l He is fair and square in his deal-  27. (3) play through his nose : to pay  34. (3) made a clean breast of : to
    ings.                                    too much money for something           tell the truth about something so
    The best option is honest.            l We paid through the nose for            that you may no longer feel guilty
18. (2) no love lost between : do            that vacation.                       l You’ll feel better if you make a
    not like each other                      The best option is pay an ex-          clean breast of the incident.
  l These is no love lost between            tremely high price                     The best option is confessed with-
    them.                               28. (4) rest on their laurels : to feel     out reserve.
    The best option is not on good           so satisfied with what you have    35. (2) to keep up : to continue to be
    terms.                                   already achieved that you do not       in contact with somebody
19. (1) played havoc : caused dam-           try to do any more.                  l He couldn’t keep up with his
    age, destruction or confusion        (1) complacent : too satisfied with        friends who went into business.
  l The severe earthquake played             yourself or with a situation, so       The best option is to keep in
    havoc all around the area.               that you may not feel that any         touch.
    The best option is caused de-            change is necessary
                                                                                36. (3) souring wild oats : (of young
    struction.                            l Despite our success, this is not        men) to go through a period of
20. (3) green thumb : a person good          the time to rest on our laurels.       wild behaviour while young, es-
    at making plants grow                    The best option is to be compla-       pecially having a lot of romantic
  l Her beautiful garden shows that          cent.                                  or sexual relationships
    she has a green thumb.              29. (3) to give him a piece of my         l He sowed his wild oats in early
    The best option is to have a nat-        mind : to tell somebody that you       life, but has become sober now.
    ural interest in gardening.              disapprove of his behaviour or         The best option is irresponsible
21. (1) took to his heels : ran away         angry with him                         pleasure seeking in young age.
  l As soon as the thief saw the po-      l I’ve had enough of Raju. I’m go-    37. (3) stand-offish : not friendly to-
    lice, he took to his heels.              ing to give him a piece of my          wards other people; aloof
    The best option is ran away in           mind.
                                                                                  l He can be quite stand-offish and
    fear.                                    The best option is to reprimand        rude, even to his friends.
22. (2) hard and fast : that cannot be       him.
                                                                                    The best option is indifferent.
    changed in any circumstances        30. (1) to stave off : to prevent
                                                                                38. (3) blowing your own trumpet :
  l One must abide by the hard and           something bad from affecting you
                                                                                    to praise your own abilities and
    fast rules of this organisation.         for a period of time; to delay         achievements; boast
    The best option is strict.               something
                                                                                  l Anyone will tell you she’s one of
                                          l He could stave off an open argu-
23. (3) off and on : from time to time;                                             the best journalists we have got,
    now and again; occasionally              ment.                                  although she never blows her
  l She always remains sick. She has
                                             The best option is postpone.           own trumpet.
    to visit the doctor off and on.     31. (4) takes after : to look or behave     The best option is prasising your
    The best option is occasionally.         like an older member of your fam-      own abilities and achievements.
                                             ily, especially your mother or fa- 39. (3) an axe to grind : to have pri-
24. (1) murdered in cold blood :
                                             ther                                   vate reasons for being involved
    murdering in a way that is delib-
                                          l John takes after his grand father.      in something or for arguing for a
    erately cruel/with no pity
  l The whole family was murdered            The best option is resembles.          particular cause
    in cold blood.                      32. (1) made no bones about : to be       l He claimed to be disinterested,
    The best option is a murder done         honest and open about some-            but I knew he had an axe to
    without feeling.                         thing; not to hesitate to do some-     grind.
25. (3) going places : to be getting         thing                                  The best option is a private in-
    more and more successful in your      l She made no bones about in ac-          terest to serve.
    life or career                           cepting her defeat at the Olym-    40. (2) an open book : can easily un-
  l Maria writes very well. She is
                                             pics.                                  derstand and know everything
    definitely going places.                 The best option is did not have        about somebody
    The best option is talented and          any hesitation in.                   l Your health secrets will be an
    successful.                         33. (4) heads will roll : will be pun-      open book to anyone who can do
26. (3) drew on his fancy : used his         ished because of something that        an online search.
    imagination                              has happened                           The best option is one that held
                                          l When the company’s year-end             no secrets.
  l Painters draw on their fancy in
                                             results are known, heads will      41. (1) reading between the lines :
    their sketches and paintings.
                                             roll.                                  looking for or discovering a mean-
    The best option is used his imag-
                                             The best option is dismissals will     ing