253. After fifteen years of marriage     262. There was a job for me to cut             Directions (270–274) : In the
      she did not expect her husband            my teeth on.                      following questions four alternatives are
      to leave her in the lurch.                (1) to gain experience            given for the Idiom/Phrase. Choose the
      (1) listen to her (2) provoke her                                           alternative which best expresses the
                                                (2) to try
      (3) ignore her (4) desert her                                               meaning of the given Idiom/Phrase.
                                                (3) to sharpen my wits                    (SSC Stenographer Grade "C" & "D"
 254. Who are we to sit in judgement
      over their choices?                       (4) to earn a decent salary                                Exam.16.10.2011)
      (1) lecture      (2) criticize      263. The carrot and stick policy pays    270. build castles in the air
      (3) speak        (4) communicate          dividends in every organisation.         (1) waste time
 255. The teacher took me to task               (1) fair and foul                        (2) daydream
      for not completi ng my                    (2) continuous vigilance                 (3) build houses
      homework.                                 (3) democratic                           (4) work hard
      (1) gave me additional homework           (4) reward and punishment          271. sought after
      (2) punished me                                                                    (1) highly paid
                                          264. Unless you grease his palms he
      (3) took me to the principal                                                       (2) pursued by
                                                will not do your work.
      (4) reduced my homework                                                            (3) in great demand
                                                (1) talk to him (2) flatter him
 256. Do not lose your head when                                                         (4) with great talent
      faced with a difficult situation.         (3) beat him      (4) bribe him
                                                                                   272. all at sea
      (1) forget anything                      Directions (265-269) : In the             (1) very proud (2) overjoyed
      (2) neglect anything               following questions, four alternatives          (3) puzzled        (4) excited
      (3) panic                          are given for the given Idiom/Phrase
                                                                                   273. to hit below the belt
      (4) get jealous                    in bold. Choose the alternative which
                                                                                         (1) to punish
 257. When I entered the house           best expresses the meaning of the
                                                                                         (2) to tie with a belt
      everything was at sixes and        given Idiom/Phrase.
                                                                                         (3) to hit with a belt
      sevens.                            (SSC Multi-Tasking (Non-Technical) Staff
                                                                                         (4) to attack unfairly
      (1) a quarrel among six or seven                          Exam. 27.02.2011)
          people                                                                   274. pot-luck dinner
                                         265. I had to pull strings to put up a
      (2) to have six or seven visitors                                                  (1) dinner where everybody
                                               good show.                                     brings something to eat
          at a time.
                                               (1) play music                            (2) dinner where everybody
      (3) in disorder or confusion.
                                               (2) use personal influence                     pays for his food
      (4) an unpleasant argument.
                                               (3) use the instrument                    (3) dinner where only soup is
 258. He was pulled up by the
                                               (4) play a song                                served
      Director of the Company.
                                                                                         (4) dinner where people eat and
      (1) assaulted (2) dragged          266. You can easily overcome this
                                               situation if you keep your head.               play games at the same time
      (3) reprimanded (4) cleared
                                                                                       Directions (275–279) : In the
 259. The storm brought about great            (1) keep faith in
                                                                                  following questions, four alternatives
      destruction in the valley.               (2) remain calm                    are given for the Idiom/Phrase. Choose
      (1) invited       (2) caused             (3) believe in                     the alternative which best expresses
      (3) succeeded (4) halted                 (4) trust the others               the meaning of the Idiom/Phrase.
      Directions (260 – 264) : In the                                              (SSC (10+2) Level Data Entry Operator &
                                         267. It is clear that the ideas of both
following questions, four alternatives                                                                LDC Exam. 04.12.2011
                                               reformers ran in the same
are gi ven Idiom/Phrase in bold.                                                                     (Ist Sitting (North Zone)
Choose the alternative which best.             groove.
                                                                                  275. at one’s beck and call
expresses the meaning of the given             (1) promoted each other
                                                                                        (1) to attend a call
Idiom/Phrase.                                  (2) clashed with each other              (2) to be helped by someone
(SSC Multi-Tasking (Non-Technical) Staff       (3) moved in harmony                     (3) to be useful to someone
                      Exam. 20.02.2011)        (4) moved in different directions        (4) to be dominated by someone
 260. The police closed the book on
                                         268. This place affords a bird’ s eye    276. to explore every avenue
      the murder case.
                                               view of the green valley below.          (1) to search all streets
      (1) solved the case of
                                               (1) a beautiful view                     (2) to scout the wilderness
      (2) stopped working on
      (3) handed the case over to              (2) a narrow view                        (3) to find adventure
          another agency                       (3) an overview                          (4) to try every opportunity
      (4) refused to take up                   (4) an ugly view                   277. a red letter day
 261. His arguments cut no ice with                                                     (1) a dangerous day in one’s life
                                         269. He works in fits and starts.
      me.                                                                               (2) a sorrowful day in one’s life
                                               (1) consistently
      (1) had no influence on me                                                        (3) an imp ortant or joyful
                                               (2) irregularly                               occasion in one’s life
      (2) did not hurt me
                                               (3) in high spirits                      (4) both a dangerous and
      (3) did not benefit me
      (4) did not make me proud                (4) enthusiastically                          sorrowful day in one’s life