts you in difficulties.
    to criticize somebody strongly     80. (3) to end in smoke : efforts that  87. (4) to die in harness : to die at
    for something he has done              come to nothing or are useless          one’s work