637. (1) arsonist                             zoology (Noun) : the branch of         egoist (N.) : a self-centred
     arsonist (N.) : a criminal who           biology that studies animals           person with little regard for
     illegally sets fire to property     642. (4) laudable                           others
     extortionist (N.) : a person who         laudable (Adjective) : worthy of  650. (1) inevitable
     practises the crime of obtaining         high praise                            inevitable (Adj.) : incapable of
     money by threat of violence              detestable (Adjecti ve) :              being avoided/prevented
     hijacker (N.) : a person who uses        offensive to the mind                  unrestrained (Adj.) : marked by
     force to take over a vehicle             despicable (Adjective) : very          uncontrol led        excitement/
     (aeroplane) in order to reach            unpleasant/evil                        emotion
     another destination                 643. (4) dexterous                          unvarying (Adj.) : lacking variety;
     assassin (N.) : a person who             dexterous (Adjetive) : skilful         always the same
     murders somebody important or            diligent (Adjective) : showing         integral (Adj.) : bei ng an
     famous, for money or for political       care and effort in your work/          essential part of something
     reasons                                  duties                            651. (3) apprentice
638. (1) auditor                         644. (3) fugitive                           apprentice (N.) : a person who
     auditor (N.) : a qual ified              fugitive (Noun) : a person who         works for an expert to learn a
     accountant who inspects the              has escaped/is running away            trade
     accounting records and practices         from some where and is trying          lackey (N.) : a male servant
     of a business/other organisation         to avoid being caught             652. (3) heresy
     registrar (N.) : a person whose     645. (3) voluntary                          heresy (N.) : a belief/an opinion
     job is to keep official records,         voluntary (Adjective) : of your        that disagrees strongly with what
     especially of births, marriages          own free will                          most people believe
     and deaths                               mandatory (Adjecti ve) :               controversy (N.) : a dispute
     creditor (N.) : a person to whom         required by law                        where      there      is    strong
     money is owed by another person          obligatory (Adjective) : legally       disagreement
     chartered accountant (N.) : a            binding                                advocacy (N.) : active support
     fu ll y trai ned and qual i fi ed   646. (4) improvident                        of an idea/acause
     accountant                               improvident (Adjective) : not          convention (N.) : the way in
639. (1) honorary                             providing for the future               which something is done that
     honorary (Adj.) : given as an            imprudent (Adjective) : not            most people in a society expect
     honour without the normal duties         wise; unwise                           and consider to be polite/the
     honourable (Adj.) : worthy of            impotent (Adjective) : lacking         right way to do it
     being honoured                           power/ability                     653. (4) etiolate
     honorarium (N.) : a fee paid for    647. (3) veteran                            etiolate (V.) : make pale/sickly
     a nominally free service                 veteran (Noun) : a person who
                                                                                     foli ate (V.) : decorate with
     honorific (Adj.) : showing               has a lot of experience in a
     respect for the person you are           particular area/activity
                                                                                     percolate (V.) : spread gradually;
     speaking to                              novice (Noun) : someone new to
                                                                                     pass through
640. (2) interment                            a field/activity
                                              practitioner (Noun) : someone          procreate (V.) : produce more
     interment (N.) : the ritual placing                                             individuals
     of a corpse in a grave                   who practises a learned
                                              profession                        654. (2) arbitrator
     internment (N.) : confinement                                                   arbitrator (N.) : someone chosen
     during war time                     648. (3) intestate
                                              intestate (Adj.) : having made         to judge and decide a disputed
     interrogate (V.) : pose a series                                                issue
     of questions to                          no will (legal)
                                              inure (V.) : habituate ; accustom      counsellor (N.) : someone who
     interpose (V.) : be/come                                                        has supervisory duties/gives
     between ; introduce                      inane (Adj.) : devoid of
                                              intelligence                           advice about problems ; a lawyer
641. (2) archaeology                                                                 who pleads cases in court
                                              indigent (Adj.) : poor enough to
     archaeology (Noun) : the study                                             655. (4) edible
                                              need help from others
     of human history and prehistory,                                                edible (Adj.) : fit to be eaten
                                         649. (4) altruist
     the excavation of sites and the                                                 eligible (Adj.) : qualified/entitled
                                              altruist (N.) : someone who
     analysis of artifacts and other                                                 to be chosen
     physical remains                         makes charitable donations to
                                              increase the well-being of             audible (Adj.) : that can be
     physiology (Noun) : the                                                         heard
     scientific study of the normal
                                              ascetic (N.) : someone who             delectable (Adj.) : delicious ;
     functions of living things
                                              practises self-discipline              greatly pleasing
     ethonology (Noun) : the
                                              hedoni st (N.) : someone          656. (2) arable
     scientific study and comparison
                                              motivated by desires for sensual       arable (Adj.) : suitable for grow-
     of human races
                                              pleasures                              ing crops