impose (V.) : compel                683. (1) fastidious                           expresses sadness, especially
     propose (V.) : present for con-          fastidious (Adj.) : meticulous ;         for somebody who has died.
     sideration                               being careful that every detail of       sonnet (N.) : a poem that has
     depose (V.) : force to leave             something is correct ; not liking        14 lines, each containing 10 syl-
675. (4) incorrigible                         things to be dirty/untidy                lables, and a fixed pattern of
     incorrigible (Adj.) : having bad         ambiguous (Adj.) : not clearly           rhyme
     habits whi ch canno t be                 stated/defined                           ode (N.) : a poem that speaks to
     changed/ improved; incurable             selector (N.) : a person who             a person/thing/celebrates a spe-
     ineligible (Adj.) : not eligible         chooses the members of a par-            cial event
     indolent (Adj.) : lazy                   ticular sports team                      liturgy (N.) : a fixed form of pub-
     indefatigable (Adj.) : tireless;         misanthrope (N.) : a person who          lic worship used in churches
     unwearying                               hates and avoids other people       690. (4) annihilate
676. (3) General                         684. (2) interregnum                          annihilate (V.) : to destroy some-
677. (4) understand                           interregnum (N.) : a period of           body/something completely
     Put two and two together (Id.):          time during which a country, an          bluster (V.) : to talk in an ag-
     to guess the truth from what you         organization, etc. does not have         gressive/threatening way, but
     see, hear etc.                           a leader and is waiting for a new        with little effect
     Look at the sentence :                   one                                      chide (V.) : to criticize/ blame ;
     l He is inclined to put two and          anachronism (N.) : a person, a           to rebuke
     two together and make five.              custom/an idea that seems old-           dawdle (V.) : to take a long time
678. (4) urn                                  fashioned and does not belong            to do something/go somewhere
679. (1) hypocrite                            to the present                      691. (3) obsolete
     hypocrite (N.) : a person who            intermission (N.) : a short peri-        obsolete (Adj.) : out of date ; no
     pretends to have moral stan-             od of time between the parts of          longer used
     dards/ opinions that they do not         a play film, etc.                        invincible (Adj.) : too strong to
     actually have                            era (N.) : a period of time, usu-        be defeated/changed
     turncoat (N.) : a person who             ally in history, that is different       delete (V.) : to remove something
     leaves one political party, reli-        from other periods because of            that has been written/printed/
     gious group, etc. to join one that       particular characteristics events        stored on a computer
     has very different views            685. (1) efface                          692. (4) matinee
680. (4) subservient                          efface (Verb) : to make some-
     subservient (Adj.) : too willing                                             693. (1) adonis
                                              thing disappear ; to remove.
     to obey other people                                                              adonis (N.) : an extremely young
                                              plunder (V.) : to steal things from      man
     sublimate (V.) : to direct the           a place, especially using force
     energy into activities that are                                                   tycoon (N.) : a person who is
                                              during a time of war
     considered to be socially more                                                    successful in business/ indus-
                                              terminate (V.) : to end                  try and has become rich and
                                         686. (3) tautology                            powerful
     subjugate (V.) : to defeat some-
     body/something                           tautology (N.) : a statement in          debonair (N.) : fashionable and
                                              which you say the same thing             confident (of men)
     subaltern (N.) : any officer in the
                                              twice in different words                 cavalier (N.) : a courtly gentle-
     British army who is lower in rank
     than a captain.                          temerity (N.) : extremely confi-         man, especially one acting as a
681. (2) avaricious                           dent behaviour that people are           lady’s escort
                                              likely to consider rude             694. (3) sabotage
     avaricious (Adj.) : having an
     extreme desire for wealth                tarragon (N.) : a plant with leaves      sabotage (N.) : the act of doing
     fervent (Adj.) : having/showing          that have a strong taste are used        deliberate damage to equipment,
     very strong and sincere feelings         in cooking                               transport, machines, etc.
     about something                     687. (3) notorious                            nemesis (N.) : a person/ thing
682. (3) erratum                         688. (1) amputee                              that causes somebody to lose
     erratum (N.) : a mistake in a            amputee (N.) : a person who has          their power, position, etc. and
     book                                     had an arm/leg removed                   that cannot be avoided
     agenda (N.) : a list of items to be      handicap (N.) : disability               sangfroid (N.) : the ability to re-
     discussed at a meeting                   limber (Adj.) : capable of mov-          main calm in a difficult/ danger-
     axiom (N.) : a rule/principle            ing, bending, or controlling eas-        ous situation
     that most people believe to be           ily                                      modus operandi (N.) : a partic-
     true                                     fatalist (N.) : a person who be-         ular method of working
     jargon (N.) : words/expressions          lieves that events are decided by   695. (1) prologue
     that are used by a particular pro-       fate and cannot be controlled.           prologue (N.) : a speech, etc. at
     fession/group of people, and are    689. (3) elegy                                the beginning of a play, book, or
     difficult for others to understand       elegy (N.) : a poem or song that         film that introduces it