117. Our house is within a stone’s       Choose the alternative which best                (4) a law-abiding citizen
       throw from the Red Building.      expresses the meaning of the given        135. The beleaguered politician was
       (1) far off        (2) far away   Idiom/Phrase.                                    anxious to set the record
       (3) very near to (4) beside                    (SSC Section Officer (Audit)        straight.
118. He has a bone to pick with his                            Exam. 10.12.2006)          (1) give a speech
       cousin.                           126. The principal has to carry out              (2) win party support
       (1) reasonable agreement               the orders issued by the higher             (3) give a correct account
       (2) cause of quarrel                   authorities.
                                                                                          (4) make a confession
       (3) cause of doubt                     (1) obey       (2) communicate
                                                                                        Directions (136 –145) : In the
                                              (3) execute (4) modify
       (4) difference of opinion                                                   following question four alternatives are
                                         127. The young engineer was hauled        given for the given Idiom/Phrase in
119. The day I graduated was a red-
                                              up for spilling the beans about      bold. Choose the alternative which
       letter day for me.
                                              the new project to the competitor.
       (1) a dangerous day                                                         best expresses the meaning of the
                                              (1) suppressing the information      given Idiom/Phrase.
       (2) an important day
                                              (2) hiding the details                              (SSC Section Officer (Audit)
       (3) an eventful day
                                              (3) revealing the information                                Exam. 30.11.2008)
       (4) a formidable day                       indiscreetly
                                                                                   136. The bus had a close shave as
120. Many young artists were                  (4) spoiling the plans
       dropping names at the party to                                                     its driver swerved to the right
                                         128. The Government claims that                  a split second before the on-
       impress the gathering.                 Indian industry is progressing              coming truck could run into it.
       (1) talking proudly about their        by leaps and bounds.
           family members                                                                 (1) serious accident
                                              (1) intermittently
       (2) using pet names                                                                (2) close collision
                                              (2) leisurely
       (3) hinting at high connections                                                    (3) narrow escape
                                              (3) at a rapid pace
                                                                                          (4) deep dent
       (4) talking informally                 (4) at a desired pace
                                                                                   137. fits and starts
121. The teacher announced that she      129. Laying off of thousands of
       had no blue-eyed boys in the           workers is inevitable under the             (1) slowly
       class.                                 new economic policy.                        (2) not regularly
       (1) royal children                     (1) dismissal from jobs of                  (3) continuously
       (2) young boys                         (2) offering new jobs to                    (4) quickly
       (3) foreigners                         (3) reduction of workers’ wages      138. When the Inspector entered the
       (4) favourites                             of                                      class some of the stud ents
                                              (4) sending on leave                        shook in their shoes.
122. The company has run into a lot
       of debts.                         130. “I take thee at thy word”, said             (1) stamped the ground with
                                              Romeo to Juliet.                                their shoes
       (1) incurred       (2) settled
                                              (1) listen to you carefully                 (2) showed signs of anger
       (3) opened up      (4) avoided
                                              (2) do not believe you                      (3) trembled with fear
123. He was confident that all his
                                              (3) feel angry with you                     (4) stood up to salute
       present sufferings will soon blow
                                              (4) truly believe you                139. in high spirits
       (1) increase                      131. People who do not lay out their             (1) full of hope and enthusiasm
                                              money carefully, soon come to               (2) under tremendous stress
       (2) pass off
                                              grief.                                      (3) under the influence of liquor
       (3) be looked into
                                              (1) earn         (2) spend                  (4) mentally deranged
       (4) be taken care of                   (3) distribute (4) preserve          140. He amassed his wealth through
124. The teacher advised the             132. Having bought the house, they               sharp practices.
       students to take into account          decided to go the whole hog                 (1) dishonest means
       the advice given by the elders.        and buy all the furniture needed.           (2) illegal means
       (1) to obey (2) to neglect             (1) to live there                           (3) intelligent decisions
       (3) to consider                        (2) to do it completely                     (4) quick decisions
       (4) to reject                          (3) to go all the way                141. He is not in the good books of
125. The lawyer asked his assistant           (4) to go in the fog                        his boss.
       to collect the details regarding  133. There is a lot of bad blood                 (1) a lover of good books
       the pros and cons of the case.         between them.                               (2) in favour with
       (1) ups and downs                      (1) jealousy         (2) fight              (3) not of the same opinion as
       (2) in and out                         (3) angry feeling (4) distrust              (4) as good as
       (3) weak and strong               134. The village headman pretends to      142. The officer is fed up with the
       (4) for and against                    be a good samaritan.                        complaints made against the
     Directions (126-135) : In the            (1) a religious person                      clerk.
following questions, four alternatives        (2) a helpful person                        (1) annoyed (2) disgusted
are given for the Idiom/Phrase in bold.       (3) a citizen of Samaria                    (3) pleased (4) satisfied