l Reading between the lines of the       l I cannot put up with your con-         l 17 - year - old Karan could also
    letter, she realised that her friend     stant complaining any longer.            be a dark horse for the medal
    was in great trouble.                    The best option is tolerate              in the Olympiad.
    The best option is looking for       49. (1) talking through his hat : to         The best option is an unfore seen
    meanings that are not actually           say silly things while you are talk-     competitor.
    expressed.                               ing about a subject you do not       57. (2) to run across : to meet some-
42. (2) to give the devil his due :          understand                               body or find something by
    said when you admit that some-         l He was talking through his hat
    one you don’t like or admire does        when he described the ship-            l I ran across some old friends at
    have some good qualities                 wreck.                                   the Mall.
  l I don’t like her views, but still I                                               The best option is to meet by
                                             The best option is talking non-
    give the devil her due; she has          sense.                                   chance.
    always something important to                                                 58. (1) to get one’s own back : to
                                         50. (4) go through fire and water :
    say.                                                                              obtain something again after
                                             face any difficulty
    The best option is to give encour-                                                having lost it; have one’s revenge
                                           l They went through fire and wa-
    agement even to the enemy.                                                        She finally saw a chance to get
                                             ter to ensure the child’s safety.      l
43. (4) to eat humble pie : to say                                                    her own back.
                                             The best option is undergo any
    and show that you are sorry for
                                             risk.                                    The best option is to get one’s
    a mistake that you made
                                         51. (2) ran riot : to act without re-        revenge.
  l The producers of the advertise-
                                             straint or control                   59. (2) to steer clear of : to avoid a
    ment had to eat humble pie for
                                           l The children ran riot when there         person or thing because it may
    misrepresenting the facts.
                                             was nobody (elders) at home.             cause problems
    The best option is to apologise.
                                             The best option is acted without       l Dad warned us to steer clear
44. (2) Hobson’s choice : a situation
                                             restraint.                               of Dr. Gupta and his poor ad-
    in which somebody has no choice
                                         52. (2) give in : to admit that you          vice.
    because if he does not accept what
    is offered, he will get nothing          have been defeated by some-              The best option is avoid.
  l We didn’t really want that partic-       body/something                       60. (4) to beat a retreat : to go away
    ular hotel, but it was a case of       l The strikers seem determined,            or back quickly, especially to
    Hobson’s choice.                         and are not likely to give in.           avoid something unpleasant
    The best option is no real choice        The best option is yield.              l The dog beat a retreat to its own
    at all.                              53. (1) cheek by jowl : side by side,        yard.
45. (1) take with a grain of salt : to         close together                         The best option is to run away
    hear/ listen/believe with some         l The two families lived cheek by          in fear.
    doubt                                      jowl in one house.                 61. (1) to blaze a trail : to be the
  l You must take anything she says            The best option is very near.          first to do/ to discover some-
    with a grain of salt. She doesn’t    54. (2) gave the game away : be-             thing that others follow
    always speak the truth.                    tray; to make known something        l The hospital has blazed a trail
    The best option is to listen to            that somebody wants to keep            in developing new techniques for
    something with considerable                secret                                 treating infertility.
    doubt.                                 l Though they were the oldest of           The best option is to lead the
46. (2) reading between the lines :            the employees of the company,          way as a pioneer.
    looking for or discovering a mean-         they were giving the game          62. (3) red-letter day : an impor-
    ing; something that is not openly          away.                                  tant day, or a day that you will
    stated                                     The best option is gave out the        remember, because of some-
  l Reading between the lines of the           secret.                                thing good that happened then.
    letter, she realised that her friend 55. (1) turn an honest penny : to          l 15th August is a red-letter day
    was in great trouble.                      earn money honestly                    in the history of India.
    The best option is understand-
                                           l I cannot miss the opportunity of         The best option is happy and
    ing the sense rather than the
                                               turning an honest penny.               significant day
    actual words.
                                               The best option is make a legit-   63. (3) have the last laugh : to make
47. (2) by fits and starts : impulsive-
                                               imate living.                          someone who has criticized or
    ly and irregularly
                                         56. (1) a dark horse : a person who          defeated you, look stupid by
  l A sincere student works regular-
                                               does not tell other people much        succeeding at something more
    ly, not by fits and starts
                                               about his life, and who surpris-       important
    The best option is irregularly.
                                               es other people by having inter-     l They fined her last year but she
48. (4) put up with : to accept some-          esting qualities; a person taking
    body/something that is annoying,                                                  had the last laugh because she
                                               part in a race, etc., who sur-         was taken on by her rivals at
    unpleasant, etc. without com-              prises everyone by winning
    plaining                                                                          once.