(1) encouraged (2) annoyed                 (3) well informed and intelligent  given for the Idiom/Phrase in bold in
      (3) entertained (4) puzzled                (4) is accurate and precise        the sentence. Choose the alternative
 577. My uncle’s business has gone to       586. I can work for six hours at a      which best expresses the meaning of
      the dogs.                                  stretch.                           the Idiom/Phrase.
      (1) is ruined        (2) is dead           (1) continuously                          (SSC CGL Tier-I Exam. 19.10.2014
      (3) is sick          (4) is angry          (2) occasionally                                            TF No. 022 MH 3)
 578. Despite the highs and lows, life           (3) maximum                         594. With great difficulty, he was able
      tends to average itself out.               (4) minimum                               to carve out a niche for him-
      (1) balance itself                    587. It was he who put a spoke in              self.
      (2) be unvarying                           my wheel.                                 (1) became a sculptor
      (3) show equal value                       (1) tried to cause an accident            (2) did the best he could do
      (4) get compatible                         (2) helped in the execution of the        (3) destroyed his career
 579. On second thoughts she re-                     plan                                  (4) developed a specific position
      fused to accept his invitation.            (3) thwarted in the execution of              for himself
                                                     the plan                        595. You will succeed if you follow my
      (1) on reconsidering
                                                 (4) destroyed the plan                    advice to the letter.
      (2) reviewing leisurely
                                            588. Our fleet bore down upon the              (1) about writing letters
      (3) moral grounds
                                                 enemy.                                    (2) written in the letters
      (4) seeing his brashness
                                                 (1) moved quickly backwards               (3) in every detail
 580. I stirred the hornet’s nest by
                                                 (2) moved quickly to the left             (4) very thoughtfully
      my honest statement.
                                                 (3) moved quickly to the right      596. A critic’s work is to read be-
      (1) responded to criticism angrily
                                                 (4) moved quickly towards                 tween the lines.
      (2) caused anger in many people
                                            589. The rock concert proved to be a           (1) to comprehend the meaning
      (3) stopped people criticizing
                                                 big draw.                                 (2) to appreciate the inner beau-
          someone                                                                              ty
                                                 (1) favourite
      (4) acted with energy and interest                                                   (3) to und erstand the inner
                                                 (2) huge attraction
 581. He knows how to break in horses.           (3) gain                                      meaning
      (1) rear             (2) tend              (4) big bang                              (4) to read carefully
      (3) train            (4) force        590. Look sharp or you will miss the     597. Where discipline is concerned I
 582. The judge declared the agree-              opportunity.                              put my foot down.
      ment null and void.                         (1) be confident                         (1) take a firm stand
      (1) empty            (2) annulled           (2) pay attention                        (2) take a light stand
      (3) unavoidable (4) not binding             (3) take control                         (3) take a heavy stand
 583. We should bury the hatchet and              (4) make haste                           (4) take a shaky stand
      become friends.                       591. Our old Rolls Royce has become      598. The convict claimed innocence
      (1) obtain                                 a white elephant.                         and stood his ground in spite
      (2) influence friends                      (1) a costly but useless posses-          of the repeated accusations.
      (3) make peace                                 sion                                  (1) knelt
      (4) keep a secret                          (2) antique item or possession            (2) surrendered
     Directions (584-593) : In the fol-          (3) any traditional possession            (3) kept standing
lowing questions, four alternatives are          (4) a unique item or possession           (4) refused to yield
given for the Idiom/Phrase in bold in       592. Since the children were young,           Directions (599–603) : In the
the sentence. Choose the alternative             their parents have always taught   following questions, four alternatives
which best expresses the meaning of              them to cut one’s coat accord-     are given for the Idiom/Phrase print-
the Idiom/Phrase.                                ing to one’s cloth.                ed in bold in the sentence. Choose the
         (SSC CAPFs SI, CISF ASI & Delhi         (1) be thrifty                     alternative which best expresses the
               Police SI Exam. 28.09.2014        (2) live life to the full          meaning of the Idiom/Phrase.
                          (TF No. 482 RN 5)      (3) live within one’s means                   (SSC CHSL (10+2) DEO & LDC
584. to get into hot waters.                     (4) be fair                                 Exam. 16.11.2014 , Ist Sitting
      (1) to be impatient                   593. The lawyer’s closing arguments                             TF No. 333 LO 2)
      (2) to suffer loss                         were full of red herrings.         599. The two friends are now at dag-
      (3) to get into trouble                    (1) sound judgement                      gers drawn over a petty issue.
      (4) to be in a confused state of           (2) references and allusions to          (1) angry         (2) frustrated
          mind                                       previous crimes                      (3) enemies       (4) competitors
585. My student is one who knows                 (3) clues intended to distract or  600. His work seems to be a Pene-
      how many beans make five.                      mislead                              lope’s web.
      (1) knows mathematical calcula-            (4) loopholes                            (1) endless       (2) difficult
          tions                                  Directions (594-598) : In the fol-       (3) declining
      (2) is fiercely loyal                 lowing questions, four alternatives are       (4) in his best form