Directions (554–558) : In the               (3) day and night                         (3) to follow me
following questions, four alternatives                                                       (4) to go straight ahead
are given for the Idiom/Phrase in bold             (4) throughout the afternoon
                                                                                       568. Winning the competition was
in the sentence. Choose the alterna-         560. Through the reporter’s efforts,            quite a feather in my cap.
tive which best expresses the mean-                many unknown facts have come              (1) rewarding
ing of the Idiom/Phrase as your an-                to light.                                 (2) an exciting moment
swer.                                              (1) ignited        (2) flared up          (3) an achievement
           (SSC CHSL (10+2) DEO & LDC              (3) brightened                            (4) a joy for my parents
        Exam. 16.11.2014, Patna Region :
                                Ist Sitting)       (4) been revealed                   569. My father’s dealings are open
                                             561. I do not see eye to eye with you           and above board.
 554. The girl took after her father.
      She is very amiable like him.                in this matter.                           (1) to everyone’s liking
      (1) similar to     (2) different             (1) to give a correct decision            (2) mandatory
                                                   (2) to obtain suitable punish-            (3) without any secret
      (3) behind         (4) takes
                                                        ment                                 (4) very clear
 555. Your behaviour is simply beyond
      the pale.                                    (3) to have the same eyesight       570. After the public meeting, the
                                                                                             crowd went haywire.
      (1) outside commonly accepted                (4) to have the same opinion
                                                                                             (1) were in jubilation
          standards                          562. The boy was in Dutch with his              (2) protested
      (2) beyond sorrow                            friends.                                  (3) became out of control
      (3) uninteresting                            (1) in love                               (4) left the venue
      (4) something acceptable                     (2) in good terms                   571. He broke off in the middle of
 556. The much hyped event turned                  (3) in awe                                the story.
      out be a nine days’ wonder.
                                                   (4) in trouble                            (1) fainted
      (1) an event that lasted for nine                                                      (2) suddenly stopped
          days                               563. Their attempt to get back the sto-
                                                   len necklace became a wild                (3) divided his narrative
      (2) created awe for nine days                                                          (4) took time off
                                                   goose chase.
      (3) a dazzling spectacle of great                                                572. Some shots were fired at ran-
          value                                    (1) wise decision
      (4) a dazzling short-lived specta-           (2) useless search                        (1) without any aim
          cle of no real value                                                               (2) for a long time
                                                   (3) timely action
 557. Listening to the lecture was                                                           (3) to end quarrel
                                                   (4) delayed action
      watching grass grow.                                                                   (4) thoroughly
      (1) very boring                           Directions (564-573) : In the fol-
                                             lowing questions, four alternatives are   573. I can finish the work by myself,
      (2) very interesting                                                                   but she always tries to be a back-
                                             given for the Idiom/Phrase in bold in
      (3) very confusing                                                                     seat driver.
                                             the sentence. Choose the alternative
      (4) very informative                                                                   (1) person who misjudge others
                                             which best expresses the meaning of
 558. Suddenly the balloon goes up           the Idiom/Phrase.                               (2) person who wants to do
      in the middle of the conversa-                                                             things by herself
                                                 (SSC GL Tier-II Exam. 21.09.2014)
      tion.                                                                                  (3) person who falsely accuses
      (1) the situation turns unpleas-       564. Your remarks during the discus-                others
          ant or serious                           sion added fuel to the fire.              (4) person who gives unwanted
      (2) a sudden shift in the topic of           (1) got others angry                          advice
          conversation                             (2) ignited the fireplace                Directions (574–583) : In the fol-
      (3) the conversation takes a light-          (3) worsened matters                lowing questions, four alternatives are
          er note                                  (4) created warmth all around       given for the Idiom/Phrase in bold in
      (4) an abrupt silence takes place                                                the sentence, Choose the alternative
                                             565. Why do you fight shy of me ?
                                                                                       which best expresses the meaning of
      Directions (559 – 563) : In the              (1) fight with      (2) avoid       the Idiom/Phrase.
following questions, four alternatives             (3) embarrass (4) shout at             (SSC CGL Tier-II Exam. 12.04.2015)
are given for the Idiom/Phrase in bold       566. They have latched on to tour-         574. Sheila’s tall tales have no mean-
in the sentence. Choose the alterna-               ism as a way of boosting the lo-          ing.
tive which best expresses the mean-                cal economy.                              (1) jealousy       (2) greed
ing of the Idiom/Phrase.
                                                   (1) promoted        (2) discovered        (3) boasting       (4) pride
           (SSC CHSL (10+2) DEO & LDC
                      Exam. 16.11.2014)            (3) exposed         (4) explored     575. The bridge gave way under the
                                             567. When he asked me the way to the            heavy weight.
559. The departmental store is open
                                                   cafeteria, I told him to follow his       (1) collapsed      (2) endured
      around the clock.
                                                   nose.                                     (3) withstood      (4) stooped
      (1) at different timings                                                          576. His plan was so complicated that
                                                   (1) to find it by himself
      (2) early morning                            (2) to ask someone else                   it floored his listeners.