446. He stopped at the bar to wet his       453. let sleeping dogs lie                       (2) have some hidden sources of
      whistle.                                    (1) dogs can raise tempers                     money
      (1) have a nap                              (2) do not allow dogs to stand             (3) have a secret pocket in the
      (2) be happy                                (3) prevent dog mobility                       sleeve
      (3) have a problem                          (4) do not bring up an old                 (4) have an alternative plan
      (4) have a drink                                controversial issue              461. The new manager ruled the
447. Over the years, we remained            454. To get admission in present day             roost to every one.
      loyal through thick and thin.               educational institutions, all              (1) exercised authority
      (1) to our principles                       children should be born with a             (2) rushed through work
                                                  silver spoon in the mouth.
      (2) to employers and subordinates                                                      (3) got paid very handsomely
                                                  (1) always hold a silver spoon
      (3) in married life                                                                    (4) created good impression
                                                  (2) be born with silver spoon
      (4) in spite of all the difficulties                                             462. Despite his initial arrogance he
                                                  (3) be born in a rich family
      Directions (448-452) : In the                                                          had to eat humble pie.
                                                  (4) be born to silver spoon
following questions, four alternatives                                                       (1) he had to yield under
are given for the Idiom/Phrase in bold                                                           pressure
                                            455. a man of straw
in the sentence. Choose the alternative                                                      (2) he maintained composure
                                                  (1) an unreasonable person
which best expresses the meaning of                                                          (3) he failed to protest eventually
                                                  (2) a man of no substance
the Idiom/Phrase.                                                                            (4) he accepted the food offfered
                                                  (3) a very active person
               (SSC Graduate Level Tier-I                                                     Directions (463-472) : In the
                                                  (4) a worthy fellow
                       Exam. 19.05.2013)                                               following questions, four alternatives are
                                            456. Children complain about their
448. The issues were settled in court,                                                 given for the Idiom/Phrase in bold in
                                                  parents’ gifts. They should learn
      but after a few days it was back                                                 the sentence. Choose the alternative
                                                  not to look a gift horse in the
      to square one.                              mouth                                which best expresses the meaning of
      (1) to return to the starting point         (1) not to find fault with the gifts the Idiom/Phrase.
      (2) to run to the first square                  received                                        (SSC Graduate Level Tier-II
      (3) to start and return                     (2) not to ask for more gifts                                Exam. 29.09.2013)
      (4) to come to a stop                       (3) not to find goodness in the       463. He broke down when he heard
449. Politicians enjoy blowing their                  gifts                                   the news of his son"s death.
      own trumpets.                               (4) not to look at a horse"s mouth          (1) resigned his job
      (1) to boast about their achievements 457. Acquiring a job is a cakewalk for            (2) ceased to smile
      (2) to use one’s own trumpet                a stud ent who has goo d                    (3) stopped working
      (3) to blow their trumpet loudly            academic performance coupled                (4) wept bitterly
      (4) to praise others trumpeting             with good attitude.                   464. “Don’t try to throw dust into my
450. Students must learn to keep their            (1) a difficult achievement                 eyes. You will not succeed.”
      belongings in apple pie order.              (2) a walkway made with cakes               (1) to blind me with dust
      (1) orderly preparation of apple pie        (3) an easy achievement                     (2) to protect my eyes
      (2) in perfect order                        (4) walk away with a cake                   (3) blind me with dust
                                                 Directions (458-462) : In the                (4) to mislead or confuse me
      (3) ordering for apple pie
                                            following questions, four alternatives      465. a man of straw
      (4) arranging apples neatly
                                            are given for the Idiom/Phrase in bold
451. Scientific knowledge is no longer                                                        (1) a man of no substance
                                            in the sentence. Choose the alternative
      a closed book in this 21st                                                              (2) a very active person
                                            which best expresses the meaning of
      century.                              the Idiom/Phrase.                                 (3) a worthy fellow
      (1) an unopened book                                  (SSC CAPFs SI & CISF ASI          (4) an unreasonable person
      (2) a covered book                                           Exam. 23.06.2013)    466. We visit the shopping mall off
      (3) a mystery                         458. I tried to feel his pulse on the             and on.
      (4) a mysterious book                       issue, but in vain.                         (1) up and about
452. It takes a month of Sundays to               (1) find his views                          (2) often
      chop all that wood.                         (2) enlighten him                           (3) really and truly
      (1) a short period                          (3) argue with him                          (4) once upon a time
      (2) no time                                 (4) guide him                         467. Life is an event of give and take.
      (3) a long time                       459. For this act of indifference he will         (1) adjustment
      (4) a special Sunday                        be taken to task by the authority.          (2) make believe
      Directions (453-457) : In the               (1) get an offical reprimand                (3) always
following questions, four alternatives            (2) rewarded                                (4) giving
are given for the Idiom/Phrase in bold            (3) tender his resignation            468. Don’t mix with the bad hats.
in the sentence. Choose the alternative           (4) entrusted with an official job.         (1) people with bad hats
which best expresses the meaning of         460. Yor need to have something up                (2) people of bad character
the Idiom /Phrase.                                your sleeve if the present plan             (3) people selling bad hats
               (SSC Graduate Level Tier-I         does not work.                              (4) people of poor status
                       Exam. 19.05.2013)          (1) have some honest means