is not serious about it and does         i n your body ( wri st/ankl e)    745. (2) cerography
     not have much knowledge                  caused by suddenly twisting it         cerography (N.) : the art of
     diligent (Adj.) : showing care           spam (N.) : unwanted e-mail            engraving on a waxed plate on
     and effort in your work/duties           (usually of a commercial nature        which a printi ng surface is
     deliberate (Adj.) : carefully            sent out in bulk                       created by electrotyping
     thoug ht out i n advance ;               span (N.) : the distance/interval      cartography (N.) : the making of
     unhurried and with care and              between two points                     maps and charts
     dignity                             740. (1) innuendo                           psephology (N.) : the study of
     distracted (Adj.) : having the           innuendo (N.) : an indirect            how people vote in elections
     attention diverted especially            remark about somebody, usually         etymology (N.) : the study of the
     because of anxiety                       suggesting something bad/rude          sources and development of
734. (2) obscure                         741. (1) hypochondriac                      words
     obscure (Adj.) : not clearly             hypochondriac (N.) : worried all  746. (3) nepotism
     understood/expressed                     the time about your health and         nepotism (N.) : giving unfair
     stupidity (N.) : a poor ability to       believing that you are ill/sick        advantages to your own family
     understand                               when there is nothing wrong with       if you are in a position of power,
     clarity (N.) : easy to understand        you                                    especially by giving them jobs.
                                              neophyte (N.) : a person who has       formalism (N.) : a style or
     intensity (N.) : exceptionally
                                              recently started an activity           method in art, music, etc. that
     great concentration, power/force
                                              maniac (N.) : an insane person         pays more attention to the rules
735. (1) bizarre
                                              misanthrope (N.) : someone who         and the correct arrangement
     bizarre (Adj.) : incongruous;            dislikes people in general
     very strange or unusual; weird.                                                 and appearance of things than
                                         742. (1) mint                               to inner meaning and feelings
     rustic (Adj.) : typical of the           mint (N.) : a place where money
     country/o f country people;                                                     red-tapism (N.) : excessive
                                              is coined by authority of the          formality and routine required
     simple                                   government                             before official action can be
     geriatric (Adj.) : of/relating to        cannery (N.) : a factory where         taken
     the aged                                 food is canned                         bureaucracy (N.) : non-elective
     decrepit (Adj.) : lacking bodily/        monetary (Adj.) : involving            government officials
     muscular strength/vitality               money
                                                                                747. (3) verbosity
736. (4) psephology                      743. (4) blasphemy
                                                                                     verbosity (N.) : longwinded;
     psephology (N.) : the branch of          blasphemy (N.) : the act of
                                                                                     using or containing more words
     sociology that studies election          depriving something of its sacred
                                                                                     than are needed.
     trends                                   character
                                              congregation (N.) : a group of         circumlocution (N.) : using
     arachnology (N.) : the scientific
                                              people who are gathered together       more words than are necessary;
     study of spiders and related
                                              in a church                            instead of speaking or writing
     animals such as scorpions
                                              etymology (N.) : the study of the      in a clear, direct way.
     philately (N.) : the collection and
                                              sources and development of             loquacious (Adj.) : talking a lot
     study of postage stamps
                                              words                             748. (4) juvenile
     philanthropy (N.) : the practice
     of helping the poor and those in         panjandrum (N.) : an important/        juvenile (Adj.) : connected with
     need (by giving money)                   influential person                     young people who are not yet
                                         744. (2) malapropism                        adults
737. (4) unknowable
                                              malapropism (N.) : an amusing          puerile (Adj.) : silly; suitable for
     enigmatic Person : mysterious
                                              mistake somebody makes when            a child rather than an adult
     and difficult to understand;
                                              they use a word which sounds      749. (2) commission
     unknowable ; that cannot be
                                              similar to the word they wanted   750. (3) monogamist
                                              to use, but means something
738. (2) archipelago                                                                 monogamist (N.) : a person who
     archipelago (N.) : a group of many                                              practices one spouse at a time
                                              spoonerism (N.) : a mistake in
     islands                                                                         polygamist (N.) : a person who
                                              which you change around the
     islet (N.) : a very small island                                                has more than one wife at the
                                              first sounds of two words by
                                                                                     same time
     reef (N.) : a long line of rocks/        mistake when saying them, often
     sand near the surface of the sea         with a humorous result, for eg.        misogynist (N.) : a person who
                                              well-boiled icicle for well-oiled      dislikes women in particular
     atoll (N.) : an island consisting
     of a circular coral reef surround-       bicycle                                philanthropist (N.) : a rich
     ing a lagoon                             blooper (N.) : an embarrassing         person who helps the poor and
                                              mistake                                those in need
739. (2) spasm
                                              corpsing (V.) : spoil a piece of  751. (3) totalitarian
     spasm (N.) : a painful and
     involuntary muscular contraction         acting by forgetting one’s lines/      totalitarian (N.) : of a country
                                              laughing uncontrollably                or a system of government in
     sprain (N.) : an injury to a joint