indelible (Adj.) : that cannot be       dean (N.) : an administrator in          freelancer (N.) : a writer/artist
     removed/erased                          charge of a divi sion of a               who sells services to different
     ingrate (Adj.) : ungrateful             university/college                       employers without a long-term
     inexorable (Adj.) : that cannot         deacon (N.) : a cleric ranking just      contract with any of them
     be stopped/changed; retentless          below a priest in churches               sine qua non (N.) : a pre
816. (1) potpourri                      823. (1) obsolete                             requisite
     potpourri (N.) : a mixture of      824. (3) altruist                             quangos (N.) : an organization
     dried flowers and leaves used for       altruist (N.) : someone who              dealing with public matters,
                                             makes charitable donations               started by the government, but
     making a room smell
                                             intended to increase human well          working independently and with
     aroma (N.) : a pleasant,                                                         its own legal powers
     noticeable smell
                                             egoist (N.) : a self-centred        830. (2) prodigy
817. (3) juxtapose                           person with little regard for            prodigy (N.) : an unusually
     juxtapose (V.) : place side by          others                                   gifted/intelligent (young) person
     side                                    welfarist (N.) : of/relating to a   831. (3) indefatigable
818. (4) ethnology                           welfare state                            indefatigable (Adj.) : showing
     ethnology (N.) : the scientific    825. (3) epitaph                              sustained enthusiastic action
     study and comparison of human           epitaph (N.) : an inscription on         with unflagging vitality
     races                                   a tombstone                              invincible (Adj.) : incapable of
     eremology (N.) : the systematic         obituary (N.) : a notice of              being overcome/subdued
     study of desert features and            someone’s death (with his life and       inflatable (Adj.) : designed to be
     phenomena                               achievements)                            filled with air/gas
     etymology (N.) : the study of the       memorial (N.) : a structure              inextricable (Adj.) : incapable of
     origin and history of words and         evected to co mmemorate                  being untied/disentangled
     their meanings                          persons/events                      832. (3) neologism
                                             epigraph (N.) : an engraved              neologism (N.) : a newly invented
     ethology (N.) : the branch of
                                             inscription                              word/phrase
     zoo logy that stud ies the
                                        826. (2) sacrilege                       833. (3) philatelist
     behaviour of animals in their
     natural habitats                        sacri lege (N. ) : the act of            philatelist (N.) : a collector and
                                             depriving something of its sacred        student of postage stamps
819. (2) polyglot
     polyglot (N.) : a person who                                                     philanthropist (N.) : someone
                                             malevolent (Adj.) : having/              who makes charitable donations
     knows, uses/writes in more than         showing a desire to harm other
     one language                                                                     intended to increase human well-
                                             people                                   being
     conversant (Adj.) : knowing             bizarre (Adj.) : unusual
                                                                                      numismatist (N.) : a collector
     about something                         iniquitous (Adj.) : very unfair/         and student of money (coins in
     orator (N.) : a person who              wrong                                    particular)
     delivers a speech/oration          827. (4) polytheist                           curator (N.) : the custodian of a
820. (4) harangue                            polytheist (N.) : one who                collection (museum/library)
     harangue (N.) : a loud bombas-          believes in a plurality of gods     834. (4) trespassers
     tic declamation expressed with          polyglot (N.) : a person who
                                                                                      trespassers (N.) : someone who
     strong emotion                          speaks more than one language
                                                                                      intrudes on the privacy/property
     hullabaloo (N.) : disturbance           polygamy (N.) : having more than         of another without permission
     usually in protest                      one spouse at a time
                                                                                      bypassers (N.) : one who passes
     cacophony (N.) : loud confusing         polygon (N.) : a closed plane            by
                                             figure bounded by straight sides
     disagreeable sounds                                                              absconders (N.) : one who runs
                                        828. (3) userer
     pandemonium (N.) : a state of                                                    away and hides to avoid arrest/
                                             userer (N.) : a person who lends         prosecution
     extreme confusion and disorder
                                             money to people at unfairly high
821. (2) fastidious                                                                   thorough fares (N.) : a public
                                             rates of interest
     fastidious (Adj.) : giving careful                                               road from one place to another
                                             usurper (N.) : one who wrongly/
     attention to detail                                                         835. (3) askance
                                             illegally seizes and holds the
     gullible (Adj.) : easily tricked        place of another                    836. (4) perseverance
     becuase of being too trusting           usherer (N.) : someone employed          persevernace (N.) : the quality
                                             to conduct others                        of continuing to try to achieve a
     amenable (Adj.) : readily reacting
                                                                                      particular aim despite difficulties
     to suggestions and influences           undertaker (N.) : one whose
                                             business is the management of       837. (1) autobiography
822. (3) abbot
                                             funerals                                 autobiography (N.) : a biography
     abbot (N.) : the superior of a
                                        829. (3) sinecure                             of yourself
                                             sinecure (N.) : an office that           cartography (N.) : the making of
     padre (N.) : father (priest in
                                             involves minimal duties                  maps and charts