mysticism (N.) : the belief that    721. (2) syllogism                            polycarp (N.) : a Christian martyr
     knowledge of God and of real             syllogism (N.) : reasoning from          and bishop of Smyma
     truth can be found through               the general to the specific              polychrome (N.) : an object/a
     prayer and meditation rather             rhetoric (N.) : speech/writing           work composed of/decorated in
     than through reason and the              that is needed to infl uence             many colours
     senses                                   people, but that is not completely       polymath (N.) : a person who
     naturalism (N.) : the theory that        honest/sincere                           knows a lot about many different
     everything in the world and life         rhapsody (N.) : an epic poem             subjects
     is based on natural causes and           adapted for recitation              728. (3) misanthrope
     laws, and not on spiritual/         722. (2) trespassers                          misanthrope (N.) : one who
     supernatural ones                        trespassers (N.) : someone who           dislikes people in general
     polytheism (N.) : belief in              intrudes on the privacy/property         misandrist (N.) : one who hates/
     multiple Gods                            of another without permission            mistrusts men
717. (1) evolved                              passers-by (N.) : a person who           misologist (N.) : one who hates
     evolved (V.) : to develop                is goi ng past somebody/                 reason, argument, or enlighten-
     gradually                                something by chance                      ment
     evoluted (N.) : a type of geometric      culprits (N.) : a person who has         misogynist (N.) : one who
     curve                                    done something wrong/against             dislikes women in particular
     evaded (V.) : to escape from             the law                             729. (2) kleptomania
     somebody/something                       absconders (N.) : a fugitive who         kleptomania (N.) : a mental
     advantaged (Adj.) : being in a           runs away and hides to avoid
                                                                                       illness in which somebody has a
     good social/financial situation          arrest/prosecution                       strong desire, which they cannot
718. (4) horticulture                    723. (2) disguise                             control, to steal things
     horticulture (N.) : the cultivation 724. (3) centenarian                          nelomania (N.) : uncontrollable
     of plants                                centenarian (N.) : a person of           obsession for glass
     nursery (N.) : a place where             100 years
                                                                                       kosmomania (N.) : uncontrollable
     yo ung plants and trees are              septuagenarian (N.) : a person           obsession for cosmos/cosmic
     grown for sale/for planti ng             between 70 and 79 years of age           phenomena
     somewhere else                           monagenarian (N.) : a person
                                                                                       melanomania (N.) : uncontrol-
     orchard (N.) : a piece of land, in       between 90 and 99 years of age           lable obsession for black (colour)
     which fruit trees are grown              octogenarian (N.) : a person
                                                                                  730. (1) abdicate
     nomenclature (N.) : a system of          between 80 and 89 years of age
                                                                                       abdicate (V.) : to give up the
     naming things (Science)             725. (3) sociology
                                                                                       position of being king/queen
719. (3) plagiarist                           sociology (N.) : the study and
                                                                                       arrogate (V.) : to claim/take
                                              classification of human societies
     plagiarist (N.) : someone who                                                     something that you have no right
     uses another person’s words/             anthropology (N.) : the study of
     ideas as if they were his own            human race, its origins, devel-
                                              opment, customs and beliefs              abstain (V.) : to choose not to
     antagonist (N.) : a person who                                                    use a vote, either in favour of/
                                              philosophy (N.) : the study of
     strongly opposes somebody/                                                        against something
                                              the nature and meaning of the
     something                                                                         abrogate (V.) : to officially end a
                                              universe and of human life
     contender (N.) : the contestant                                                   law, an agreement, etc.
                                              psychology (N.) : the science of
     you hope to defeat                                                           731. (3) palliation
                                              mental life
     offender (N.) : a person who                                                      palliation (N.) : making a disease
                                         726. (2) repatriate
     commits a crime                                                                   or illness less painful or unpleas-
                                              repatriate (V.) : to send/bring
720. (1) seismology                                                                    ant without curing it.
                                              somebody back to their own
     seismology (N.) : the branch of          country                                  aggravation (N.) : the fact of an
     geology that studies earthquakes         extirpate (V.) : to destroy/get rid      illness/ a bad situation being
     astrology (N.) : the study of the        of something that is bad/not             made worse
     positions of the stars and the           wanted                                   mediation (N.) : attempts to end
     movements of the planets in the          expropriate (V.) : to officially         a disagreement between two/
     belief that they influence human         take away private property from          more people/ groups by talking
     affairs                                  its owner for public use; to take        to them and trying to find things
     geography (N.) : the scientific          somebody’s property and use it           that everyone can agree on
     study of the earth’s surface,            without permission                  732. (3) vivacious
     physical features, divisions,            exile (V.) : expel from a country        vivacious (Adj.) : having a lively,
     products, population, etc.          727. (2) polyglot                             attractive personality.
     anthropology (N.) : the study of         polyglot (N.) : a person who        733. (1) dilettante
     human race, i ts o rigi ns,              knows, uses or writes in more            dilettante (N.) : a person who
     development, customs and                 than one language                        does or studies something but