solitude (N.) : the state of being       spi re (N. ) : a tal l poi nted      810. (3) gregarious
     alone, especially when you find          structu re on the to p of a               gregarious (Adj.) : sociable;
     this pleasant                            building, especially a church             friendly ; living in groups
     soiree (N.) : a party of people          splur ge ( N.) :       an a ct of         gregarian (Adj.) : having no
     assembled in the evening                 spending a lot of money on                special distinction, rank, or
     (usually at a private house)             something that you do not really          status, or belonging to a large
     solstice (N.) : either of the two        need                                      mass of people
     times of the year at which the           scourge (N.) : a person who               graminivorous (Adj.) : feeding
     sun reaches its highest/ lowest          inspires fear/dread                       on grass (animals)
     point in the Sky at midday,         802. (4) aberration                       811. (2) amnesty
     marked by the longest and                aberration (N.) : a disorder in           amnesty (N.) : the formal act of
     shortest days                            one’s mental state                        liberating someone
795. (3) credible
                                              amalg amatio n ( N.) : the                sanctity (N.) : the state of being
     credible (Adj.) : apable of being        combination of two/more of                very important and wo rth
     believed                                 anything                                  protecting
     miraculous (Adj.) : peculiarly
                                         803. (2) idiosyncrasy                          gratuity (N.) : money that is
     fortunate/ appropriate
                                              idiosyncrasy (N.) : a person’s            given to employees when they
     creditable (Adj.) : worth of often
                                              particular way of behaving,               leave their job
     limited commendation
                                              thinking, etc., especially when it        red-tapism (N.) : the practice of
     gullible (Adj.) : easily tricked
                                              is unusual                                requiring excessive paper work
     becuase of being too trusting
796. (4) stoic                                trait (N.) : a particular quality in      and tedious procedures before
                                              your personality                          official action can be considered
     stoic (N.) : someone who is
                                              idiolect (N.) : the way that a            or completed
     seemingly indifferent to emotions
     eccentric (N.) : a person with an        particular person uses language      812. (3) fanatic
     unusual/odd personality                  talent (N.) : a natural ability to        fanatic (N.) : a person who is
     philosopher (N.) : a wise person         do something well                         extremely enthusiastic about
     who is calm and rational            804. (3) extempore                             something
     fatalist (N.) : anyo ne who              extempore (N.) : with little/no           moderate (N.) : a person who
     submits to the belief that they          preparation                               has opinions, especially about
     are powerless to change their            rhetoric (N.) : using language            politcs, that are not extreme
     destiny                                  effectively to please/persuade            conservative (N.) : a person who
797. (1) a place where animals are            oration (N.) : an instance of             is opposed to great/sudden
     slaughtered                              addressing an audience formally           social change
     abattoir (N.) : slaughter house;         maiden speech (N.) : first speech         fan (N.) : a person who admires
     a place where animal s are                                                         somebody/something or enjoys
                                         805. (1) mercenary
     slaughtered                                                                        watching/listening to somebody/
                                              mercenary (N.) : a soldier who
798. (1) eccentric                                                                      something very much
                                              will fight for any country/group
799. (3) epitaph                                                                   813. (2) panorama
                                              that offers payment
     epitaph (N.) : an inscription on                                                   panorama (N.) : a view of a wide
                                              recruit (N.) : a recently enlisted
     a tomb                                                                             area of land
     epigraph (N.) : a line of writing,                                            814. (4) manometer
     short phrase, etc. on a building/        hoodlum (N.) : an aggressive
                                                                                        manometer (N.) : an instrument
     statue, or as an introduction to         and violent young criminal
                                                                                        used for measuring the pressure
     part of a book                      806. (2) journey
                                                                                        of liquids and gases
     epigram (N.) : a witty saying       807. (2) obsolete
                                                                                        barometer (N.) : an instrument
     elegy (N.) : a mournful prem             obsolete (Adj.) : no longer in use        for measuring air pressure to
800. (2) pedant                               obsidian (N.) : a type of dark            show when the weather will
     pedant (N.) : a person who pays          rock that looks like glass and            change
     more attention to formal rules           comes from volcanoes                      anemometer (N.) : a gauge for
     and book learning than they         808. (1) embezzlement                          recording the speed and direction
     merit                                    embezzlement (N. ) : the                  of wind
     pervert (V.) : to affect somebody        fraudulent app ropriation of              micrometer (N.) : a device used
     in a way that makes them act/            funds/property entrusted to               for measuring very small
     thi nk    in     an     i mmo ral /      your care but actually owned by           distances/spaces, using a screw
     unacceptable way                         someone else                              with a very fine thread
801. (1) respite                         809. (3) rectilineal                      815. (2) ineffable
     res pite (N. ) : the act of              rectilineal/rectilinear (Adj.) : in       ineffable (Adj.) : too great/
     reprie ving,        p ostp oni ng/       a straight line                           beautiful to describe in words
     remitting punishment