blurb (N.) : a short description   703. (1) lexicographer                         friable (Adj.) : easily broken up
     of a book, a new product, etc.          lexicographer (N.) : a person             into small pieces
     monoloque (N.) : a dramatic sto-        who rites and edits dictionaries          eternal (Adj.) : without an end;
     ry, told/ performed by one per-         cartographer (N.) : a person who          existing/ continuing forever
     son                                     draws/ makes maps                    711. (3) fatalism
     epiloque (N.) : a speech, etc. at       bibliographer (N.) : a person who         fatalism (N.) : the belief that
     the end of a play, book, or film        studies the history of books and          events are decided by fate and
     that acts as a conclusion               their production                          that you cannot control them
696. (2) ineligible                          lapidist (N.) : a skilled worker          pessimism (N.) : a feeling that
697. (4) lexicographer                       who cuts and engraves precious            bad things will happen and that
     lexicographer (N.) : a person who       stones                                    something will not be success-
     writes and edits dictionaries      704. (2) monotheist                            ful
     lexicon (N.) : all the words/           monotheist (N.) : a person who            pragmatism (N.) : thinking about
     phrases used in a particular lan-       believes that there is only one           solving problems in a practical
     guage/ subject                          God                                       and sensible way rather than by
     lexical (Adj.) : connected with         polytheist (N.) : me who believes         having fixed ideas and theories
     the words of a language                 in the existence of God/gods              superstition (N.) : the belief that
     lexicography (N.) : the theory          philogymist (N.) : a lover/ friend        particular events happen in a
     and practice of writing dictionar-      of women                                  way that cannot be explained by
     ies                                     theist (N.) : a person who be-            reason/ science
698. (3) plagiarist                          lieves in the existence of God/      712. (2) premiere
     plagiarist (N.) : a person who          gods                                      premiere (N.) : the first public
     copies another person’s ideas,     705. (2) accomplice                            performance of a film/ play
     words/ work and pretends that      706. (3) lease                                 opener (N.) : the first action in
     they are their own                      lease (N.) : a legal agreement            an event, a game, etc.
     plagiarism (N.) : an act of copy-       that allows you to use a building         debut (N.) : the first public ap-
     ing another person’s i deas,            piece of equipment/ some land             pearance of a performer/ sports
     words/ work and pretend that            for a period of time, usually in          player
     they are your own                       return for rent
                                                                                       preview (N.) : an occasion at
     nepotism (N.) : giving unfair           assurance (N.) : guarantee;               which you can see a movie/
     advantages to your own family if        promise
                                                                                       show, etc. before it is shown to
     you are in a position of power          deal (N.) : an agreement                  the general public
     (by giving jobs)                        bond (N.) : a legal agreement by
699. (2) aquatic                                                                  713. (4) infallible
                                             which a bank lends you money
700. (2) aviary                              to buy a house, etc. which you       714. (1) embezzlement
     aviary (N.) : a large building for      pay back over many years                  embezzlement (N.) : the act of
     keeping birds in                   707. (4) fratricide                            stealing money that you are re-
     apiary (N.) : a place where bees        fratricide (N.) : the crime of kill-      sponsible for or that belongs to
     are kept                                ing your brother/ sister                  your employer
701. (1) congregation                        homicide (N.) : the crime of kill-        misconduct (N.) : unacceptable
     congregation (N.) : a group of          ing somebody deliberately                 behaviour (by a professional per-
     people who are gathered togeth-         patricide (N.) : the crime of kill-       son)
     er in a church to worship God           ing your father                           debasement (N.) : the fact of
     mob (N.) : a large crowd of peo-   708. (4) etiquette                             making something/ somebody
     ple, especially one that may be-   709. (4) gullible                              less valuable/ respected
     come violent/ cause trouble             gullible (Adj.) : too willing to          corruption (N.) : dishonest/ il-
702. (3) metallurgy                          believe/ accept what other peo-           legal behaviour (of people in au-
     metallurgy (N.) : the scientific        ple tell you and therefore easily         thority)
     study of metals and their uses          tricked                              715. (4) curator
     meteorite (N.) : a piece of rock        tangible (Adj.) : that can be             curator (N.) : a person whose
     from outer space that hits the          clearly seen to exist                     job is to be in charge of the objects/
     earth’s surface                         trickster (N.) : a person who             works of art in a museum/an art
     metaphysics (N.) : the branch           tricks/ cheats people                     gallery, etc.
     of philosophy that deals with the  710. (4) ephemeral                             philatelist (N.) : a person who
     nature of existence, truth and          ephemeral (Adj.) : lasting/ used          collects/ studies stamps
     knowledge                               for only a short period of time      716. (1) pantheism
     metalloid (N.) : a chemical ele-        metronomic (Adj.) : happening
     ment which has properties both                                                    pantheism (N.) : the belief the
                                             regularly, as if keeping time with
     of metals and of other solid sub-                                                 God is present in all natural
                                             a device that makes a regular
     stances                                                                           things
                                             sound like a clock