which there is only one political        of the lines forming a skin pat-         mi cro organi sms and cure
     party that has complete power.           tern, on the palms of the hands          bacterial infections
     theocracy (N.) : government of           and soles of the feet                    narcotics (N) : a drug that
     a country by religious leaders           stratigraphy (N.) : the study of         produces numbness
     oligarchy (N.) : a form of               rock strata                         765. (3) superlative
     government in which only a small         oncology (N.) : the scientific      766. (1) harbour
     group of people hold all the             study of and treatment of tu-       767. (4) barracks
     power.                                   mours in the body                        barracks (N.) : a large building/
     dictatorship (N.) : government      758. (1) tartar                               group of buildings for soldiers
     by a dictator Þ a ruler who has          tartar (N.) : a person in a              to live in
     complete power.                          position of authority who is very        shacks (N.) : a small building
752. (4) autobiography                        bad-tempered                             usually made of wood/ metal,
753. (2) contemporaries                       talker (N.) : a person who talks         that has not been built well
     contemporaries (N.) : belonging          in a particular way/who talks a          ordnance depots (N.) : where
     to the same time                         lot                                      military supplies and materials
     comrades (N.) : friends                  vagabond (N.) : a person who             are stored
     compromises (N.) : an agree-             has no home or job and who          768. (2) numismatist
     ment/ a solution to a problem            travels from place to place              numismatist (N.) : a collector
     between two people                       swindler (N.) : a person who             and student of money (coins)
     renegades (N.) : a person who            cheats somebody in order to get          geologist (N.) : a specialist in
     leaves one political, religious,         something from them                      geology
     etc. group to join another that     759. (3) gallant                              archaeologist (N.) : a person
     has very different views                 gallant (Adj.) : having/                 who studies prehistoric people
754. (1) eavesdropper                         displaying great dignity/nobility        and their culture
     eavesdropper (N.) : a secret             robust ( Adj.) : strong and              zoologist (N.) : a specialist in
     listener                                 healthy                                  the branch of biology dealing
  l encroacher (N.) : someone who             reckless (Adj.) : rash                   with animals
     enters by force in order to         760. (1) bibliomania                     769. (2) clientele
     conquer                                  bi blio man ia         (N.)       :      cl ient ele (N .) : custo mers
755. (2) soporific                            preo cc up ation      wi th    the       collectively
     soporific (N.) : a drug making           acquisition and possession of            client (N.) : someone who pays
     you want to go to sleep                  books                                    for goods/services
     poppy (N.) : a wild/garden plant,        megalomania (N.) : a mental         770. (1) out law
     with a large delicate flower that        illness/conditio n in which              out law (N.) : a person who has
     is usually red, and small black          somebody has an exaggerated              done something illegal and is
     seeds                                    belief in their own importance/          hiding to avoid being caught
     beguile (V.) : to trick somebody         power
                                                                                       immigrant (N.) : a person who
     into doing something, by being           xenophobi a (N. ) : a fear of            comes to a country where they
     nice to them                             foreigners/strangers                     were not born in order to settle
     pedant (N.) : a person who is            egomania (N.) : an intense and           there
     too concerned with small detail/         irresstible lo9ve for yourself and       outcast (N.) : a person who is
     rules especially when learning/          concern for your own needs               rejected (from socielty/home)
     teaching                            761. (4) orchestra                            orphan (N.) : a child who has
756. (2) aesthetics                      762. (3) rites                                lost both parents
     aesthetics (N.) : the branch of     763. (1) inevitable                      771. (2) forgery
     philosophy that studies the prin-        inevitable (Adj.) : incapable of         forgery (N.) : criminal falsification
     ciples of beauty, especially in art      being prevented                          by      making/altering            an
     artistic (Adj.) : connected with         averted (V.) : prevent from              instrument with intent to defraud
     arts/artists                             happening                                xeroxing (V.) : reproduce by
     ethics (N.) : the philosophical     764. (4) panacea                              xerography
     study of moral values and rules          panacea (N.) : a remedy for all          laminating (V.) : to cover with a
     metaphysics (N.) : the philo-            ills/diseases                            thin sheet of material, as for
     sophical study of being and              antiseptic (N.) : a substance            presentation
     knowing                                  that is thoroughly clean and free   772. (1) expiate
757. (1) dermatology                          of/dest ructi ve to d isease-            expi ate (V.) : to accept
     dermatology (N.) : the branch            causing organisms                        punishment for something that
     of medicine dealing with the skin        antibiotic (N.) : a chemical             you have done wrong in order to
     and its diseases                         substance derivable from a               show that you are sorry
     dermatoglyphics (N.) : the study         mould/bacterium that can kill            renounce (V.) : to give up