in the sentence. Cho ose the                498. He gave vent to his pleasure          505. The sailors nailed their colours
alternative that best expresses the               with a smile.                              to their mast.
meaning of the Idiom/Phrase.                      (1) shared          (2) allowed            (1) put up a colourful mast
     (SSC Multi-Tasking (Non-Tech.) Staff         (3) expressed       (4) enjoyed            (2) refused to climb down
            Exam. 23.02.2014, IInd Sitting)      Directions (499-503) : In the               (3) took over the ship
491. I have recently changed my job         following questions, four alternatives           (4) decided to abandon the ship
       and I am going to have teething      are given for the Idiom/Phrase in bold     506. We had better batten down the
       problems.                            in the sentence, Choose the alternative          hatches. The weather is
       (1) difficulties at the start        which best expresses the meaning of              unpredictable.
       (2) difficulties at the end          the Idiom/Phrase.
                                                                                             (1) stay in-door
                                                                       (SSC CGL Tier-I
       (3) difficulties all the time                                                         (2) prepare for a difficult
                                                          Re-Exam–2013, 27.04.2014)
       (4) problem with my teeth                                                                 situation
                                            499. If you read between the lines,
492. The soldiers fought tooth and                                                           (3) go somewhere safe
                                                  you will appreciate what he
       nail to save their country.                                                           (4) face the obstacles
       (1) using unfair means                                                          507. It is difficult to have a sensible
                                                   (1) can read leaving lines in
       (2) with strength and fury                      between                               discussion with her as she flies
       (3) with weapons                            (2) can read a lot quicker                off at a tangent.
       (4) as best as they could                   (3) know what the writer thinks           (1) gets carried away
493. Chetan is very upset because                  (4) can read and write in the             (2) starts discussing something
       the new manager always picks                    language                                  irrelevant
       on him.                              500. to throw dust in one’s eyes.                (3) loses her temper easily
       (1) advises                                (1) to harm someone                        (4) does not really understand
       (2) warns severely                         (2) to deceive                                 anything
       (3) selects                                (3) to show false things             508. The students found it hard to go
       (4) treats badly                           (4) to make blind                          at equal speed with the
      Directions (494-498) : In the         501. He is a cut above all the other             professor.
following questions, four alternatives            boys in the group.                         (1) get away from
are given for the Idiom/ Phrase in                (1) quite taller than                      (2) put up with
bold. Choose the alternative which                (2) more active than                       (3) keep up with
best expresses the meaning of the                 (3) a little rougher than                  (4) race against
Idiom/Phrase.                                     (4) rather superior to                     Directions (509-513) : In the
                            (SSC CGL Tier-I                                            following questions, four alternatives
                                            502. As soon as the police arrived, the
               Re-Exam–2013, 27.04.2014)                                               are given for the Idiom/Phrase in bold
                                                  bank robbers showed the white
494. After his business failed, he had            flag.                                in the sentence. Choose the alternative
       to work very hard to keep the              (1) calmly left the scene            which best expresses the meaning of
       wolf from the door.                                                             the Idiom/Phrase.
                                                  (2) surrendered
       (1) keep away extreme poverty              (3) ran away                                  (SSC CAPFs SI, CISF ASI & Delhi
       (2) earn an honest living                  (4) were incensed                                  Police SI Exam. 22.06.2014)
       (3) regain his lost position         503. to cut one short.                     509. Let us bury the hatchet and be
       (4) defend from enemies                    (1) to love one                            friends again.
495. The menti on of her former                   (2) to insult one                          (1) hide the axe
       husband’s name still makes Rita            (3) to criticise one                       (2) keep the secret
       foam at the mouth.                         (4) to interrupt one                       (3) forget the quarrels
       (1) angry                                 Directions (504–508) : In the               (4) work together
       (2) vomit                            following questions, four alternatives     510. The thief managed to escape by
       (3) shy                              are given for the Idiom/Phrase in bold           the skin of his teeth.
       (4) fall sick                        in the sentence. Choose the alternative          (1) by running very fast
496. We must husband                  our   which best expresses the meaning of              (2) by getting help from his
       resources against hard times.        the Idiom/Phrase as your answer.                     friend
       (1) save           (2) support         (SSC CAPFs SI, CISF ASI & Delhi Police         (3) by the narrowest margin
       (3) sing           (4) concede                            SI Exam. 22.06.2014)
                                                                                             (4) by disguising himself
497. The newly elected Chief Minister       504. We must work with all our
                                                                                       511. William left us with a heart-
       has promised to bring about                might and main, otherwise we
                                                                                             wrenching swan song.
       changes in the state.                      cannot succeed.
                                                                                             (1) last cry
       (1) produce                                (1) full force
                                                                                             (2) last gift
       (2) make                                   (2) complete trust
                                                                                             (3) last prayer
       (3) carry                                  (3) exceptional skill
                                                                                             (4) last performance
       (4) cause to happen                        (4) full unity