sprout (N.) : a new part growing           sycophant (N.) : a person who        668. (2) seminar
     on a plant                                 praises important or powerful             seminar (N.) : a meeting for dis-
     sterilized (V.) : to kill the bacte-       people too much and in a way              cussion/training
     ria in/or on something                     that is not sincere, especially in        meeting (N.) : an occasion when
     venerable (Adj.) : people/things           order to get something from               people come together to discuss/
     deserving/respect by vitrue of             them                                      decide something
     age, dignity, character, or posi-     663. (3) archives                              debate (N.) : an argument/a dis-
     tion.                                      archives (N.) : a collection of his-      cussion expressing different
657. (2) pretended attack                       torical documents/records of a            opinions
     feint (N.) : a body movement               government, a family, a place or          negotiation (N.) : formal discus-
     that is intended to divert anoth-          an organization                           sion between people who are try-
     er’s attention, often by being de-         documentary (N.) : a film/a ra-           ing to reach an agreement
     liberately left incomplete.                dio/a television programme giv-      669. (3) elegy
658. (1) veteran                                ing facts about something                 elegy (N.) : a poem or song that
     veteran (N.) : a person who has            anecdotes (N.) : a short, inter-          expresses sadness, especially for
     a lot of experience in a particu-          esting/amusing story about a real         somebody who has died.
     lar area/activity                          person/event                              ode (N.) : a poem that speaks to
659. (4) claustrophobia                                                                   a person or celebrates a special
                                                annals (N.) : an official record of
     claustrophobia (N.) : extreme                                                        event
                                                events/activities year by year
     fear of being in narrow/enclosed
                                           664. (2) polyglot                         670. (4) hallucination
                                                polyglot (N.) : person who                hallucination (N.) : the fact of
     hydrophobia (N.) : extreme fear
                                                knows, used/writes in more than           seeming to see or hear some-
     of water
                                                one language                              body/something that is not real-
     bathophobia (N.) : extreme fear
                                                polyphony (N.) : the combina-             ly there
     of depths (deep water, falling
                                                tion of several different patterns        utopia (N.) : an imaginary place
     from heights)
                                                of musical notes sung together            or state in which everything is
     cynophobia (N.) : extreme fear
     of dogs                                    to form a single piece of music
                                                                                     671. (4) geriatrics
660. (2) panacea                                polyandry (N.) : the custom of
                                                                                          geriatrics (N.) : the branch of
     panacea (N.) : something that              having more than one husband
                                                                                          medicine concerned with the
     will solve all the problems of a           at the same time
                                                                                          diseases and care of old people
     particular situation                       polygamy (N.) : the custom of             oncology (N.) : stud y and
     analgesia (N.) : the loss of the           having more than one wife/hus-            treatment of tumours
     ability to feel pain while still con-      band at the same time                     obstetrics (N.) : concerned with
     scious                                665. (4) orthopaedics                          the birth of children
     eternal (Adj.) : without an end ;          orthopaedics (N.) : a the                 paediatrics (N.) : branch of
     existing/continuing forever
                                                branch of medicine concerned              medicine concerned with children
     mortal (Adj.) : that cannot live           with injuries and diseases of the         and their diseases
     for ever and must die
                                                bones/muscles                        672. (2) changeling
661. (2) dermatology
                                                ornithology (N.) : the scientific         changeling (N.) : a child who is
     dermatology (N.) : the scientif-
                                                study of birds                            believed to have been secretly left
     ic study of skin diseases
                                                paediatrics (N.) : the branch of          in exchange for another
     dactylogy (N.) : the science of
                                                science concerned with children           tiddler (N.) : a very small fish
     communicating by sign language
                                                and their diseases                        tyke (N.) : a small child, one who
     using the hands and fingers.
                                                orthodontics (N.) : the treat-            behaves badly
     dendrology (N.) : the scientific
                                                ment of problems concerning the           nipper (N.) : a small child
     study of trees
                                                position of the teeth and jaws       673. (4) martyr
     axiology (N.) : the study of the
     nature of values and value judge-     666. (1) sanctuary                             martyr (N.) : a person who
     ments                                                                                suffers very much because of
                                                (1) sanctuary (N.) : reserve ; an
                                                                                          their religious or political beliefs.
662. (3) optimist                               area where wild birds/animals
                                                                                          mystic (N.) : a person who tries
     optimist (N.) : a person who al-           are protected and encouraged to
                                                                                          to beco me united with God
     ways expects good thing to hap-            breed
                                                                                          through prayer
     pen                                   667. (4) incomprehensible                      prophet (N.) : a person who
     cynic (N.) : a person who be-              incomprehensible (Adj.) : im-             claims to know what will happen
     lieves that people only do things          possible to understand                    in the future
     to help themselves, rather than
                                                inconclusive (Adj.) : not lead-           seer (N.) : prophet
     for good or sincere reasons
                                                ing to a definite decision/result    674. (1) juxtapose
     pessimist (N.) : a person who
     always expects bad things to               inconceivable (Adj.) : impossi-           juxtapose (V.) : place side by
     happen                                     ble to imagine/believe                    side