(3) a development                     tive which best expresses the mean-                 (3) spilled the content of the
      (4) a reality                         ing of the Idiom/Phrase.                                package
626. I was taken aback when he pro-                (SSC CGL Tier-I Exam, 09.08.2015             (4) revealed the secret informa-
      posed to marry my daughter.                        (IInd Sitting) TF No. 4239378)             tion
      (1) surprised        (2) pleased       634. He’s as daft as a brush. Don’t          642. Amit said to Rekha, ‘‘Don’t
      (3) hurt             (4) shocked            believe a word of what he says.               make a mountain out of a mole
627. She played ducks and drakes                  (1) a liar          (2) very funny            hill.’’
      with her money.                                                                           (1) exaggerate a minor problem
                                                  (3) really silly (4) unreliable
      (1) lent                                                                                  (2) attempt an impossible task
                                            635. I hope you will back me at the
      (2) spent lavishly                                                                        (3) create problems
      (3) did not spend                           meeting.
                                                  (1) criticise (2) speak after I do            (4) start looking for mole hills in
      (4) borrowed
                                                  (3) follow        (4) support                     mountains.
628. He had to eat humble pie for
                                            636. A closefisted man does not              643. His friend turned out to be snake
      his intense rudeness.
                                                  know the significance of human                in the grass.
      (1) earn praise
      (2) suffer humiliation                      life.                                         (1) cowardly and brutal
      (3) modest behaviour                        (1) a poor man                                (2) a hidden enemy
      (4) determine                               (2) a rich man                                (3) an unreliable and deceitful
     Directions (629-633) : In the fol-           (3) a miser                                       person
lowing questions, four alternatives are           (4) an ill-mannered man                       (4) low and mean
given for the Idiom/Phrase in bold in       637. I shall always remember my                    Directions (644–648) : In the
the sentence. Choose the alternative                                                     following questions, four alternatives
                                                  alma mater with gratitude.
which best expresses the meaning of                                                      are given for the Idiom/Phrase in bold
the Idiom/Phrase.                                 (1) institution where I got edu-
                                                                                         in the sentence. Choose the alterna-
       (SSC CGL Tier-I Exam, 09.08.2015               cation
                                                                                         tive which best expresses the mean-
              (Ist Sitting) TF No. 1443088)       (2) teacher who inspired me
                                                                                         ing of the Idiom/Phrase.
629. Their attempt to get back the sto-           (3) mother’s loving care
                                                                                                (SSC CGL Tier-I Exam, 16.08.2015
      len necklace proved to be a wild            (4) kindergarten days                               (IInd Sitting) TF No. 2176783)
      goose chase.                          638. I and my friend always go Dutch          644. He and his neighbour are always
      (1) delayed action                          when we eat out.                             at loggerheads.
      (2) wise decision                           (1) drive together                           (1) agree on everything
      (3) useless search                          (2) pay for each other’s meal                (2) disagreeing on everything
      (4) timely action                           (3) go together                              (3) aloof from each other
630. The day the new product was                  (4) divide the costs
                                                                                               (4) abusing each other
      launched, people made a beeline            Directions (639–643) : In the fol-
      to purchase it.                                                                    645. I am going to stay at home be-
                                            lowing questions, four alternatives are
      (1) went online                                                                          cause I am feeling under the
                                            given for the Idiom/Phrase in bold in
      (2) rushed                                                                               weather today.
                                            the sentence. Choose the alternative
      (3) were doubtful                     which best expresses the meaning of                (1) unhappy (2) depressed
      (4) refused                           the Idiom/Phrase.                                  (3) irritated      (4) sick
631. At his wit’s end, he turned to                (SSC CGL Tier-I Exam, 16.08.2015      646. Even in the middle of the fire he
      his old trade.                                       (Ist Sitting) TF No. 3196279)       kept a level head.
      (1) Overjoyed                          639. Instead of keeping his promise               (1) was impulsive
      (2) After careful thinking                   of helping me with office work,             (2) was sensible
      (3) Confidently                              he just left me high and dry.               (3) was crazy
      (4) Not knowing what to do                   (1) left me without a drop of               (4) was self centred
632. When it comes to dancing, he is                    water                            647. The winning team decided to go
      all-thumbs.                                  (2) left me in a state of anger             for the jugular in the last quar-
      (1) lazy           (2) an expert             (3) left me alone to do the work            ter of the match.
      (3) a trainer      (4) clumsy                (4) left me feeling like a fool
                                                                                               (1) forfeit the match
633. He usually goes to bed very ear-        640. Unless you make amends for
                                                                                               (2) give easy opportunities to the
      ly and rises with the lark.                  the loss, nobody is prepared to
                                                                                                   opposite team
      (1) at midnight                              excuse you.
                                                                                               (3) give reserve players a chance
      (2) very late                                (1) improve           (2) confess
                                                                                               (4) attack all out
      (3) very early                               (3) compensate (4) pay debt
      (4) after sunrise                                                                   648. Everybody thought Asha and
                                             641. Before the report reached the
                                                                                               Ashok were a happy couple, but
      Directions (634–638) : In the                authority, the media spilled the
                                                                                               it was all just make believe.
following questions, four alternatives             beans.
are given for the Idiom/Phrase in bold             (1) hinted at the consequences.             (1) hatred         (2) treachery
in the sentence. Choose the alterna-               (2) dropped the charges                     (3) reality        (4) pretence