(3) pulled down a                   the sentence. Choose the alternative              Directions (688-691) : In each
     (4) defamed a family building       which best expresses the meaning of         of the following questions, four alter-
672. Tripti gave her report quoting      the Idiom/Phrase.                           natives are given for the Idiom/Phrase
     chapter and verse.                     (SSC CHSL (10+2) LDC, DEO & PA/SA        in bold. Choose the alternative which
     (1) spoke like a preacher                      Exam, 01.11.2015, IInd Sitting)  best expresses the meaning of the Id-
     (2) taught like a teacher           680. She paid a flying visit to Mum-        iom/Phrase.
     (3) referred to religious books           bai to see her ailing father.                       (SSC CHSL (10+2) LDC, DEO
                                                                                                   & PA/SA Exam, 15.11.2015
     (4) provided minute details               (1) went by aeroplane
                                                                                                  (IInd Sitting) TF No. 7203752)
673. Sunil’s dog in a manger attitude          (2) a very long visit
                                                                                     688. to make up one’s mind.
     did not help to settle the matter.        (3) a very short visit
                                                                                           (1) to decide what to do
     (1) cold          (2) selfless            (4) a surprise visit
                                                                                           (2) to remember things clearly
     (3) selfish       (4) warm          681. to take after
                                                                                           (3) to remind oneself of some-
674. If the speaker continues with his         (1) to remove (2) to resemble
     boring speech, the audience will          (3) to cheat       (4) to write down
                                                                                           (4) to think creatively
     probably vote with their feet.      682. have a finger in every pie
                                                                                     689. International monetary affairs are
     (1) kick him out                          (1) to be greedy                            governed by the gnomes of
     (2) show their disapproval                (2) to be meddlesome                        Zurich.
     (3) stop him from speaking                (3) to be efficient                         (1) witchcraft of Zurich
     (4) choose him as leader                  (4) to be quarrelsome                       (2) foreign leaders
675. I threw up my cards for want of     683. the jury is out                              (3) big international bankers
     funds.                                    (1) No decision has been reached.           (4) guardians of treasure
     (1) put my whole income at stake          (2) A jury member is absent.          690. to put in a nut–shell.
     (2) looked out for help                   (3) The entire jury decides to              (1) to be long and exhaustive
     (3) gave up my plan                            stay out of the proceedings.               about something
     (4) gambled all my money                  (4) The jury has taken a break              (2) to state something very con-
676. He worked hard to feather his                  between hearings.                          cisely
     nest.                                    Directions (684-687) : In each of            (3) to place something
     (1) trap birds                      the following questions, four alterna-            (4) to be blunt about something
     (2) decorate his home               tives are given for the Idiom/Phrase        691. Nowadays it has become a fash-
     (3) be the envy of others           in bold. Choose the alternative which             ion to take French Leave.
                                         best expresses the meaning of the Idi-
     (4) provide for his own needs                                                         (1) seeki ng permission from
677. Shyam Prasad was a chip of the                                                            French Embassy
                                                      (SSC CHSL (10+2) LDC, DEO
     old block.                                       & PA/SA Exam, 15.11.2015
                                                                                           (2) saying goodbye in French
     (1) a being of the old generation                 (Ist Sitting) TF No. 6636838)           style
     (2) an experienced old man          684. Ramah was on cloud nine when                 (3) absenting oneself without
     (3) a common boy of the locality          she heard that she had won the                  permission
     (4) someone similar in charac-            lottery.                                    (4) taking leave to go to France
          ter to one’s father                  (1) frustrated       (2) very happy        Directions (692–695) : In the fol-
678. My father is undoubtedly an               (3) shocked          (4) confused     lowing questions, four alternatives are
     arm-chair critic.                                                               given for the Idiom/Phrase in bold.
                                         685. My brother puts by a little mon-
                                                                                     Choose the alternative which best ex-
     (1) someone who gives advice              ey every month.
                                                                                     presses the meaning of the Idiom/
          based on theory not practice         (1) saves                             Phrase.
     (2) someone who gives advice              (2) loses                                           (SSC CHSL (10+2) LDC, DEO
          based on practice not theory         (3) gives away                                       & PA/SA Exam, 06.12.2015
     (3) someone who gives advice              (4) spends carefully                                 (Ist Sitting) TF No. 1375232)
          based on experience                                                        692. to be in a quandary
                                         686. I was in two minds whether to
     (4) someone who never gives               buy a new television or a new               (1) to be in a confusing situation
          advice                               computer.                                   (2) to be in an unenviable posi-
679. He was punished for taking
                                               (1) to be firm                                   tion
     French leave.
                                               (2) to be undecided                         (3) to be on the alert
     (1) being absent without per-
                                               (3) to take two decisions                   (4) to be in a commanding posi-
                                               (4) to lose one’s mind                           tion
     (2) leaving without intimation
                                         687. to call it a day                       693. A false friend never hesitates to
     (3) giving lame excuse
                                               (1) put off work for another day            shed crocodile tears.
     (4) resigning without giving notice
                                               (2) the day was marvellous                  (1) to move from one place to
    Directions (680–683) : In the fol-                                                          another
lowing questions, four alternatives are        (3) decide to finish working
                                               (4) give the day a name                     (2) to show false happiness
given for the Idiom/Phrase in bold in