601. Goods will be delivered if you pay          (3) one who lives the life of        618.The principal of this school is a
      on the nail.                                    shame                                 hard nut to crack.
      (1) pay within the given time              (4) one who is always doing                (1) generous         (2) difficult
      (2) pay the full amount                         wrong                                 (3) careless         (4) kind
      (3) pay promptly in cash                  Directions (609–615) : In the fol-          Directions (619–623) : In the
      (4) pay promptly                     lowing questions, four alternatives are    following questions, four alternatives
602. If people do not mend their           given for the Idiom/Phrase in bold in      are given for the Idiom/Phrase in bold
      ways, they are sure to go to the     the sentence. Choose the alternative       in the sentence. Choose the alterna-
      dogs.                                which best expresses the meaning of        tive which best expresses the mean-
      (1) to fight                         the Idiom/Phrase.                          ing of the Idiom/Phrase.
      (2) to be ruined                            (SSC CGL Tier-II Exam.12.04.2015             (SSC CAPFs SI, CISF ASI & Delhi
                                                                                                     Police SI Exam, 21.06.2015
      (3) to be united                               Kolkata Region, TF No. 315 RI 3)
                                                                                                    (Ist Sitting) TF No. 8037731)
      (4) to be rough                      609.We consider the 14th of Febru-
                                                                                      619. to cut the Gordian knot
603. Despite the doctor’s advice he              ary a red letter day.
                                                                                            (1) to perform a difficult task
      still eats like a horse.                   (1) a day to write with red pens           (2) to cut a piece of cloth
      (1) eats slowly                            (2) a day marked in red                    (3) to perform an easy task
      (2) eats a lot of food                     (3) a day to write letters                 (4) to do a job perfunctorily
      (3) does not like to eat                   (4) an important day                 620. The shopping mall is a bee hive
      (4) swallows his food                610.You need to improve your work                of activity.
      Directions (604–608) : In the              because it is not up to the mark.          (1) a busy place
following questions, four alternatives           (1) up to the potential displayed          (2) a secure place
are given for the Idiom/Phrase in bold           (2) according to the required              (3) a sweet place
in the sentence. Choose the alterna-                 standard                               (4) a costly place
tive which best expresses the mean-              (3) as good as the others            621. We must draw the line some-
ing of the Idiom/Phrase.                                                                    where.
                                                 (4) marked properly and accu-
            (SSC CHSL (10+2) DEO & LDC
                                                     rately                                 (1) put the screw on
            Exam. 16.11.2014, IInd Sitting
                         TF No. 545 QP 6)  611.Your report of the matter is all             (2) fix a limit
604. The trial made a mockery of                 moonshine.                                 (3) aim at the sky
      justice.                                   (1) familiar       (2) acceptable          (4) turn the tables
      (1) people mocked at the judge-            (3) concocted      (4) excellent     622. The officer was in the soup
           ment                            612.At the police station, he showed             when there was a raid in his
      (2) it was a mock trial                                                               office.
                                                 a clean pair of heels.
      (3) there was no serious out-                                                         (1) preparing soup
                                                 (1) ran away
           come                                                                             (2) drinking soup
                                                 (2) displayed clean heels
      (4) made the system look ridic-                                                       (3) distributing soup
                                                 (3) kneeled down                           (4) to be in trouble
                                                 (4) showed courage                   623. to win laurels
605. His recent statement is an about
                                           613.I am sure the girls will fight tooth         (1) to be victorious in a game
      (1) a good announcement                    and nail for their rights.                 (2) to memorise
      (2) a declaration of war                   (1) with all their might                   (3) to be disappointed
      (3) complete change of opinion             (2) without any weapon                     (4) to earn great prestige
      (4) a bold statement                       (3) in a cowardly manner                  Directions (624–628) : In each
606. When he left he was extremely               (4) with all their rights            of the following questions, four alter-
      disappointed. I think he’s gone      614.The President gave away the priz-      natives are given for the Idiom/Phrase
      for good.                                                                       in bold in the sentence. Choose the
                                                 es to the winners.
                                                                                      alternative which best expresses the
      (1) to seek good fortune                   (1) let go         (2) released
      (2) to a good place                                                             meaning of the Idiom/Phrase as your
                                                 (3) gave back      (4) distributed   answer.
      (3) to a foreign country             615.The manager gave his assistant a                (SSC CAPFs SI, CISF ASI & Delhi
      (4) permanently                            piece of his mind.                                  Police SI Exam, 21.06.2015
607. to grease the palm                          (1) suggestion (2) advice                                            IInd Sitting)
      (1) to rub oil on the hand                                                      624. The minister took a bird’s eye
                                                 (3) gist           (4) scolding
      (2) to lubricate the machine                                                          view of the problem.
                                           616.His observations were beside the
           parts                                                                            (1) vision of a bird
      (3) to bribe                                                                          (2) visualize
      (4) to cut the tree                        (1) irrelevant     (2) criticized
                                                                                            (3) see without giving attention
608. You find a black sheep in every             (3) valid          (4) excellent
                                                                                            (4) a general view from above
      community.                           617.He wanted this agreement in
                                                                                      625. He is a fine man, but to call him
      (1) one who does not co–oper-              black and white.
                                                                                            a saint is laying it on thick.
           ate                                   (1) in writing     (2) orally
                                                                                            (1) an exaggeration
      (2) person with bad reputation             (3) in discourse (4) in detail
                                                                                            (2) a compulsion