9                                 IDIOMS/PHRASES
     Directions (1-10) : In these              8. The new manager thought that          15. His statement is out and out a
questions, four alternatives are given            he would give employees enough              lie.
for the Idiom/Phrase given in bold in             rope for the first six months               (1) totally    (2) simply
the sentence. Choose the alternative              after which he would check the              (3) merely     (4) slightly
which best expresses the meaning of               work done himself.                    16. The luxury car that they bought
the Idiom/Phrase given in bold.                   (1) many directives and orders              turned out to be a wh ite
               (SSC Section Officer (Audit)       (2) sufficient advice                       elephant.
                              Exam. 1997)         (3) all the material they needed            (1) a rare article
   1. For his alleged involvement in              (4) enough freedom for action               (2) useful mode of transport
       espio-nage, he is under a cloud
                                               9. He was all at sea when he                   (3) costly or troublesome
       these days.
                                                  began his new Job.                               possession
       (1) experiencing cloudy weather
                                                  (1) happy       (2) sad                     (4) a proud possession
       (2) enjoying favourable luck
       (3) under suspicion                        (3) puzzled (4) triumphant            17. If you are fair and square in
                                             10. The sweeping statement by the                your work you will definitely
       (4) under observation
                                                  boss left the conscientious                 prosper.
   2. We have appealed to him again
                                                  workers disgusted.                          (1) active
       and again; there is no use
                                                  (1) rash statement                          (2) honest
       flogging a dead horse now.
                                                  (2) unpremeditated statement                (3) business like
       (1) repeating our request
                                                  (3) thoughtless statement                   (4) authoritative
       (2) making him see reason
       (3) beating about the bush                 (4) generalised statement             18. There is no love lost between
                                                 Directio ns (11-20) : In the                 any two neighbouring countries
       (4) wasting time in useless effort
                                            following questions, four alternatives            in the world.
   3. We shouldn’t look down upon
                                            are given for the Idiom/Phrase given              (1) stop loving
       the wretched of the earth.
                                            in bold. Choose the alternatives which            (2) not on good terms
       (1) sympathise with
                                            best expresses the meaning of the                 (3) forming a group
       (2) hate intensely
                                            Idiom/Phrase given in bold.                       (4) have good understanding
       (3) be indifferent to
                                                          (SSC Section Officer (Audit)  19. The heavy downpour played
       (4) regard with contempt                                     Exam. 09.09.2001)         havoc in the coastal area.
   4. Because of his misbehaviour, he        11. The failure of crops in successive
       is bound to face the music.                                                            (1) caused destruction
                                                  years put the farmer in a tight
       (1) get finished                                                                       (2) caused diseases
       (2) get reprimanded                                                                    (3) caused floods
                                                  (1) in a closed room
       (3) feel sorry                                                                         (4) caused hardship
                                                  (2) in a small field
       (4) listen to the music                                                          20. To have a green thumb means
                                                  (3) in a difficult situation
   5. The working of the factory was                                                          (1) one’s nails are painted green
                                                  (4) in a meadow
       distru-pted on account of a                                                            (2) one is artistic
                                             12. The effort to trace the culprit was
       token strike by the workers.               a wild goose chase.                         (3) to have a natural interest in
       (1) total strike                                                                            gardening
                                                  (1) fruitful hunting
       (2) carefully planned strike                                                           (4) one has a green tattoo on the
                                                  (2) futile search
       (3) short strike held as a warning                                                          thumb
                                                  (3) ideal seeking
       (4) sudden call of strike                                                            Direction s (21-25) : In the
                                                  (4) genuine effort
   6. By opposing his proposal he fell                                                 following questions, four alternatives
                                             13. The story does not hold water.
       foul of him.                                                                    are given for the Idiom/Phrase in bold
                                                  (1) does not deserve appreciation
       (1) quarrel with                                                                in the sentence. Choose the alternative
                                                  ( 2) does not fu lfi l the
       (2) felt annoyed with                                                           which best expresses the meaning of
       (3) agreed with                                                                 the Idiom/Phrase.
                                                  (3) cannot be believed
                                                                                                      (SSC Section Officer (Audit)
       (4) got into trouble with                  (4) cannot be valued
                                                                                                               Exam. 16.11.2003)
   7. Those who work by fits and             14. Raj couldn’t pay the bill, so he
       starts seldom show good                                                          21. When he saw the snake he took
                                                  asked the owner to put it on the
       results.                                                                               to his heels.
       (1) rarely                                                                             (1) ran away in fear
                                                  (1) on credit
       (2) disinterestedly                        (2) against his credit card                 (2) went slowly
       (3) irregularly                            (3) in his bank account                     (3) walked in fear
       (4) regularly                              (4) in his friend’s account                 (4) jumped fast