remonstrate (V.) : argue in               celestial (Adj.) : of heaven/ the 785. (1) patrimony
     protest/opposition                        spirit                                 patrimony (N.) : property that
     recant (V.) : formally reject             oriental (Adj.) : characteristics      is given to somebody when their
     (under pressure)                          of countries of Asia                   father dies
     atonement (N.) : the act of               terrestrial (Adj.) : concerned         mercenary (N.) : a soldier who
     showing you are sorry for doing           with the world/worldly matters         will fight for any country/group
     something wrong in the past          779. (1) consummate                         that offers payment
773. (2) vendetta                              consummate (Adj.) : extremely          hereditary (Adj.) : inherited by
     vendetta (N.) : a long and violent        skilled; perfect.                      established rules of descent
     disagreement between two                  inv eter ate ( Adj. ) : al ways        ari stocracy (N. ) : the most
     fam i l i e s/ gro u ps, i n w hi ch      doing/enjoying something               powerful members of a society
     people are murdered in return             notorious (Adj.) : known widely   786. (3) effeminate
     for previous murders                      and usually unfavourably               effeminate (Adj.) : looking,
     massacre (N.) : the killing of a          maladroit (Adj.) : done without        behaving/soundi ng li ke a
     large number of people                    skill ; clumsy                         woman/a girl (of a man/a boy)
     especially in a cruel way            780. (2) empathy                            feminist (N.) : a supporter of
     homicide (N.) : the killing of a          empathy (N.) : the ability to          feminism
     human being by another human              understand another person’s            philogynist (N.) : a person who
     being                                     feelings, experience etc.              likes/admires women
     regicide (N.) : the act of killing        sympathy (N.) : sharing the       787. (3) proselyte
     a king                                    feelings of others
774. (2) brittle                                                                      proselyte (N.) : a new convert
                                               apathy (N.) : an absence of
     brittle (Adj.) : easily broken                                                   po lyt heis t (N.) : one who
     amorphous (Adj.) : having no                                                     believes in more than one God
                                               com passi on (N.) : a deep
     definite form or distinct shape           awareness of and sympathy for          presbyte (Adj.) : long-sighted ;
     subtle (Adj.) : not very                  another’s suffering                    far-sighted
     noticeable/obvious                   781. (2) avarice                       788. (4) inscribe
     solid (Adj.) : hard/firm                  avarice (N.) : extreme desire for 789. (1) insolvent
775. (2) nonentity                             wealth; greed.                    790. (2) harass
     nonetity (N.) : a person of no       782. (4) prelude                       791. (2) obituary
     influence                                 prelude (N.) : something that          obituary (N.) : a notice of
     nonagenarian (Adj.) : aged                serves as a preceding event/           someone’s death
     between 90 and 99 years old               introduces that follows                memorandum (N.) : a proposal/
     nonpareil (Adj.) : emi nent               foreword (N.) : a short introduc-      report on a particular subject for
     beyond/above comparison                   tory essay preceding the text of       a person, an organisation, a
     nonconformist (N.) : someone              a book                                 committee, etc.
     who refuses to conform to                 predecessor (N.) : something      792. (4) gregarious
     establish standards of conduct            that precedes and indicates the        gregarious (Adj.) : tending to
776. (1) honorary                              approach of something/someone          form a group with others of the
     honorary (Adj.) : given as an             prefix (N.) : an affix that is         same species (of animals)
     honour without the normal duties          added in front of the word             hoard (N.) : a col lection of
     memento (N.) : a reminder of         783. (2) statement                          money, food, valuable Objects,
     past events                               statement (N.) : a communica-          etc.
     honorarium (N.) : a fee paid for          tion (written) setting forth par-      fastidious (Adj.) : giving careful
     a nominally free service                  ticulars/facts, etc.                   attention to detail
     memorandum (N.) : a written               bank draft (N.) : a draft drawn        gullible (Adj.) : easily tricked
     proposal/reminder                         by a b ank against funds               because of being too trusting
777. (4) pilferage                             deposited in another bank         793. (3) sedulous
     pilferage (N.) : the act of stealing      over-draft (N.) : a draft in           sedulous (Adj.) : marked by care
     small amounts/small articles              excess of the credit balance           and persistent effort
     pillage (N.) : the act of stealing        payee (N.) : a person to whom          seditious (Adj.) : arousing to
     valuable things from a place              money is paid                          action/rebellion
     plagiarise (V.) : to copy another    784. (1) invigorate                         sedate (Adj.) : slow, calm and
     person’s ideas, words/work and            invigorate (V.) : make lively          relaxed
     pretend that they are your own            investigate (V.) : conduct an          scheming (Adj.) : concealing
     proliferate (V.) : grow rapidly           inquiry                                crafty designs for advancing your
778. (2) occidental                            invalidate (V.) : declare invalid      own interest
     occidental (Adj.) : characteristics       invigilate (V.) : watch over      794. (3) sojourn
     of countries of Europe and the            (students taking an exam, to           sojourn (N.) : a temporary stay
     western hemisphere                        prevent cheating).                     (as a guest)