(1) urged        (2) dampened             solve the problem immediately.       437. I have told you time and again
      (3) hindered (4) discouraged              (1) greatly confused                       not to make this mistake.
423. Many politicians in India are not          (2) helpless without power                 (1) always         (2) often
      fit to hold a candle to Mahatma           (3) totally ignorant                       (3) sometimes (4) rarely
      Gandhi.                                   (4) not intelligent enough           438. He handled the situation with an
      (1) superior     (2) equal          431. Why are you jumping down my                 iron fist
      (3) inferior     (4) indifferent          throat ? I wasn’t even in the              (1) strictly       (2) leniently
424. She must be paying through the             house when it happened.                    (3) softly         (4) wayward
      nose for the face left.                   (1) making a joke                    439. She is leaving the country for
      (1) paying less than necessary            (2) scolding me                            good.
      (2) paying too much                       (3) forcing me to cat                      (1) for the time being
      (3) paying the right amount               (4) running away                           (2) for good times
      (4) paying reluctantly                   Directions (432-436) : In the               (3) temporarily
425. He is putting the cart before        following questions, four alternatives           (4) permanently
      the ho rse by purchasing            are given for the Idiom/Phrase in bold          Directions (440–442) : In the
      furniture before buying a house.    in the sentence. Choose the alternative    following questions, four alternatives
      (1) doing a thing in the wrong way  which best expresses the meaning of        are given for the Idiom/Phrase in bold.
      (2) doing a thing in the right way  the Idiom/Phrase.                          Choose the alternative which best
                                                         (SSC Graduate Level Tier-I  expresses the meaning of the Idiom/
      (3) committing a great crime
                                                                 Exam. 21.04.2013)   PhRase.
      (4) doing things meticulously
                                          432. Hard work pays in the long run.                            (SSC Constable (GD)
426. casting pearls before swine
                                                (1) always                                                 Exam. 12.05.2013)
      (1) speaking nice words and
          convincing them                       (2) over a period of time            440. It poured cats & dogs
      (2) offering good things to               (3) indefinitely                           (1) rained heavily
          undeserving people                    (4) never                                  (2) rained lightly
      (3) uplifting the needy for their   433. I felt a fish out of water among            (3) dazzled
          welfare                               the lawyers.                               (4) hail storm
      (4) doing worthwhile things to            (1) special          (2) happy       441. The Manager was above board
          unknown people                                                                   in all his dealings with his
                                                (3) uncomfortable (4) proud
     Directions (427-431) : In the                                                         employees.
                                          434. The Cauvery water issue led to
following questions, four alternatives                                                     (1) dishonest      (2) rude
                                                apple of discord between the
are given for the Idiom/ Phrase in                                                         (3) honest         (4) charitable
                                                two Governments.
bold. Choose the alternative which                                                   442. Whenever I feel blue I like to
                                                (1) cause of anger
best expresses the meaning of the                                                          listen to slow music.
                                                (2) cause of hatred                        (1) happy          (2) gleeful
                                                (3) cause of quarrel                       (3) troubled       (4) gloomy
               (SSC Graduate Level Tier-I
                       Exam. 21.04.2013)
                                                (4) cause of animosity                     Directions (443-447) : In the
427. to play second fiddle.               435. The constructio n remains             following questions, four alternatives
      (1) to reduce the importance of           unfinished and the workers have      are given, for the Idiom/Phrase in bold
          one’s senior                          let the grass grow under their       in the sentence. Choose the alternative
                                                feet.                                which best expresses the meaning of
      (2) take a subordinate role
                                                (1) grown grass all over the lawn    the Idiom/Phrase.
      (3) to do back seat driving
                                                (2) gone on a luxury tour                        (SSC Graduate Level Tier-I
      (4) to be happy, cheerful and
                                                (3) delay doing the work                                  Exam. 19.05.2013)
                                                (4) demanded more benefits           443. My ten year -o ld son i s an
428. Mary bro ke a dini ng-room
                                          436. The police smelt the rat behind             incredible live-wire.
      window and had to face the
                                                the death of the girl.                     (1) lazy           (2) dangerous
      music when her father got home.
                                                (1) got very much confused                 (3) naughty        (4) energetic
      (1) listen carefully
                                                (2) identified the cause of death    444. He had to cool his heels before
      (2) ask a lot of questions
                                                                                           he could get an appointment
      (3) listen to music                       (3) suspected that something is
                                                                                           with the doctor.
      (4) accept the punishment                     fishy
                                                                                           (1) to be kept waiting
429. Villagers always call a spade a            (4) jumped to the conclusion
                                                                                           (2) to make publicly known
      spade.                                   Directions (437–439) : In the fol-
                                                                                           (3) to excercise influence
      (1) to speak in a straight forward  lowing questions, four alternatives are
                                                                                           (4) to lose one’s temper
          manner                          given for the Idiom/Phrase in bold.
                                          Choose the alternative which best          445. The captains of the rival teams
      (2) to call someone a spade                                                          should, try to bury the hatchet.
      (3) to speak ill about someone      expresses the meaning of the Idiom/
                                                                                           (1) put up a stiff competition
      (4) to speak about spades           PhRase.
                                                                                           (2) make peace
430. I am out o f my wi ts and                                 (SSC Constable (GD)
                                                                                           (3) win the game
      therefore cannot find a way to                  Exam. 12.05.2013, Ist Sitting)
                                                                                           (4) forget the past