188. to take someone for a ride            197. to flog a dead horse                 205. There is no soft option to the
       (1) to give a ride to someone             (1) to whip a dead horse                   crisis now.
       (2) to deceive someone                    (2) to attemp t to do the                  (1) popular opinion
       (3) to be indifferent                         impossible                             (2) popular solution
       (4) to disclose a secret                  (3) waste one’s efforts                    (3) easy and agreeable option
189. to move heaven and earth                    (4) to tak e advantag e of a               (4) difficult choice
       (1) to cause an earthquake                    weakness                             Directions (206–209) : In the
       (2) to try everything possible      198. to show a clean pair of heels        following questions, four alternatives
       (3) to pray to all Gods                   (1) to hide (2) to escape           are given for the Idiom/Phrase. Choose
       (4) to travel in a rocket                 (3) to pursue(4) to follow          the alternative which best expresses
190. to smell a rat                        199. to die in harness                    the meaning of the Idiom/Phrase.
       (1) to smell foul                                                                                  (FCI Assistant Grade-II
                                                 (1) premeditated murder
       (2) to see a rat                                                                               Exam. 22.01.2012 Paper-I)
                                                 (2) dying young in an accident
       (3) to chase a rat                        (3) to die while in service         206. a little gush of gratitude
       (4) to be suspicious                                                                 (1) gradual recovery
                                                 (4) to be taken by surprise
      Directions (191-195) : In the                                                         (2) friendly feeling
following questions, four alternatives     200. to feather one"s nest                       (3) excessive labour
are given for the meaning of the given           (1) to make a residential house
                                                                                            (4) excessive enthusiasm
Idiom/Phrase. Choose the alternative             (2) something that lasts for a
                                                                                     207. to lose ground
which best expresses the meaning of                  short time
                                                                                            (1) to become less powerful
the Idiom/Phrase.                                (3) to profit in a dishonest way
                                                                                            (2) to become less popular
     (SSC Combined Graduate Level Tier-I         (4) None of the above                      (3) to lose foundation
             Exam.26.06.2011 (Ist Sitting)
                                                Directions (201– 205) : In the              (4) to be without a leader
191. a bolt from the blue                  following questions, four alternatives
       (1) a delayed event                                                           208. to fall back on
                                           are given for the Idiom / Phrase in
       (2) an inexplicable event                                                            (1) to oppose something
                                           bold in the sentence. Choose the
       (3) an unexpected event                                                                  important
                                           alternative which best expresses the
       (4) an unpleasant event                                                              (2) to suffer an injury on the
                                           meaning of the given Idiom/ Phrase.
192. cold comfort                                                                               back in an accident
                                                   (SSC CPO (SI, ASI & Intelligence
       (1) absurdity                                                                        (3) to fail to do something
                                                  Officer Exam. 28.08.2011 (Paper-I)
       (2) deception                                                                            important in time
                                           201. The teacher’s announcement to
       (3) slight satisfaction                                                              (4) to seek support out of
                                                 conduct a snap test came as a
       (4) foolish proposal                      bolt from the blue to many                     necessity
193. to be all at sea.                           students.                           209. to make one’s blood boil
       (1) a family voyage                       (1) imaginary(2) unexpected                (1) to make somebody furious
       (2) lost and confused                     (3) forbidden(4) heavenly                  (2) to develop fever
       (3) in the middle of the ocean      202. He and his friend are sailing               (3) to get excited
       (4) a string of islands                   in the same boat.                          (4) to make someone nervous
194. to take to one"s heels                      (1) sailing together in the same         Directions (210–214) : In the
       (1) to walk slowly                            boat                            following questions, four alternatives
       (2) to run away                           (2) sharing the financial and       are given for the Idiom/Phrase.
       (3) to march forward                          social condition                Choose the alternative which best
       (4) to hop and jump                       (3) being in the same difficult     expresses the meaning of the Idiom/
195. to bite the dust                                situation                       Phrase.
                                                 (4) getting rid of the difficult                         FCI Assistant Grade-III
       (1) eat voraciously
                                                     situation                                       Exam. 25.02.2012 (Paper-I)
       (2) have nothing to eat
       (3) eat roots                       203. To be successful in today’s                             North Zone (Ist Sitting)
       (4) None of the above                     world, we require the gift of       210. to speak one’s mind.
      Directions (196 – 200) : In the            the gab.                                   (1) to be frank and honest
following questions, four alternatives           (1) ability to speak well                  (2) to think aloud
are given for the meaning of the given           (2) good interpersonal skills              (3) to talk about one’s ideas
Idiom/Phrase. Choose the alternative             (3) divine help and guidance               (4) to express one’s thoughts
which best expresses the meaning of              (4) a fierce competitive spirit     211. to make a mountain of a
the Idiom/Phrase.                          204. Winter was so bad that the                  molehill
                                                 nomadic tribesmen found it                 (1) to make advantage of a small
     (SSC Combined Graduate Level Tier-I
            Exam. 26.06.2011 (Ist Sitting)
                                                 difficult to keep the wolf from                thing
                                                 the door.                                  (2) to give great importance to
196. to strain every nerve
                                                 (1) hunt wild animals                          little things
       (1) to make utmost efforts
                                                 (2) escape starvation                      (3) to get into trouble
       (2) to feel weak and tired
                                                 (3) get woollen clothes                    (4) to see a thing with prejudiced
       (3) to be a diligent worker
                                                 (4) walk on ice                                mind
       (4) to be methodical in work