212. hand in glove                             Directions (220-224) : In the       226. The car broke down just as it
       (1) in close relationship          following questions, four alternatives        reached the edge of a cliff. It
       (2) non-cooperative                are given for the Idiom/Phrase in bold        was indeed a close shave.
       (3) critical                       in the sentence. Choose the alternative       (1) to share one’s brand
                                          which best expresses the meaning of           (2) very risky
       (4) on bad terms
                                          the Idiom/Phrase.                             (3) narrow escape from danger
213. to add fuel to the fire
                                                          (SSC Data Entry Operator      (4) to be happy
       (1) to make matters bright
                                                                 Exam. 02.08.2009) 227. When she realised that she had
       (2) to cause additional anger                                                    bought a fake prod uct, she
       (3) to bring matters to a          220. Do not run down your friends in
                                                                                        knew that her money had gone
           conclusion                           public.
                                                                                        down the drain.
       (4) to start a revolt                    (1) fight with                          (1) was lost forever
214. wear and tear                              (2) follow                              (2) dropped in the drain
       (1) a brand name                         (3) make a mention of                   (3) got washed away
       (2) damage                                                                       (4) her money was safe
                                                (4) criticise
       (3) lot of sorrow                                                           228. Geo r ge Berna rd Shaw was
                                          221. Most parents find it difficult to        blessed with the gift of the
       (4) a warning                            make both ends meet because             gab.
     Directions (215–219) : In the              of inflation.                           (1) enormous wealth
following questions, four alternative           (1) to lead a lavish life               (2) ability to work hard
are given for the Idiom/Phrase in bold
                                                (2) to live within one’s income         (3) ability to speak impressively
in the sentence. Cho ose the
alternative which best expresses the            (3) to live a miserly life              (4) luck on one’s side
meaning of the Idiom/Phrase.                    (4) to lead an active life         229. You have been caught cheating;
                 (SSC Data Entry Operator                                               now you must face the music.
                                          222. The students were advised to
                                                                                        (1) face      the     unpleasant
                       Exam. 31.08.2008)        pore      over the l essons
215. He is always praised for his gift          thoroughly.
                                                                                        (2) stand upto unpleasant
      of the gab.                               (1) go through (2) go down                  consequences
      (1) being lucky                           (3) go off        (4) go out            (3) be debarred
      (2) getting something free                                                        (4) be insulted publicly
                                          223. The two famous writers crossed
      (3) talent for speaking                                                      230. His position in the company was
                                                swords with each other on every
      (4) great skill                           issue.                                  on the brink of disaster.
216. The teacher’s extra hours of                                                       (1) at the top of
                                                (1) fought physically
      coaching went a long way in                                                       (2) at the point of
                                                (2) crossed the road on meeting
      improving the           student’s                                                 (3) on the side of
      performance.                              (3) took different routes
                                                                                        (4) on the back of
      (1) took great effort                     (4) disagreed                      231. The parents are in high spirits
      (2) spent a lot of time             224. The traffic came to a standstill         as their son has got a decent
      (3) extended widely                       after the heavy downpour of rain.       job.
      (4) helped considerably                   (1) complete halt                       (1) in good position
                                                                                        (2) drunk
217. The administration found it                (2) accident spot
                                                                                        (3) cheerful
      difficult to cope with the striking       (3) diversion
      employees.                                                                        (4) shocked
                                                (4) confused disorder              232. The police caught the thief red
      (1) move           (2) compromise
                                               Directions (225 – 234) : In the          handed.
      (3) handle         (4) subdue
                                          following questions four alternatives         (1) in a red uniform
218. The criminal was pardoned at         are given for the Idiom/Phrase in bold        (2) with blood in hands
      the eleventh hour just as/he        in the sentence. Choose the                   (3) at the time of committing the
      was about to be hanged.             alternative which best expresses the              crime
      (1) at eleven o’ clock              meaning of the Idiom/Phrase.                  (4) after reading the rules
      (2) suddenly                              (SSC Stenographer (Grade"C" &"D")  233. I was so disappointed when my
      (3) at the very last moment                              Exam. 26.09.2010)        close friend left me in the
      (4) at midnight                     225. Even though the new clerk was            lurch.
219. He spoke well though it was his            gi ven a di fficult task, he            (1) went away without waiting
      maiden speech.                            remained cool as a cucumber.                for me
      (1) long speech                                                                   (2) helped me in difficult times
                                                (1) not nervous or emotional
      (2) brief speech                                                                  (3) abandoned me when I
                                                (2) caught cold                             needed help
      (3) first speech
                                                (3) was happy                           (4) stopped helping me in
      (4) emotional speech
                                                (4) was scared                              emergency