(3) an anti-national meeting              (3) an activi ty that involves            (1) at ease     (2) displeased
      (4) a top-level meeting                       mystery and secrecy                   (3) perplexed (4) danger
     Directions (820–829) : In each             (4) a wide coat without sleeves and 837. It is time that professors came
of the following questions, fo ur                   a small sword                         down from their ivory towers
alternatives are given for the Idioms/     829. palm off                                  and studied the real needs of
Phrases. Choose the one that best               (1) clearly visible                       present day students.
expresses the meaning of the Idiom/             (2) uneasy with something                 (1) expensive fee
Phrase.                                                                                   (2) detachment and seclusion
                                                (3) to dispose off with the intent
                   (SSC CGL Tier-II (CBE)           to deceive                            (3) dreamlands
                       Exam. 01.12.2016)
                                                (4) conceal                               (4) a tower made of ivory
820. make one’s mark
                                                Directions (830–839) : In the       838. She was in a brown study and
      (1) distinguish oneself             following questions, four alternatives          did not notice my entrance.
      (2) score high marks                are given for the Idiom/Phrase given            (1) sleep       (2) dream
      (3) highlight something in a page   in bold in the sentence. Choose the             (3) fear        (4) reverie
      (4) reveal something                one that best expresses the meaning
                                                                                    839. The inspector was caught red
821. throw in the towel                   of the Idiom/Phrase in the sentence.
      (1) fight with vigour                              (SSC CAPFs SI, ASI Online
                                                                 Exam. 18.12.2016)        (1) quickly
      (2) acknowledge defeat               830. My friend got the sack from his           (2) caught in the act of
      (3) get success                           first job.                                     committing the crime
      (4) concentrate more                      (1) resigned                              (3) caught with dirty hands
822. mare’s nest                                (2) got tired of                          (4) found with hands tied
      (1) phenomenal discovery                  (3) was dismissed from                   Directions (840–842) : In each
      (2) worthless thing                       (4) was demoted from                of the questions, four alternatives are
      (3) joyful event                     831. The smell from the kitchen          given for the Idiom/Phrase. Choose the
                                                makes my mouth water.               alternative which best expresses the
      (4) huge mistake
                                                                                    meaning of the Idiom/ Phrase.
823. a storm in a teacup                        (1) makes me giddy
                                                                                                       (SSC CGL Tier-I (CBE)
      (1) steam while having tea                (2) makes me vomit                              Exam. 28.08.2016 (Ist sitting)
      (2) something which encourages            (3) stimulates my appetite          840. Smooth ruffled feathers
      (3) big fuss over a small matter          (4) makes me sick                         (1) Comb untidy hair
      (4) special positions                832. His boss was always breathing             (2) Make people feel less
                                                down his neck.                                 offended
824. blue- blooded
                                                (1) shouting loudly at him
      (1) inferior                                                                        (3) Tousle someone’s hair
                                                (2) giving him strenuous work
      (2) of noble birth                                                                  (4) Stroke a pet animal
                                                (3) abusing and ill-treating him
      (3) of unknown origin                                                         841. Assume airs
                                                (4) watching all his acti ons
      (4) unhealthy                                                                       (1) Take tight
825. do a roaring trade                                                                   (2) Remain calm
                                           833. I have a bone to pick with you
      (1) in the animal business                in this matter.                           (3) Act innocent
      (2) highly successful                     (1) am angry                              (4) Pretend superiority
      (3) in the habit of shouting at           (2) selfish motive                  842. Play truant
          others                                (3) selfless motive                       (1) Play a tyrant
     (4) extermely reluctant                    (4) desire                                (2) Stay away from duty
826. keep body and soul together           834. To work on this project is like           (3) Be responsible
      (1) maintain his health                   flogging a dead horse.                    (4) Be alert
      (2) continue with his work                (1) harp upon a question that             Directions (843-845) : In each
      (3) to have just enoug h to                    has been settled               of the questions, four alternatives are
                                                (2) dragging something too far      given for the Idiom/Phrase. Choose the
                                                (3) over-spending money             alternative which best expresses the
     (4) be physical and spiritual                                                  meaning of the Idiom/Phrase.
827. will-o-the-wisp                            (4) None of these
                                                                                                       (SSC CGL Tier-I (CBE)
      (1) smoky place                      835. The cashier wiped the nose of
                                                                                                Exam. 29.08.2016 (Ist sitting)
                                                his employer by presenting false
      (2) marsh land                                                                843. Beggar description
      (3) unreal imagining                                                                (1) Cannot be described
                                                (1) abused        (2) cheated
      (4) rumour whispered by many                                                        (2) Something described by a
                                                (3) slapped       (4) doomed
828. cloak-and-dagger                                                                          beggar
                                           836. She is quite at sea and does not
      (1) an armoured suit                                                                (3) A poor account of something
                                                know what course of action to
      (2) a game of martial skill               take in the matter.                       (4) A description of a beggar