322. Nowadays, one gets good literary      330. to feel like a fish out of water      339. She denied point-blank her
       books once in a blue moon.                 (1) disgusted                              involvement in the crime.
       (1) from renowned publisher                (2) uncomfortable                          (1) directly      (2) desperately
       (2) at very low cost                       (3) disappointed                           (3) stubbornly (4) rudely
       (3) when moon gives blue light             (4) homeless                         340. It is hard to strike a bargain with
       (4) rarely                           331. at the eleventh hour                        a woman.
 323. He decided to bury the hatchet.             (1) too late                               (1) to finalize a deal
       (1) to keep a secret                       (2) too early                              (2) to negotiate a deal
       (2) to make peace                          (3) immediately                            (3) to negotiate
       (3) to fool someone                        (4) at the last moment                     (4) to deal
                                            332. to burn one’s fingers                 341. You had better get up now or you
       (4) to bury the wealth
                                                                                             will be late for school.
 324. Reena is a kind of person who               (1) to get hurt physically.
                                                                                             (1) should        (2) may
       wears her heart on her sleeve.             (2) to suffer financial losses
                                                                                             (3) might         (4) can
       (1) expresses her emotions                 (3) to find work
                                                                                       342. He took his father’s advice to
            freely                                (4) to suffer nervous breakdown
       (2) expresses her emotions           333. to add fuel to fire                         (1) casually      (2) patiently
            curbingly                             (1) to investigate(2) to insulate          (3) seriously     (4) quietly
       (3) suppresses her emotions                (3) to initiate     (4) to incite
            openly                                                                     343. Can you give me a hand with
                                                  Directions (334– 343) : In the             this luggage ?
       (4) suppresses her excitement        following questions, four alternatives           (1 keep a watch on
            sparingly                       are given for the Idiom / Phrase in              (2) handle
 325. I hope to talk him over to our        bold in the sentence. Choose the                 (3) provide me with
       view.                                alternative which best expresses the             (4) help me with
       (1) oppose        (2) analyze        meaning of the given Idiom/ Phrase.
                                                                                             Directions (344–348) : In the
       (3) convince (4) support               (SSC CPO (SI, ASI & Intelligence Officer following questions, four alternatives
 326. Fresh out of college, Ram found                      Exam. 28.08.2011 Paper-II)  are given for the Idiom/Phrase in bold
       it difficult to get a job as he was  334. She was on the horns of a             in the sentence. Choose the alterna-
       wet behind the ears.                       dilemma as she had either to         tive which best expresses the mean-
       (1) unsuitable                             leave her job or divorce her         ing of the Idiom/Phrase
       (2) inexperienced                          husband.                                          (SSC (10+2) Level Data Entry
       (3) unhealthy                              (1) in nervous condition                    Operator & LDC Exam. 21.10.2012
       (4) irresponsible                          (2) in terrible mood                                                (Ist Sitting))
 327. The officer kicked up a row over            (3) in difficult situation            344. at the eleventh hour
       the issue.                                 (4) in suspense                            (1) at a late stage
       (1) gave a kick in the air           335. He died in harness.                         (2) at the beginning
       (2) made a great fuss                      (1) ceased to live                         (3) at 11 o’clock
       (3) avoided the issue                      (2) died of a disease                      (4) at an early stage
       (4) gave strict orders                     (3) died for his country              345. a shot in the dark
 328. “If he does not perform his                 (4) died while working                     (1) to love to go out on adven-
       duties properly, I will send him     336. All his schemes ended in smoke.                  tures
       packing,” said the manager.                (1) came to nothing                        (2) be able to work very quickly
       (1) send him to packing                    (2) got on fire                            (3) be very violent
            department                                                                       (4) an attempt to guess some-
                                                  (3) burnt up
       (2) give him a warning                                                                     thing
                                                  (4) attracted everybody
       (3) serve him a notice                                                           346. in a nutshell
                                            337. The young boy was kicking his
       (4) terminate his services                 heels inspite of his mother’s stern        (1) angrily        (2) casually
      Directions (329–333) : In the               warnings.                                  (3) writing        (4) brief
following questions, four alternatives            (1) playing happily                   347. from the bottom of my heart
are given for the Idiom/Phrase. Choose                                                       (1) sincerely
                                                  (2) kicking someone
the alternative which best expresses                                                         (2) lowest position
                                                  (3) wasting time
the meaning of the IdiomPhrase.                                                             (3) totally
                                                  (4) passing a gesture of disre-
                (SSC Graduate Level Tier-II                                                  (4) wholly
                Exam. 04.08.2011 Paper-II)             spect
                                            338. Fathima felt that she had been         348. for better or worse
329. to foam at one’s mouth                                                                  (1) sometimes
      (1) to brush properly                       made a scapegoat for her son’s
                                                  incompetence.                              (2) always
      (2) to get very angry                                                                  (3) in good times
      (3) to salivate on seeing food              (1) fool          (2) witness
                                                  (3) fall guy      (4) proxy                (4) in bad times
      (4) None of the above