300. The officer called for an               308. The rat race among the leaders        315. to eat a humble pie
        explanation from the cashier for           is revolting.                               (1) to feel downtrodden
        the shortage of cash.                      (1) corruption                              (2) to accept defeat
        (1) asked                                  (2) nepotism                                (3) to be humiliated
        (2) begged                                 (3) favouritism                             (4) to accept abuse
        (3) served a notice                        (4) fierce competition for power      316. to break the ice
        (4) demanded                          309. People were dropping like flies             (1) to start doubting
 301. The actress took cue from her                in the intense heat.                        (2) to start a quarrel
        brother and became successful.             (1) collapsing in large numbers             (3) to start a conversation
        (1) some help                              (2) getting infected with many              (4) to break a friendship
        (2) a hint                                     diseases                               Directions (317–318) : In the
        (3) some money                             (3) taking leave in large numbers     following questions, four alternatives
        (4) learnt acting                          (4) sitting down in the shade         are given for the Idiom/Phrase.
 302. We wanted the gift to be a sur              Directions (310-314) : In the          Choose the alternative which best
        prise for my mother, but my          following questions, four alternatives      expresses the meaning of the Idiom/
                                             are given for the Idiom/Phrase printed
        sister gave the game away.                                                       Phrase.
                                             in bold in the sentence. Choose the
        (1) lost the game                                                                    (SSC Constable (GD) & Rifleman (GD)
                                             alternative which best expresses the
        (2) gave out the secret                                                                     Exam. 22.04.1912 (IInd Sitting)
                                             meaning of the idiom/ phrase.
        (3) gave away the gift                                                           317. not my cup of tea
                                                          (SSC (10+2) Level Data Entry
        (4) withdrew from the plan                  Operator & LDC Exam. 11.12.2011            (1) a refreshing drink
 303. Let us have a heart to heart                             (IInd Sitting (East Zone)       (2) a routine work
        talk to solve this problem.          310. He knows the ins and outs of                 (3) not what I like
        (1) good talk                              the case.                                   (4) not liked by me
        (2) emotional talk                         (1) entry and exit                    318. to have second thoughts
        (3) frank talk                             (2) separate ways                           (1) to change decision
        (4) loving talk                            (3) route                                   (2) to plan carefully
 304. His speech fell short on the                 (4) full details                            (3) to take someone
        audience.                            311. The news of the President"s death
                                                   spread like wild fire.                      (4) to reconsider
        (1) had no effect
                                                   (1) spread rapidly                           Directions (319– 328) : In the
        (2) moved the audience
                                                   (2) caused a major confusion          following questions, four alternatives
        (3) impressed the audience
                                                   (3) was a wild rumour                 are given for the Idiom/Phrase in bold
        (4) was quite short                                                              in the sentence. Choose the alternative
                                                   (4) set the nation on fire
      Directions (305 – 309) : In the                                                    which best expresses the meaning of
                                             312. Negative arguments generally
following questions, four alternatives                                                   the Idiom/Phrase as your answer.
                                                   end up in smoke when team
are given for the Idiom/Phrase in bold                                                                  (SSC Graduate Level Tier-II
                                                   members sit together to discuss
in the sentence. Choose the alternative            important strategies.                                        Exam.16.09.2012)
which best expresses the meaning of
                                                   (1) create hard feelings               319. Sarala is always ready to eat
the Idiom/Phrase as your answer.
                                                   (2) lead to bad habits                       anyone’s salt.
             (SSC (10+2) Level Data Entry
       Operator & LDC Exam. 11.12.2011
                                                   (3) spoil good understanding                 (1) to be one’s guest
                    (Ist Sitting (East Zone)
                                                   (4) become useless finally                   (2) to cook tasty dishes
                                             313. When my friend was in Kolkata,                (3) an infectious disease
 305. He put across his ideas to the
                                                   he ran into an old friend at the
      Minister.                                                                                 (4) to deceive someone
      (1) made available                           (1) hit                                320. He will certainly come to grief
      (2) effectively conveyed                     (2) met accidentally                         if he does not leave his present
      (3) strongly expressed                       (3) planned to meet                          friends.
      (4) laid aside                               (4) invited                                  (1) addicted
 306. George and I are neighbours, but       314. Going abroad for a holiday was                (2) go upto the extreme
      we don’t see eye to eye with each            out of the question.                         (3) suffer
      other.                                       (1) undesirable (2) impossible               (4) enjoy
      (1) like            (2) interact             (3) unpleasant (4) irresistible        321. If you develop friendship with
      (3) agree           (4) fight               Directions (315–316) : In the                 an individual you must stand by
 307. The question of unemployment           following questions, four alternatives             him through thick and thin.
      is a hard nut to crack.                are given for the Idiom/Phrase.                    (1) think about his/her welfare
      (1) difficult task                     Choose the alternative which best                  (2) under all circumstances
      (2) different matter                   expresses the meaning of the Idiom/
                                                                                                (3) to accompany through a
      (3) impossible task                                                                            thick forest
                                                 (SSC Constable (GD) & Rifleman (GD)
      (4) inexplicable problem                           Exam. 24.04.1912 (Ist Sitting)         (4) in day and night